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  1. Vested interests from many directions over what to do with this season. What shouldn’t be allowed to happen is for any action to result in a knock-on effect that alters/disrupts other seasons. Gordon Taylors murmurings would cause disruption to the “norm” for the next 3 or so seasons. Cannot be allowed to happen. If the league can be completed by end of June(it won’t) with fans present, then crack on. Shorter summer break is ok with me. Failing that, if football can’t resume until August/September then this current season has to be voided and we start the 2020/21 season as normal. If football can’t resume until late into 2020, or into 2021, then finish this season from January 2021 onwards. Absolutely no scrapping of the FA Cup or League Cup, these are competitions that all but an elite clique of 5-6 clubs enjoy and brings in much needed income for lower league clubs. We must not allow the fabric of our game to be further cut to suit a handful of greed driven clubs in their aims.
  2. Unfortunately for FIFA they cannot oblige any employer or employee to remain in a job that neither party wish to remain in, beyond their legally obligated contract. That very obvious fact aside, who gives a flying f**k what those corrupt pieces of shi7 at FIFA say? In the midst of this crisis that we’re mostly all living through, it’s allowed space to reflect and consider many things. And I’ve reinforced my belief that top flight football is a dirty little slag that I don’t miss at all.
  3. Bang on. The last sentence in particular. Either this season completes by end of June, or it gets voided. The only thing that could change that is if this virus takes us towards the end of the year with still no football, in which case it becomes more feasible to finish the 2019/20 season in place of what would have been the 2020/21 season.
  4. Great idea........who would be Dean Smiths replacement, and how would he be getting his ideas across? Would it be via Skype or Whattsapp? I assume you realise there is no training as players have been sent home? I’m not sure you’ve really thought this through
  5. Sorry, but he did not do “very well”.
  6. Likely to be released, and we shouldn’t start wailing if he is. We all want home grown players to make it through, of course we do. But O’Hare hasn’t pulled up trees for Coventry, he’s been a decent performer in the 3rd tier of English football, and he’s 22. If he was a teenager things might be different with a new contract. Unfortunately he should have been out playing men’s football earlier, Villa are part culpable for him not coming through as we perhaps expected.
  7. Anyone declaring Lambert did a great job needs to be referred to a league cup 2leg semifinal against a 4th tier football team, which lambert conspired to lose. Paul Lambert is a terrible manager, as has been showcased at every club he’s been at, Norwich aside.
  8. I think what ppl should consider is that if, at the start of the season, we were offered 17th in the league with a cup final thrown in, would you have taken that? Granted, I thought we could do better in the league, but with hindsight I can accept that I underestimated the league and overestimated the impact that our signings would make. I’m delighted that the league was halted when it was as I honestly thought at that time we were the most out of sorts team in the league and heading to the championship, without question. This break in proceedings could prove to be our saving grace. A break that gives us time to reflect, reenergise, regroup. It’s just what our team needed. I’d be more confident of us staying up now should the season restart for the final 10 games. The summer arrivals from overseas are getting a good break, if we return to the season it’ll be in warmer weather, which will suit one or two of them better. And they now have the experience of an Premier League season. Honestly, this break in proceedings only has positivities for us. If we did return to the season and look equally as poor as when it stopped, then I think we could rightly question the management.
  9. Yes, but every other player won’t have played for months either, and so everyone’s match sharpness will be down.
  10. Make no mistake, this break in proceedings has helped us. We were on a downward curve, in pretty poor form, not looking like scoring, tired, shell shocked. McGinn will now be at the same level of fitness as every other player when we resume, rather than needing a few games to get up to match speed. Our summer recruits from overseas will have had time to rest & reflect, it’ll almost be like their 2nd season upon resumption of play. Overall we were looking the most out of sorts team in the league.
  11. The use of the word “integrity” is merely just that, a word. They don’t mean it. They’re just looking at ways to satisfy a small number of the elite. The Premier League lost integrity a long time ago. The only way to maintain integrity would be to finish this season in front of crowds, whenever that might be. They could have come out with a statement of that at any time, but they don’t. And the reason they don’t is because they’re working out what to do, with finance being the thing that this is being worked out around. Money comes 1st, 2nd, & 3rd. If integrity means finance then yeah, they must maintain the integrity of the competition
  12. As things are developing, I don’t see anyone being able to sue anyone else should the season be declared void. What is happening falls very much under the umbrella of “act of god”. When governments are doing the things they are having to do then there really is no hope of suing for any perceived breach of contracts. Everyone is having to take a haircut. This is an unprecedented and unavoidable event. Football rules have long been in place, seasons to be completed by June 1st. That already seems to have been pushed back to June 30th. If the season cannot complete by then due to continuing government restrictions, nobody could reasonably argue that everything hasn’t been tried to complete. There are more reasonable legal actions waiting if they change long standing rules and timeframes to disadvantage any clubs going into a delayed and squeezed “next season”. I just think that the whole idea of massive legal actions if season gets voided might be being overstated
  13. I’m with you on this. And I strongly disagree with the idea being touted that we throw out the FA & League Cups for the “2020/21” season so as to be able to cram in “next” season when this season is finalised. How about the “big” clubs go without European football for a season, instead? Or is that too much money to be lost for the big boys?! The feeling is more than creeping up that domestic football can go f**k itself whilst the elite keep strolling on. If that scenario happens, then every football league club, bar the top 4 in the Premier League, may as well resign and tell those clubs to go play in a European super league. I definitely see this crisis being used as leverage to drop some domestic games to support the elite European teams.
  14. What the football authorities haven’t given, yet, is an unequivocal commitment to complete the 2019/20 season. Similar to what the chancellor of the exchequer said a couple of evenings ago, they could be saying something along the lines of, “whatever it takes, whatever the circumstances, this season will be completed. If that requires finishing this season next year, or the year after, then so be it. Whatever it takes”. And I’m not against that. All I would stipulate is that as and when games do start being played again, it is with stadiums full of fans, as it was a few weeks ago.
  15. Possibly worth noting that Glastonbury has been cancelled, was due to take place June 24-28th.
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