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  1. Yes there is, and you’ve written it.
  2. I’m so pleased I don’t have to go into some sort of battle with some of the bed wetters popping up here today. Watford still need 6pts to be guaranteed their premier league safety. Listen, if we fail to win tomorrow then we’re done. But all this whining I’m reading about sackings, it’s over, rip it up and start again, blah blah blah. Pathetic. As unlikely as it might feel right now, a win tomorrow gets us right back in it. It’s out of our hands but there’s still a pathway out. Unlikely, but possible. And until it’s mathematically impossible then we fight on.
  3. Just dire. Again. He’s a coward.
  4. Went missing again, didn’t he?! Definitely one to sell on this summer. Got all the ability required, but with next to no desire. The complete opposite of Trezeguet, who runs himself into the ground but is just not good enough. Could we make a hybrid of the two?!
  5. Don’t mention “stability”, some will want you shot for that! And that’s before we even mention “continuity”!
  6. There ought to be some sort of rule whereby you can’t call for the sacking of Dean Smith without a credible alternative that invites discussion/debate. All too easy to call for someone to lose a job they are passionate about, with absolutely no idea as to the replacement or direction of the club thereafter.
  7. For me the Crystal Palace game is a must win, regardless of any other results that happen around us. If we can’t win this game then it’s over for us. This must be the springboard we’ve all waited for. If it isn’t we’ll be diving into an empty pool.
  8. I’ll probably get abuse for saying this, but I think Grealish and Mings are more concerned with their public profile, more concerned with their social media image to promote themselves. Granted that can be said about many modern players these days, but I don’t think it helps the team on the pitch.
  9. I’d probably have to agree with a lot of this. Mings has been wearing the look of someone who isn’t too fussed either way, the sort of demeanour that says, “I’m alright whatever happens”. Ditto Grealish. Douglas Luiz has made the pair of them look amateur in comparison.
  10. I love the thought of retaining Douglas Luiz if we end up in the championship, but it’s not going to happen. City will buy him back, even if only to sell for bigger money. Grealish will leave, as will Mings. Earlier in the season I thought McGinn would be a guaranteed departure if we were relegated, now I’m not so sure. Douglas Luiz will be the biggest loss, playing well in the most important position. I think we should be prepared that we might have to develop for a couple of seasons or so in the championship with younger replacements that we develop as a team. Two or three senior players with experience and guile for the championship will need to be signed to keep everything together next season. I see Heaton, Hause, Guilbert, Elmo, Konsa, Taylor, Hourihane, Davis, McGinn all remaining. We’ll probably have to get one or two loans in to bolster the first team.
  11. He was decent in the opening half hour of the game, put in 2 or 3 good crosses as well. Not his fault the officials were incompetent and changed the course of the game. Villa have looked defensively better with Konsa at RB. He’s plenty young enough with plenty of improvement still to come.
  12. Mings will not stay if Villa are relegated, let’s get that straight right now. He probably should have been made captain earlier in the season, not now.
  13. It’s easy to understand how the players can get so deflated. Another terrible decision against them that ruins the game plan that was working well. When you see a penalty like that given against you by the referee is bad enough, but to know that it’s been looked at by someone else on replays and STILL they award the penalty.......well, you can understand reluctance to make any sort of challenge in the box thereafter. You’re already up against really good players, the last thing you need is officials against you. It’s a farce.
  14. Make Douglas Luiz captain for the Palace game.
  15. I’d honestly make Douglas Luiz captain for the rest of the season. Give the captaincy to someone who is leading by example and look like they care.
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