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  1. Parker and Lescott were the two players mentioned, it's not just the cost of them, but wages they would both be on 60k a week plus, and agents fees with no sell on value. Are we not look to get rid of ageing players on long term deals?
  2. Think he will start, if he is in full training then he just needs match fitness.
  3. Someone like Christopher Samba would be ideal, i know he's probably on huge wages in Russia but surely worth a loan enquiry with the racisum issue's he's had out there. Could want to come back to the Premier League and would be exactly what we need.
  4. I think after how we have had teams cut us open through the middle every attack for the last 4 games, Lambert probably told out midfield to side in front of our back four. Think we will see of that and the front four attacking.
  5. How often do footballers take paycut's? Lescott's a regular in the England squad as well. If he is leaving Man City and prepared to take a massive paycut, then there will be teams above us in the league that are after him.
  6. Agree completely, same way it is silly to compare him to Carlton Cole.
  7. Didier Drogba played 41 competitive matches his first season. He had 26 games in the Premier League, netting 10 times as well as getting 5 assists. 5 goals in 9 games in Europe as well. I would not exactly call that poor, and I doubt Benteke will (ever) have such a good season from the first signs on him. Not bigging him down of course, but Didier Drodba when he came here was a great signing and he then turned out to be world-class. Thus, Chelsea paid over 20M for him I think and he ended his career there by scoring the winner in the Champions League. Drogba looked shite when he first came,
  8. You could also compare him to Drogba if you are looking for a player that came from abroad and was poor when he first played, in fact he only poor for one game, Drogba was poor for a season. It's ridiculous to try and compare him to anyone at the moment. One premier league start and you are labelling him inconsistent etc.
  9. Ah, your conspiracy theory that Warnock meant that own goal resurfaces. Considering Warnock tried to do the same thing the week before, you can see why people might think that. Even on Soccer Saturday said that Warnock had been trying to score an own goal for a few weeks and finally succeeded. I think it's just because he is useless, but it was very bizzare that he tried one week and give pulled of a fantastic save, then managed to do it next home game.
  10. we signed zat knight just hours after he and his gang member brother were arrested for drug and firearm offences at the house zat bought Did Knight get convicted? No, Knight just happened to be visiting his brother at the time of a pre-planned police raid. He only happened to be in Birmingham as he was signing for us.
  11. Lambert said that Lerner would have given him more money if required. So either Lambert is lying or he is happy with his signings and backing.
  12. I do, then the game after he had absolute stinker against Liverpool and Albert Riera tore him another arsehole. NRC can't pass the ball 10 yards, he never lifts his head up to look around. Also, he can't play in a passing team as he never makes himself available for the ball, he always stands with his back to the defenders when they have it, same when people have a throw in, he never wants the ball because he doesn't have the ability to do anything with it.
  13. We are not that desperate. I wouldn't even want him if he offer to play for free. We are looking to keep the ball better, NRC is certainly not the player for that.
  14. Based on Lambert being at wolves the other night, Ward & or Doyle ? I would be happy with Doyle but think Wolves would want to much money for him. If he was around £5 million I think he could be the ideal forward to work with Bent. Holds the ball up well and would run the channels.
  15. I wasn't confident watching Dunne and Collins as centre half partnership either, in fact most the time last season after watching them to clowns play I was fuming.
  16. You see this is the problem with us all being on the outside. Most people on here are quite happy to see Dunne going; granted as long as there's some kind of reinforcement in that area. So the manager gets kudos to some extent for selling Dunne. But some (not you btw) will seize the opportunity to take a potential negative and twist it into "oh he was freeing up the wages for someone new". It all depends what stance you've adopted. Everything gets 'analysed'; well I say analysed but in reality it's complete speculation because we're working from a position of total ignorace when it comes
  17. Unless we bring in some shit hot players in other positions because of it. Proof will be at the end of the window.
  18. Why do you have relate everything back to Lerner? Exactly, the majority are just waiting to see what happens. It's all just rumours at the moment.
  19. I don't see Lambert as the type to do much he doesn't want to do. Maybe he wants to clear out all the trouble makers from last season. Personally I think it's a mistake to let Dunne go without a replacement, but hopefully Lambert knows what he is doing.
  20. Well he wouldn't have to let him go if he doesn't want to. He obviously feels we will be fine, I don't but you can't blame Lerner on this one, well of course you will.
  21. Anyway, I think it's extremely unlikely that Dunne will prove his fitness due to the fact that he was meant to be out for 6-8 weeks from 1st August.
  22. I was also dubious about him going but was told 2 weeks ago that if they can prove his fitness before the deadline he was likely to leave . :!: No replacement Herd used as 4th centre back unless that has changed Wow, I would be more than happy to get him off the books but the fact that if we had a couple injuries we could end up with Herd and Baker at center back. Crazy
  23. Dunne won't be going anywhere, and if by anychance he is, we will be getting a replacement in. I don't think Lambert is on a mission to take us down and leave us with 3 specialist center back's, two of which are youngsters. However, if Lambert has managed to find a buyer for an injured Richard Dunne then the man is an absolute genius.
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