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  1. I think most posters who mention this are probably really saying that we need a bit more athleticism in midfield, a bit more power. And I think we do. And that extra athleticism and power doesn’t have to come at the cost of ability. Look at our regular midfield 3……Luiz, McGinn, Barkley…..for me that’s not enough when it comes to the very top sides. Not enough power, not enough pace, not big enough physically. I mentioned Ndombele in an earlier post, if he was an option in our midfield then we’d have won some games that we lost this season, notably the two games against Utd, with OGS seeming
  2. Ollie Watkins getting a yellow card for simulation which meant a sending off was just the icing on the cake of a biased (bent) and awful officiating performance. The referee couldn’t wait to point to the spot for the Man Utd penalty, and he was just as keen to not only wave away a valid penalty appeal, but to book the player for simulation……just to rub salt into the wounds.
  3. I’m sure many will say it’s unrealistic, but if it were my choice I’d make a move for Ndombele at Spurs. I think he’s exactly what we need in CM. Spurs are in a bit of turmoil, and I think Ndombele has been caught up in a club/team that’s disjointed. He’s still only 24yrs old and I’m certain has a much higher level to reach than we’ve seen so far at Spurs. Something around £50m I would imagine. Would be one hell of a statement signing
  4. Compare and contrast; Pogba goes down and wins a penalty, Watkins goes down and gets sent off. You need look no further for why Villa can’t buy a win.
  5. Not for me. Dreadful finisher, really wasteful in front of goal. Has the ability to get into great positions but is generally then poor at either picking out a pass or scoring the goal. Had his purple patch a season or so ago.
  6. Looks to me like this is another one of those accounts that just trawl through Internet forums (such as this) and other news articles and recycle. They’re neither ITK or news, it’s more copy and paste bollox. Ignore them and they’ll disappear, keep clicking through to their shit and they’ll ramp the shit up.
  7. Guilbert coming back into the squad next season is a no brainer for me. He’s clearly a competitor who is up for a challenge, and Cash will require pushing to keep his levels up. It’s one less replacement we need to worry about with Elmo’s time coming to an end.
  8. It’s an integral position in how teams play, if City do activate the buy-back option then Villa will be forced to use every single penny of the purported £35m fee, and then some, to get a replacement. I don’t know how ppl can’t see how vital the position is, or how integral Luiz has been. Luiz leaving would leave a huge void to fill.
  9. Knowing how Citeh operate they’ll activate the buy-back option this summer, or at the very least they’ll attempt use it as leverage in a move for Grealish. I do think Pep/City view Villa as an emerging threat, and so one way or another they could disrupt us a bit this summer if they so choose. On balance I’d say they probably will, given that Luiz is only 22 and has shown enough to suggest he can go to a much higher ceiling. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Villa if the roles were reversed. So I think we’ll be shopping for a new CDM in the summer, unfortunately.
  10. No, no, no. Why the hell would anyone want to remove Ollie Watkins from the CF position and shunt him out left, and replace him with a player of lesser ability at CF? Utterly ridiculous. There has been talk of Liverpool looking at Watkins to replace Firminho, that’s the level our current CF is at. We keep Watkins at CF and improve the supply line into him, and he goes to the next level of 20+ goals a season. We need a next level defensive midfielder, left sided forward......as 1st priority. We can then think about bringing Grealish in at No.10. I’d say we’d be better served spending our summer
  11. I have to agree we approached the game like cowards after the opening 5mins. So passive, looked scared to get near them.
  12. I’m not sure why it goes under the radar with many people, but Leeds spent almost £100m last summer..... and they didn’t have almost an entire new 1st team to replace.
  13. As per most managers, he’ll have 10 games next season......depending on who is available
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