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  1. eholm

    Dean Smith

    Agree with others in here that we are lacking a certain physical presence in midfield. DL is a talented player, just not sure he is the no 6 we need currently. Maybe as he develops and acclimatises to the PL he will be in the near future. Nakamba seems a more physical DM and the fact that DS stated that, of the 2, he sees DL as the option to play further forward as Marv is more of a DM leads me to believe that Marv could well be given his first start after the break. The option of having them both starting with JM as the no 8 also makes a lot of sense. His bombing forward will be better protected and so free him up to do it more. Playing Jack from the left would also give him more freedom in an attacking sense. Both of these tweaks would result in more frequent and sustained support for Wes who is currently very isolated. The great thing is DS has multiple options in midfield and I’m sure he will get the balance right; just like the players he is also learning about the PL as well. Still confident we will stay up no matter how tough things get.
  2. Yep. We are completely unrecognisable from that team; more specifically, style, system and gameplay (obv personnel have changed)
  3. Disagree mate; Guilbert would give width on the right and Tez will always drift out wide anyway. Its an interesting line-up just not sure if JG would have the same influence if playing wider...
  4. eholm

    First Choice 11

    Conor will definitely not be the regular CDM; he will get the position by default tomorrow due to the lack of pre-season game time for MN and DL. CH will get completely over-run as our DM in the Premier League.
  5. Each to their own mate. Highly unlikely anyway.
  6. I'd probably take Sturridge on short term deal (6 months) to ensure we have cover up top...
  7. Never a pinch, mate.....I always use a shovel on Twitter.
  8. Agreed re Belotti - a different level to us at present.
  9. Twitter seeming to be linking us to Belotti (nicknamed the Rooster) from Torino. Quality striker but surely very little chance of him coming here.
  10. Yeah, I must stop speculating in this ‘ere speculation thread
  11. Once Nakamba and Heaton are completed, I can only see a ST coming in or a wide forward that can also play as an out and out ST.
  12. Well the last ‘old’ keeper we signed for the first team did pretty damn well! Ok, he was cheaper(£2.2M, 11 yrs ago) but at 36, Freidel was an excellent keeper for us for 3 years. Heaton at 3 years his junior even at £8M (plus add-ons) is a steady, reliable keeper who would help organise the defence, add much needed experience both in and off the field and probably earn us 8-10 points per season. Astute purchase IMO.
  13. I think you’ve misunderstood what @villareport posts on his twitter account. He is basically a Villa news aggregator (a twitter version of Newsnow) and merely posts what is reported on Villa across the web. He never claims to verify any of the information as that is not his purpose; he simply posts Villa news reported, it’s up to the reader to decide the veracity if the information. Think you should understand what certain accounts do prior to unfairly judging them. Personally, I think his account provides a quick and immediate summary of Villa bits and pieces in one place and is pretty useful
  14. eholm

    Dean Smith

    The optimism around the club, the transfer and recruitment policy, the signings, the pre-season games.....all fantastic..... .........but I would still snap your hand off if offered 17th this season.
  15. Good point re EK release fee....still not convinced but time will tell.

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