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  1. I like a joke as much as the next bloke but this is in extremely bad taste, very offensive and not at all funny. There may be people on the forum who have lost loved ones already so to joke about ‘killing people’ is way out of line. (Sorry for post on poster, admins, but needs must)
  2. Fair play Mark.....I think that glass of yours is 7/8ths full mate
  3. Precisely. Everything we are not....pace, power and resilience. We are going down 100%. I have watched the latest games of Watford, West Ham and Norwich - they are all better than we are, unfortunately. Hate to say it but I could even see us finishing bottom. We are not good enough to be a PL team at this moment in time. Lets ensure that when we come back up we are in a much more stable place squad-wise so we will be better prepared for this league. We add a few experienced quality heads and will be more set to compete.
  4. No 'might' about it, imo. JG will be gone in the Summer irrespective of what division we are in.
  5. Unpopular view, mate, but one I completely agree with. The club is now run with longer term strategies and so it would make perfect sense to incorporate contingencies in all that we do. The short term approaches of previous regimes are no longer and although some may see it as a somewhat negative approach, building a squad that will on the whole stay together irrespective of the division we are in is sound business planning.
  6. Valid points re our performances. However, it's no good having these leads/types of performances if the points are not gained. It's all a bit 'coulda, woulda, shoulda' for me. Crumbling under pressure and/or individual mistakes have not and, one would infer by now, will not cease. Appreciate you looking for some positives and I'm normally a glass half full guy but when we look at the season in its entirety to date it is clear we don't have the ability in the squad to perform at a consistent level that is required to win points in the PL and stay up. With over two thirds of the season gone already I just do not see the required improvements forthcoming, unfortunately.
  7. Possibly....but i am just concentrating on our performances and the points WE need to get.....relying on others maintaining their poor form is fatal, imo.
  8. Problem is, across the whole season the Spurs type performance have been the exception and have not garnered us many points.
  9. I feel they have a more experienced squad who will grind out the few results they need. Pressure starts really building now and I don’t see enough in our players to be able to improve performances in this environment when they haven’t done it all season. Again, I hope to God I’m wrong but with our run-in and lack of ability, once we drop into the relegation zone we will not get out.
  10. I just don’t share your optimism mate. It’s a lot of ifs buts and maybes in my opinion. I just feel the belief in the team has gone possibly due to realisation that the players are not good enough or experienced enough to achieve the required level. If they had been, lessons would have been learnt and mistakes would have reduced - neither are happening. Obviously I hope I am totally and utterly wrong but having seen every match this season we just do not have the necessary quality across the squad to survive. IMO.
  11. This where we are unfortunately. Clinging onto hope that the 3 teams below us keep losing. The problem here is that I can see either Watford or West Ham grinding out a few results and edge above us. This the principal difference - I just cannot see US grinding out the required results. We have 7 of the top 9 to play with multiple Euro places now up for grabs. We are needing 2 goals a game to draw and unless DS radically changes the formation I cannot see that changing. I hate to say it but the only way we can possibly get anywhere near the points we need is to change our style to a very defensive, spoiling game plan and pray for some magic from JG (and maybe JM) to nick a goal for us. Sickeningly this sounds exactly like Bruceball in the Championship.... However, Smith will not do this due to his playing principles and, tbh, I don’t think we have enough defensive ability to adopt this approach. 7 wins all season - so that would suggest at least 2 wins only in last 11 games. I just can’t see where 2 wins come from let alone the other points we will need.
  12. Wow! Somethings gonna give now. No good outcome here. Gutted.
  13. Your second sentence sums this up Mike. We are simply not good enough to play in this division. All the errors, inconsistency and poor performances are down to one thing alone - lack of quality. Forget personnel, formations, tactics.....we simply lack the overall quality in the squad. We had to spend big in Summer to rebuild squad but that resulted in average player cost to be circa £10M. You cannot but PL quality players for £10M these days. Then in addition to the quality of player we bought, we then had to try and get them all playing together at this level - mission impossible. We will obvs life JG, TM and JM but let’s try and keep squad together as yet another rebuild apart from being challenging due to FFP never ends well. Newcastle kept the majority of their squad and then came back up at first attempt. I am now accepting that we are down and only a few games left of Jack in a Villa shirt. Gonna TRY and gleam some sort of enjoyment out of the remainder of the season if possible and get ready for another Championship marathon.
  14. We are just not good enough as a team to be in the PL. Gotta face facts, relegation is very likely. We don’t improve, we make same errors, we make numerous individual errors. Gutted to say it but I cannot see us staying up at all.
  15. eholm

    Dean Smith

    Maybe, Dave...me, I’m not so sure about these ‘improvements’. Pace and physicality are 2 attributes we just do not possess and are vital in the PL. Time is rapidly running out for ‘some wins soon’ as well.
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