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  1. Has Anyone seen the leaked alpha footage? Looks promising.
  2. PS2 you mean. Red Dead Revolver was the first!
  3. Better boot up FM17 demo when it lands. Sure his hoping to get early access.
  4. Cheap bargain if they can get it right.
  5. We got the pit station at least I hope for this. It seems too logical for Villa though.
  6. Wonder if anyone will put a cheeky bid in for us (the club).
  7. Think that's a valid point and it sums up the running of the club since Lerner took it over. It's been shambloic. I am deeply worried that the Bernstien and Little won't be listened to. Let's hope they are more involved than we think.
  8. Pretty much How I see it. I hope you're wrong about promotion, but my gut is telling me it could be a few years. Turbulent times.
  9. Dyche wouldn't touch us with a bargepole. His got a good thing going on a Burnley for now. Chris Hughton I can get behind.
  10. Wish I could do the job his got. Think any of us could do a better job and I'd do it for a quarter of what his on.
  11. I wouldn't be happy with him, but he'd get the players peroming better than this. Sad state we are in... Almstadt is basically paid to help with transfers and working on Cutting edge training technology from what I remember. All his done so far though is fall out with two different managers and bugger off to Dubai for a week (this week). Dp you not have more faith with the board appointments?
  12. While I have been much more patient and a bigger supporter of Garde over Sherwood and Lambert, I am starting to have my reservations. While I don't beleove in the "English experience" malarkey, I agree he is hardly motivating and t he players simply aren't performing for him. For me, he is the right man at the wrong time. Pearson will get players putting a shift in for him, that's for sure. i reckon Bruce could jump ship if Hull capitulate.
  13. With this car crash of a season drawing to a close, I wondered what people's thoughts on our immediate future concerning next season are. With GardeWho do you think will be our next manager? Who do you want? And what sort of players will we target? Etc etc. I personally see Garde Fox, Reilly and Almstadt leaving. Either Steve Bruce or Mark Warburton would be good IMO. I think it could be a summer of massive upheaval. Would be interested to see what everyone else thinks. If Garde does stay do you guys think he'll have what it takes to promote us back up?
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