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  1. Bournemouth are entitled to try and maximise a fee for Mings, if they want to sell him. I think they are now shitting themselves, Howe has been made to look a bit of a tool letting Mings go and Mings performing as he did. Howe knows Bournemouth can’t compete with Villa now we’re back in Premier League, so he’ll try and get one up on us over Mings. We might have to be prepared to move on to other options if Howe plays silly buggers. Mings might have to force the issue with a transfer request.
  2. I don’t think it’s that straight forward. Burnley finished 7th in 17/18 and gained European football, but I don’t think that allowed them to sign better players than, say, Wolves or Everton or West Ham. History, standing, potential, finance, and ambition all come into the equation. I’d argue that Leicester have peaked with a Premier League title, something they’re highly unlikely to repeat, they’ve over achieved. That’s not to say they’re not a good established Premier League club now. Whilst it’s right to be humble after 3yrs in championship football, and remain humble, we also shouldn’t be shrinking violets that worry ourselves to death and think we’re not worthy of parity, or above, with clubs such as Bournemouth, Brighton, Watford, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Southampton, West Ham, Wolves, Leicester, Norwich, Sheffield Utd. Historically we are amongst the top 8. We are now financially amongst the top 8. What we don’t know, yet, is the ambition. But if the ambition matches the owners financial muscle and acumen, and they are determined to restore Villa to where they stand historically, then as Sawiris said himself, “the sky is the limit”. A decade ago Villa were thought of as a bigger club than ManCity, two decades ago Villa were thought of as a bigger club than Chelsea. The difference in those timeframes has been money, purely and simply down to finance. Villa thought they had a rich and capable saviour when Lerner rocked up, it proved to be the undoing of us. IMO Villa have a massive untapped potential, arguably the biggest untapped potential left in the Premier League.
  3. I wouldn’t say Leicester are miles ahead of us. Ahead of us, yes. Let’s see where the respective squads are at when the transfer window closes, if it were closing next week I’d be worried! I’ve every confidence in Dean Smith to get a competitive 11 together ready for August. And remember, Villa are the club that attracted the likes of Abraham and Bolasie last summer when they were thought to staying in Premier League. I’d imagine Bolasie regrets leaving in January!
  4. Chilwell strongly tipped to go to ManCity, so that wouldn’t be a problem. He should, though, still choose Villa after weighing up all the pros and cons
  5. Why not? Did anyone think Wolves were in a place to sign players such as Moutinho or Jiminez last summer? Aston Villa are a bigger club and bigger draw than Wolves. And many other current Premier League clubs.
  6. I think we’re fortunate in that our football club is now able to compete with most for the signing of good players. The decks have now been largely cleared of players that could have been a weight around our ankles. 3yrs of Championship football has helped us find our soul again, and we have owners that any club would want. We have a Villa man in charge of the team. I think the owners are people who won’t burn money, like we’ve seen at ManCity or Chelsea, but do have the ability to pounce on an opportunity should it present itself. They might not be saying it but I think they’ve ambitions to challenge clubs such as Wolves & Everton straight away. Wolves have proven it’s possible. And so if the chance comes along to sign someone, such as a Maxi Gomez, then I’m thinking they’ll go for it. I’m pretty sure that mere survival is not on the agenda. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
  7. Theoretically Villa have two great owners. One of them is well versed in sports franchise and is successful at it, the other is one of the worlds best businessmen. Both incredibly wealthy and both hungry for success in English football. They are used to winning, and want to win. We could be at the start of a exhilarating journey!
  8. Exactly. All the big sponsors want a club in and around the top 4, that’s obvious. You’ve got to be in and around that top 6-8 places to attract the prize money and deals that pay for, and attract, the best players.
  9. The prize money for finishing 8th was £24.7m, finishing 16th was worth £9.5m. So the difference is the the three players we’ve just signed in Jota, Hause, & ElGhazi. It’s significant. Everton finished in 8th with a combined income from TV/Prize money of £125.3m, Southampton finished 16th with a combined income from TV/prize money of £101.2m. In short, the better you are and the higher you finish is worth a lot of money. The difference is nearly £25m between finishing 8th as opposed to 16th. That’s equivalent to having 5 players on £100k per week. Which is a big deal.
  10. I don’t think there’s anything in that video that we didn’t know. I’ve mentioned that the best business we could do this summer would be to secure the loan players we had, especially Mings & Tuanzebe. The circumstances at ManUtd & Chelsea means it’s probably unlikely we can secure Tuanzebe or Abraham, and so our task becomes even more difficult in recruiting. What we have to hope is that the people running the club now have planned for all eventualities and have plans A, B, C, and D if necessary. I would think that,whatever budget we have, the lions share of it would need to be spent on defensive players. 2 x CB, 1 x LB, 1 or 2 x CDM.
  11. The bigger money, imo, has to be spent on CBs and CDM. A good CDM makes all the difference in the Premier League. We have to start the season with a solid back 4. We could easily spend £60-70m just sorting out a pair of CBs and a good CDM.
  12. For what it’s worth, I’d rather have Jed Steer in the Villa Goal than the £30m price tagged Jack Butland. What sort of season has championship goalkeeper Butland just enjoyed? Butland also 26yrs old. What guarantees would he bring for £30m than an already settled and proven Villa GK Steer doesn’t? I think we need to look very carefully at what we already have before getting carried away with signing for the sake of signing. Steer has been an important part of a back 5 that transformed our season from February onward. Not to be sniffed at.
  13. Was Neil Etheridge a championship keeper the season before last? Yes. He’s had a decent season in a relegated team and now £8m isn’t enough, apparently. What evidence is there to suggest that Steer wouldn’t have an equally decent season? If he did that would result in him being valued in the same sort of price bracket, probably a bit higher because he’s younger. Steer has proven in a short and high pressure period of time that he is able to step up. That shouldn’t be underestimated because previous mangers haven’t been savvy or brave enough to see the potential.
  14. I’d have raised an eyebrow, as I’ve been arguing for Steer to be given game time for at least the last 2 seasons. That it has taken until now for him to get his opportunity has been negligent, but he has grabbed that chance with both hands and proven to be better than both of the goalkeepers signed by Villa in the last 12months. He’s been rock solid during his time between the sticks and his confidence has visibly grown during that time, making some match winning saves in vital games this season. Remember that save from Rodríguez in the 1st leg at Villa Park, the penalty save at Hillsborough, penalty saves in the semi final shoot out. What mistakes has he made? I can’t remember any mishaps being on a par with the Kalinic & Nyland mistakes. And Steer proved much better at commanding his entire area, and he was better with the ball at his feet. He is 26yrs old and will only improve with game time, I’d be relaxed with Steer starting as our No.1 next season. He certainly is far better than being given away.
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