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  1. Pre-match Thread

    In true Villa fashion, we'll try and lose but end up winning.
  2. Neil Taylor

    I really, really like Amavi. I wasn't particularly excited about the Taylor signing. But the simple truth is that Taylor is so much better than Amavi at the moment. Defensively he is so solid. Very impressive.
  3. Pre Match Thread

    Hutton 20/1 anytime goal scorer...
  4. Pre Match Thread

    Can't see us winning this without Kodjia unfortunately.
  5. Pre Match Thread

    Is that all?
  6. Jonathan Kodjia

    Kodjia has confirmed that we have appealed. Do we have a chance?
  7. Match Thread: Fulham v Villa

    Newcastle losing to Ipswich. Would love to see them fail to get up.
  8. Match Thread: Fulham v Villa

    LOL we don't have a left back
  9. Match Thread: Fulham v Villa

    Get Hepburn-Murphy on
  10. Match Thread: Fulham v Villa

    When we actually try and pass the ball we look decent
  11. Match Thread: Fulham v Villa

    No way we're winning the Blues game without Kodjia.