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  1. I’d like to think that one of our main objectives in the next window or two will be to get a LB that can REPLACE Targett. For me he’s just not fit or fast enough, think we need a much better physical specimen.
  2. Great start to the season. Look, sometimes.....very occasionally, granted....we have to be able to hook Grealish. Leeds have had him in their pocket, he’s been put off and dithered far too much this evening. Sometimes Dean has to show he can be subbed
  3. Yep. Totally out worked and that’s disappointing. To say the least
  4. Really annoying. We simply haven’t come close to matching the Leeds work rate. That’s the one thing we had to do. Hugely disappointing
  5. There are still things that need improvement in Jack’s game. He has to start shifting the ball quicker.
  6. We’ve got to get a grip in midfield, they must up their energy. They’re just not going with runners
  7. We took the best that Leicester could throw at us, soaked it up, started pushing them onto the back foot with 20mins to go, then knocked them out at the end. I repeat, Bielsa has one way of playing, one way only. There will be no surprises with how Leeds approach the game on Friday evening. Thus far I’d say Liverpool and Fulham have been caught surprised by our goal scoring prowess, and Leicester were surprised by our ability to withstand (with relative ease) their attack. Villa, thus far, seem able to mix up their performances to suit the opposition. Based on the season so far the only
  8. I hate Leeds. I’d swap the 4 league wins this season to smash a hatful past them on Friday night. Fortunately that option isn’t available and won’t be needed, we’ll beat them anyway and move to 5wins from 5. If form is maintained we win by 2 or 3 goals, I’ll go for a 3-1 win after being 3-0 up. We know exactly how Leeds play, what they’ll do. They have no other way of playing. Match their early work rate and then beat them with our quality.
  9. Absolutely tremendous work rate, a proper team player. One of our vital components at this moment in time, and certainly a vital component at the end of last season. Superb example to every other Villa player.
  10. It’ll be interesting to watch the game against Leeds next Friday, Bielsa doesn’t really do “plan B” football, does he?! Leeds go out on the front foot, they press high and try to do that all game. I expect to see goals in this game for sure.
  11. The difference between this game and last season’s encounters with Leicester is pretty staggering. I think it’s fair to say that last season they showed us zero respect and bossed us for just about 95% of the four games we played them. Fast forward to last night and look at the difference, they weren’t close to bossing it and put much more emphasis on not conceding, staying tight in midfield and at the back. And for the 2nd half Villa got better, gaining the upper hand for the last 20mins or so which ultimately led to the winning goal. What openings did Leicester even create for the entirety
  12. Thus far all the summer signings are looking good. Long may it continue.
  13. Can agree with all the above......apart from the, “Hause is a good back up”, part.
  14. The start to a season that dreams are made of! And we can sit where we are in the knowledge that it hasn’t been handed to us with a simple start, we’ve beaten two of the current top 4 (last seasons champions and the 5th placed team) and a team that flirted with top 4/5 last season before finishing 9th. So three our opening 4 fixtures have been against good teams. I’m going to soak it up and just enjoy it for what it is, a great start. We’ve already amassed more than a third of the points total from the entirety of last season, after FOUR games! What’s not to love about that?!
  15. Thankfully Jack can return to Villa today, free from injury and back into an environment where his talents are understood and encouraged. He has the extra incentive of knowing that every good game makes Southgate look a bigger prick. He can get back to focusing solely on the club he loves, safe in the knowledge that it wouldn’t matter if he was at Manchester Utd or even Real Madrid, England currently have a manager who wouldn’t play him, no matter his form or club. Let’s focus on Leicester now and go get something from the game.
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