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  1. kimmie

    General Chat

    A definite blast from the past! /me waits for Rob to notice that kimmie has returned (even though Rob is now affianced, he hasn't changed that much) Rob will NEVER change.....he may act a bit different but change nah its still there just hidden lol
  2. kimmie

    General Chat

    did your arse drop out Eames??
  3. I am taking my 7 year old to his first game saturday! Please can we have a win. I really cba with a moany kid in the car on the way home!
  4. kimmie

    General Chat

    Just want to say Hello to everyone its been a while since i ve been on here! A lot has changed!!
  5. As a teenage mom and a single mom, I personally experience the shitty people who breed kids out there who aint fit to be classed as a parent! My solution to this crappy system is unless you have paid into the system you shouldnt be allowed to take out the system! I was working from 16, I had my son at 18 worked nights to feed him put clothes on his back and roof over his head. Yes i ve gone on to have other children but they were a result of a 5yr relationship that went tits up due to the death of my son, but I went back to work when my son was 6 weeks old and I am currently not working due to having a disabled child, but i have just applied to work for betterware so i can take my disabled daughter to work with me and I am hoping to start working soon! These lazy moms who's 5year olds are at school and who sit on their fat asses all day smoking and drinking should be stopped. People who have never paid into the system should not be given council houses, I had to rent privately my first place and it was pokey. I never spend a penny of my kids money on anything but stuff for my children.. My other problem is people who dont know their kids dads......if they are that incapable of closing their legs and taking a name of the person who is gonna impregnate them then hell should they have kids......and that is aimed at my sister!! Dads should pay for their kids but into trust funds so incapable mothers dont spend it on drugs and drink! Oh and vouchers wouldnt work much as i got milk vouchers and the postman used to steal my vouchers!!!!
  6. Well i gave birth on thursday 3weeks early...... After a lot of complications little Lily is here, ( her brother named her!! Apparently he didnt like Trinity!) She is currently in intensive care redditch hospital, because on the 13th june a taxi driver drove into the side of my car, causing my placenta to tear, only a diddy bit, but when i started having contractions it tore a whole lot and little Lily managed to swallow a large amount of blood, causing her body to shut down, causing hyperglycemic fits, so she had to have brain scans and has been poked and prodded, but its improving loads and loads....
  7. Congratulations............Im still fat and pregnant!! Looks like Trinity holding on.....
  8. Sooo im 32 weeks and bored shitless of being fat!!! roll on only 8 more weeks to go! til the unnamed one pops out!! How is everyone else doing??
  9. See i would be more concerned she would be called Tran!! I think i will give her the middle name Trinity!!
  10. Oh my god, bit off topic but how hilarious would it be if someone could Hack into Stephen Hawkins voice thing machine, and start spouting hatred, Would the world stop and listen and agree because of who it is...................
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