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  1. I think we have to freshen things up - don't want to hit burnout for the play-offs. Davis in for Tammy. Green for Adomah. Hourihane/Lansbury for Whelan. Jedinak/Hause for Axel if not fit.
  2. John McGinn. Thank you for giving absolutely everything for this football club. You little legend.
  3. KJT123

    Glenn Whelan

    Exceptional performance today. He's really stepped up his game over the past few weeks.
  4. Do we think there is a chance he could be called up for the next England squad?
  5. We shouldn't come back out for the second half. Can't imagine any of our players wanting to continue playing in front of this crowd, and can you blame them?
  6. KJT123

    Pre-Match thread

    Excited for this. Feel like we could have turned the corner against Stoke in the second half. Grealish is back. Time to go on a little win streak.
  7. First match in a while where we have probably been unlucky to not have won. Very good second half, pressed them high, won the ball back quickly, we just look clueless when we get around the opponent's penalty box.
  8. KJT123

    Dean Smith

    I think if it weren't for the away performances against Derby, Boro and WBA, I'd probably be calling for him to be sacked. The performances since then have been downright awful, with no progression shown whatsoever. The thing is, in those three matches, Smith showed what he's capable of. I'm confident we can get back to that level, but he needs results and performances quickly.
  9. KJT123

    Dean Smith

    The biggest disappointment for me has been his inability to adapt. Since losing Grealish, performances and results have been unacceptable. Why have we persisted with Abraham up front on his own, when we have Kodjia - one of our and the league's best players when on his game - on the bench? If not Kodjia, what about Davis? And then we have Hourihane, who continues to play in this deep role that he simply cannot play. I have confidence in Smith if he is able to bring in a whole new team of his own players. But surely, if we are looking long term, we should have a manager that can adapt to what he's given. It doesn't particularly bode well with Grealish probably not going to be here next season, as well as Abraham, Mings, and maybe even McGinn.
  10. KJT123

    Dean Smith

    We need to see progress, Dean. We're getting worse by every passing game. Really, really concerning.
  11. Whelan and Adomah should be nowhere near the starting XI.
  12. Adomah over Kodjia? Joke
  13. KJT123

    Dean Smith

    Quite simply awful. The worst game we've had for a long, long time. Even more concerning is that it's come straight after the debacle against Swansea - Smith hasn't been able to get a reaction out of the players.
  14. That's a really weird triple sub. Hause and Whelan???

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