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  1. Forest (Away) 1986 lost 6-0 - Graham Turner's final game, woeful team/season/day (pissed it down in open ended terrace) Doncaster (Away) 2005 lost 3 - 0 - Abject O'Leary team Small Heath (Home) 2004 2 - 2 , worst ever feeling after a game. After Tommy Special should have battered the inbreds
  2. Well said mate. Just block the troll. He'll be taking his bat and ball home again soon anyway, like last he did last year when he made himself look a fool over Rashica and then went into hiding for months.
  3. Proper game of football in the pissing rain. Good triumphed over evil, again!
  4. Noel Blake was around the same time as Linton.
  5. It's like Charlie and the chocolate factory. Who's got the golden ticket?
  6. Thought Jedinak had a great game, Didn't put a foot wrong and bullied their big man. UTV!!
  7. All apart from one in the suit... From top left, Gallagher, Evans, Andy Gray, McInally, Stuart Gray Gage, Thompson, Platt, Daley, Aspinall, Lillis Swindon away, happy days, repeat this year would be nice, was waiting on pitch to hear Boro result, tried to get Aspinall's shirt but gave me his shorts instead.
  8. Just read article that he quit position at Spuds yesterday. Previously at Southampton. Bound for B6?
  9. Can only be petty jealousy from Little & Taylor not wanting Micah to surpass them as a true Villa legend as to why this is going ahead. Just hoping Steve Hodge can step in and speak some sense to RDM
  10. Shocking player. Waltzing back to our goal when they scored their second today. Club captain.....a total joke. Amazed he's not being slated more. Doesn't care. In my eyes worse than Lescott & Bacuna. New manager must get rid. The way he was laughing & joking on Xmas clip stuck in my throat back then. Big time Charlie who is nowhere near as good he thinks.
  11. What? That Ballack lived in Wimbledon, or CI has a friend.
  12. No unlucky about it. Should have buried that header. Great performance though.
  13. Very lucky boy today. Should have been sent off as well when we were already down to 10.
  14. Welcome J Bowery That's 2 signings since August Didn't a certain troll promise 10 quid for to VT Hope he's emptying his money box now
  15. For you, surprisngly yes! Next week we'll work on grammar and punctuation.
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