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  1. He hasn't performed in the first team but he is clearly one of the brightest talents? I hope your right but I've seen nothing to suggest it. In the first team games that Gardner has played he's shown the same amount of potential as Johnathon Hogg. I also spoke to a Coventry fan who said he was "ok".
  2. A bit like a house with a conservatory and a north facing garden? I like that!!
  3. MON aas not involved in either contract. Houllier gave Bannan his deal and Delphonseo's was given just after McLeish took charge.
  4. This! But we have promising younger options for the defensive midfield berth in Sylla and Delph. We do, but how many games this season have been needed an experienced head in the last 10 minutes to put their foot on the ball and slow play down.
  5. Would love Barry back, exactly the player we need but wages will be to much unless he wants to take a massive pay cut to rejoin. People say about not breaking up our midfield 3? Delph is hardly likely to be fit for a season and Barry is far better than Westwood. If we did sign Barry he would have forced his way into our team within weeks anyway.
  6. Don't forget if we sell him for 6 million we will probably have to pay him a 1 million loyalty bonus, at least, I know that Sidwell had 200k when he left, to go with his 1.5 million signing on fee and 37k a week wages.
  7. Do you think they'd really go out and say "Of course we're trying to buy Belhanda"? Well we live with a generation that believes everything thats in the papers, so i guess its not a shock that they also believe the likes of Kendrick How is it believing everything? It's using a bit of intelligence. Both local papers, who do have sources at Villa, have ran stories saying sources at Villa have confirmed there is nothing in this link. So I think it's safe to say there is nothing likely to happen here.
  8. Express and Star also had an artical sources at Villa had confirmed there was nothing in this.
  9. Clark's first full season as first choice centre half which he was playing behind an in experienced midfield and at times playing in a ridiculous 3 at the back formation. At the moment Baker does look at the better centre back prospect, but Clark still has time on his side so would be good to get him on a new contract. On another note, it amazes me how many people on here think Cahill is such a fantastic defender. Nearly every time I've seen him play for Bolton, Cheslea and England I've though he was average at best, and that's been generous.
  10. Maybe he was just happy to play football. Hutton to be fair was unfortunate as he had a poor first season at Villa, but then wasnt even given one game to try and impress Lambert. Give him a free transfer and we should be able to get rid of him.
  11. Villa have confirmed the talks now via twitter
  12. Wonga wasn't a concern for Cisse last season though was it? Anyway, lets hope he manages to force a move and then we can shift Bent.
  13. We are still looking for a shirt sponser, a friend works in marketing and was contacted two weeks ago about the possibility of his company been the shirt sponser so I'm sure the are still contacting lots of companies.
  14. If his contract runs out at the end of the season, why is he on loan and not just signed as he won't be going back to Spurs. Indicates to me that Spurs have some way of extending his contract if they wish.
  15. Maybe Everton can take guarantee getting the extra revenue from the Premier League next season, and are prepared to spend some of that now to try and get Champions League, if they don't get Champions League, they just have less to spend next season. Villa can't guarantee anything. Not that I dont think we should spend the money, just Everton are in a more stable position to take a risk on money they are guaranteed, ours would be a gamble.
  16. If money was so tight, central midfield was more important than signing 2 full backs, yes, Hutton and Warnock were shite, but it's the centre of the park that is most important so that would have been 5 million? to spend.
  17. Paul Scharner is available on loan from Germany, could do a job in the centre of midfield for the rest of the season? Also might help us not conceed of corners.
  18. I blame Lambert for not replacing Petrov. We needed some experience in the centre. I guess he hoped KEA would replace him, but we need somebody there. Maybe Danny Murphy isn't such a bad shout.
  19. Lerner has a lot to answer for if he has driven us to this.
  20. Why was it such a misake to take off N'Zogbia? He was brilliant in the first half but 2nd half his main contribution was giving the ball away before the first goal. He was taken off after 67 minutes after we had been under the kosh for most the 2nd half. As for Bannan coming on, shame Herd was injured as think he would have been more suited to how the game was going. Shows how badly we need a new midfielder.
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