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  1. Spot on, sums it up perfectly!
  2. Some of the comments here… Wow just wow!
  3. I can’t understand all the negativity, we should have scored at least 5 and were unlucky not to.
  4. Somehow there are players that always are at the right place at the right time. It's like they have a 6th sense and just knows where the ball going. He seems like his got good acceleration which for me is more important than great speed, especially if now when we have an improved midfield and probably going to see teams playing very defensively. Which means the 40-50 yard counter attacking runs (Gabby), will not be that frequent. If there was anything in the clip I would be slightly worried about was that his passing was a bit sloppy at times. Seems like he missed some easy passes. But at the same time it’s just a youtube clip and we’re buying him to score goals not pass fecking ball. 
  5. Agreed, and it's not like the big money move wont be there if he plays well for us and wants to go to a "better club" in a couple of years. I say it's his agent giving him poor advice.
  6. Eric

    Carles Gil

    Looked very good at Bernabeu... how many of our current players would do that? Not saying he would walk in to this team. But at the same time people here saying he is useless and to lighweight can't have seen him play except in the worst Villa team for decades. would be intersting ro see what a proper manager like Bruce could get out of him.
  7. I wouldn't say Lescott leaving is "nothing". It's great news! Just keeping fingers crossed that Micah is next. I have kind of given up on Gabby leaving...
  8. I'm not a fan of Gabby, nerver have been. The reason is he is way to inconsistent and of course his behaviour of the pitch. But the abuse he gets on social media is way over the top, and the the way people attack him kind of makes them even bigger pricks. It's quite ironic that people attacking Gabby behave even worse than him and of course hide behind beeing a supporter "paying their wages bla bla bla..."
  9. It will be difficult to move him, because nobody want to pay his wages. So If and that is a big If dosen't get a transfer this summer I want to see a 15 pounds lighter Gabby ready to play 90 minutes from day one. That mens no holiday, no drinking, no smoking and for gods sake no more **** junk food. I doubt that will happen though, but its time to do more than talking.
  10. Oh dear... Another one bites the dust. Who in their right mind that is close to as good as we need are going to take the job? Well I guess Gabby is happy.
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