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  1. Agree with you on McGinn, I think he’s been average in most games, and poor in a few. I’d agree that if Villa are to improve then McGinn needs to be viewed as a backup in the squad rather than one of the 1st names on the team sheet. I think this summer could be a pivotal window. If we’re to try and make the next step into the top 6 then we now need real quality. We need to start signing players that are sought by the likes of Spurs and Leicester etc. We need real quality at LW and DM, I wouldn’t be against going in big for Neves at the dog heads at DM. There are 2 or 3 LWs in Germany that we c
  2. Nothing can be pinned on Barkley for last nights team “performance”. I’m absolutely convinced, though, that he can’t be part of our future, when the loan deal ends we wish him well on his way back to Chelsea.
  3. Davis is unfortunately being suffocated at Villa, he’s never now going to play anywhere near the amount of football he should and needs to be playing. And it’s become unfair for us to expect anything from him when he sporadically gets a few minutes here and there. He has no experience or pedigree, and it’s impossible for him to find any sort of form as things stand. He needs either a permanent move away in the summer, or at least a season long loan somewhere. He needs to do this for his career, and the club need to let this happen.
  4. I’ve said this before, getting to mid table/tails of the top6 is the relatively straightforward part for clubs with a bit of money. Staying there, let alone climbing higher, requires next level spending and next level quality. We’ll see in the next 12-18mts whether Dean Smith and Villa can continue to climb. Villa have been distinctly average and inconsistent since the turn of the year, and I think I’m right in saying that its a trait of Dean Smith teams to tail off during jan/feb. We have to hope for a Spring bounce reminiscent of our promotion season, though ppl obviously attribute that to t
  5. May as well get Davis on in place of Traore, who is having a poor game. Can’t get a cross in and constantly losing the ball
  6. Have to say, I think McGinn has been poor and seems to be untouchable against being subbed off. Yes the effort is there, but very little else apart from huff and puff.
  7. Well done VAR. Correct decision given how blatant it was and the distance to the last defender. Undoubtedly denial of goal scoring opportunity. We’ve now got to ramp up the tempo and play the game in their half. And from somewhere we need to find a bit of quality into the box. Push the FBs up and get bodies into the box. Now might be the time to replace Nakamba with Sanson.
  8. On what basis are people ppl calling for Barkley to come on? Is it wishful thinking, or maybe based on hope? He’s been woeful for a number of games, culminating in his dropping to the bench. He isn’t the answer against a hard working Sheffield Utd. Our problem lays with a lackadaisical group of players who have approached this game as I feared, that being it’s a game they seem to think they should win. That said, we’ve still pretty much controlled the game without looking anywhere near good. Sheffield Utd lead through a miss hit shot that found its way to an unmarked McGoldrick, lord only know
  9. We have as good a chance as a few clubs to get top 4, better than most for European football. Like anyone we’ll need a little luck with injuries to help us, but we’re as well placed as anyone to give it a good shot. It’d be nice to have caught up with our games in hand before the end of March so we can see exactly where we stand going into the home straight, we always seem to have been a step behind this season. If we could get 6pts from our next 2 fixtures then it’s very much game on for top 4, especially with 4 fixtures against Everton and Spurs still to come. It’ll be vital to not lose gro
  10. It’s a strange thing, isn’t it? Not that long ago Villa were probably the worst defensive unit in the Premier League, and many were talking of how the England teams biggest problem was that there were no stand out CBs/defenders. All of a sudden we’ve seen a season with Villa being amongst the very best of defensive units, and where players such as Mings, Konsa, Cash, Targett, Keane, Stones, Luke Shaw, WanBissaka are having superb seasons, to the point where you’re now looking at England’s options in defence and thinking there’s no shortage at all in there. Targett, in particular, must be in wi
  11. Sorry, no way Barkley comes back into my starting 11.
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