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  1. Jack Butland is apparently available for £8m according to SSN. I say we flog Nyland and Kalinic and bring him in for competition for Heaton.
  2. Easier to see on tv - better quality = more $$$$
  3. My nerdy obsession - but I hope they upgrade the LED ad boards over the summer....
  4. Any idea when the next meeting is with Christian P?
  5. He didn't make it into the Belgium squad this time, unfortunately. I am sure it won't be long until he does get called up, if he keeps performing the way he has been.
  6. @Villareport. Villa Talk's favourite!
  7. Apparently he's left on a permanent deal to Waasland - Beveren...!
  8. It is brilliant that we're talking about our players in this context! I think Heaton may well get a call for this squad. It will be interesting to see what happens with Jack.
  9. So, it sounds like Tyrone's getting called up. Heaton will probably be in there too. What about Jack?
  10. I think it's more likely he sees Keinan as a useful squad player who can score and provides something a bit different up front. Given Dean Smith has said he wants to have two players for each position, and we may well use two upfront in some games, I am assuming he'll want 4 strikers - to that's Wesley, JK, Keinan plus the new signing assuming Hogan goes on loan.
  11. andycv

    Tyrone Mings

    Nope. And I think that this is the way that Dean Smith wants the team to play, so I expect to see it continue. I also think that Mings has the ability to be successful in the Premier League.
  12. The European window stays open until September - so we might be able to move Thor, Kalinic etc on after our window closes.
  13. Anyone know about this summer's minor redevelopment work? I know they've replaced signs at the ground. Anything inside the ground? I have read new LED video screens and an upgraded PA system. Also I think there was mention of re-opening disused hospitality areas in the Witton Lane and Trinity? I also think they were upgrading the LED ad-boards and flood lights to meet Premier League requirements?
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