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  1. The biggest threat might be the “after the Lord Mayors show” syndrome. What should counter that is the fact that this game is bigger in terms of importance. No doubt I’ll get pelters for saying this, but I’d start Drinkwater over Luiz in this. I’d also be starting with Samatta. We have to look at the entire picture, and getting Drinkwater up to match pace is part of the bigger picture. Luiz has proven to be excellent off the bench, and games should be looked at as 14 man events, we have to have preparations in place for utilising the 3 subs as effectively as possible. Our options are improving, Keinan & Luiz on the bench show that. The only way players get match fit is to play games from the off, when everybody else is at full tilt. If everyone is fit I only make two changes from last nights team, bringing in Reina & Drinkwater for Nyland & Luiz.
  2. OxfordVillan

    Keinan Davis

    Really like Keinan, and think he’ll be good for us, important too. Just needs a goal or two to give him the confidence that he deserves to be at this level. It’ll come if we’re patient with him.
  3. Right then Mr Sawiris and Mr Edens, go get us a nice surprise or two in the remaining days of the transfer window!! We’ve got a Wembley final to come that we can surely use to sell to a prospective transfer target or two?! Get us a couple of gooduns and we can lift the silverware
  4. I think/hope to see our strongest possible 11 selected to play tonight. Cup semifinals don’t come along too often for us, we must do all we can to give ourselves the opportunity of getting to the final. We have two weeks rest after the weekend, having just had a full week to prepare for this game. No rest is required now. Give it 100% tonight.
  5. I think today’s noises of Vardy being available are a bit of a bluff. I couldn’t care if he plays or doesn’t, but I think the statements today saying he’ll play are a bluff. There’s an argument to be had that Iheanacho is in better goal scoring form anyway. I still think for the most part that our best chance of winning is to play like the away team, keep it busy in midfield and tight at the back, don’t chase the game bombing forward.
  6. I think Chester & Taylor are out of contract and very likely released. Kalinic will hopefully stay at Toulouse and we might even get a couple million for him. Steer might also leave, but then I don’t see Reina being kept on next season either, too much money and two No1s won’t work. It’s Heaton or Reina for me, not both. I should add that I like Reina and love the speed and quality of his distribution. If only we could find a younger version of Reina! Due to wages I can only see Lansbury leaving if we grant a free transfer, which we might well do to free up squad places. If we stay up I’d imagine we’d look to buy 2-3 players that would be starting 11 types, upgrades to what we currently have in the starting 11. As yet neither of ElGhazi or Trézéguet has shown they are good/consistent enough, ElGhazi being the better of the two. I still like ElGhazi and hope he finds the consistency required at this level.
  7. ..............................Pickford............................ Trent..........Gomez.........Maguire........Chilwell ..........Rice...........Grealish..........Hendo.............. ......Sterling...........Tammy.........Rashford........ Thats where Jack would sit in my England team, at the heart of it. I’ve won Euro 2020 with that line up!
  8. We still have to improve in midfield, but Watford losing Sarr is a positive for us. We also have Mings back for this return game. The concern at the moment is Hause, pretty certain we’ll see Watford press him relentlessly if he starts. Maybe Hause will step it up and sort himself out after a shaky 2-3 games. The game should be different to the Vicarage Road showing.
  9. If it’s possible we might do well to take Hause out of the starting 11, he looks like giving goals away at the moment, maybe get Engels in? It’ll help us a lot if Sarr is out, he’s been integral to Watfords improvement. We must find a way to win this one, it’ll put a dent back in Watfords confidence and obviously be a huge lift to us. I know we’re at home but I wouldn’t want to see us go all out as we’ve seen before, I think Watford arrive at ours full of confidence and expecting to win. We must be determined to get a clean sheet and compete well in midfield. If we are good in those areas then we will earn the right for a forward to eek something out up top. We do have the personnel to work a bit of magic.
  10. Complete agreement with that final paragraph. I think it’s a psychological mistake to speak about the top teams as he has done, it gives the players an excuse/reason to lose. We must do better against one or two of the established big clubs, must gain some points.
  11. With regard to Drinkwater, what would you suggest getting him up to Premier League speed? Do you think games with the U23 team would achieve that?
  12. I see this ending 3-0. Very Watford type showing. Poor all over.
  13. This not challenging opposition forwards malarkey will be the trait that ends with our relegation. I don’t understand, truly do not understand, what the thinking is behind the constant allowing of opposition attackers to wander from anywhere up to our penalty area. It has to be by instruction, it happens too frequently for it to be anything else.
  14. I have to say, Hourihane is not in my starting 11 for this game.......or many others! We can’t afford any passengers.
  15. If we have secured Samatta, Reina, Slimani, & Drinkwater with the best part of 2wks of the January window left then that’s not too shabby at all. It means a little bit of pressure is taken away and there’s time left for, possibly, the one or two late surprises that a few of us have hoped for. It removes any outright desperation going into the last week and allows the negotiating team to perhaps fully focus on a target they really want. We’ll have to wait and see. I’d personally want a big, powerful CM along the lines of Nzonzi as a bit of icing on the January window cake.
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