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  1. eholm

    Dean Smith

    After listening to his post match I/view, I hope he starts IV on Tuesday. He was quick to mention his tuning off the ball. That is what created the space for Jack as it pulled the CBs across. If Samatta isn’t signed in time I would defo start Vas....as a striker he has the instinct to mate those runs that a winger up top would not. IV starting is not about him scoring but prob more likely to create space for others to utilise as he did today. Go on Dean, have some balls mate
  2. No 'emotion' on my part...I'm just dealing with the facts of our fixture list and remaining games.
  3. Yes but we do not really have time to be patient unfortunately. Us ‘panickers’ fully understand and appreciate the intricacies and technicalities that a challenging Jan window present. My challenge back would be that those who see the fact that we will eventually sign players by the end of Jan and that patience is the key are, IMO, somewhat naive about our remaining games IF we lose the next 3 games, not beyond the realms of possibility considering our lack of a striker, we will have 21 points with 13 games to play. Arguably we will need to win 5 games and will face the top 6 within those 13 games. We have only won 6 games all season....the numbers do not look good, I’m sure you will agree. I’m struggling to see where those 5 wins will come after our next 3 matches The next 3 games are, without doubt, our best remaining opportunities to get some wins - that is why it is ESSENTIAL that forward players are signed and signed bloody sharpish. Obviously this all IMO and don’t take it as me having a go....it’s a good debate to have
  4. I agree with you here....however, the real issue is WHEN we get them in. The survival ship may we’ll have sailed if we have to wait until end of the month to get them signed. Concerning times.
  5. TBH, I don’t really care if they are short term. 16 games...that is all that matters now. If they come in and keep us up then never play for us again and get released on frees, I have no issue with that. We simply have to stay up and if it costs us £10M knee-jerk signings then so be it. We took our long-term approach in the Summer; hasn’t worked as well as we would have liked so change of approach is both required and absolutely essential if we are to survive.
  6. eholm

    Krzysztof Piątek

    Absolutely, we are much more professionally run now. Good point re 343.....I’m sure that DS has looked at KP’s performance across differing set-ups.
  7. eholm

    Krzysztof Piątek

    If the numerous reports are correct about Suso being out in Milan and bid submitted then I think it’s safe to say the player has indicated a genuine interest in signing.....negotiations do not get to that level without all parties expressing a willingness to complete a deal. I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere by an Italian journo that the main issue that needs resolving is the release clause in the contract should a ‘bigger’ club come in for him at a later date; agent wants minimum fee to be £40M, Suso wants it to be much higher non-existent if possible. Encouraging signs that negotiations are at this advanced level. TBH, I have never heard of the guy and share some concerns that he has had one excellent season....but not too much else. Could this indicate that he has already been ‘found out’ or just that he has not settled at Milan. Also worth pointing out that in his best season he was part of a front 2 in a 352 formation - at Milan he has ben more of a lone striker. This does sound a bit like Wes’ previous history although clearly prolific in Serie A trumps Belgium every time. Excited...yes, some reservations...yes. A gamble but isn’t pretty much every signing a gamble to some extent?
  8. After watching DS presser from earlier he was very keen to point out that he was looking at strikers across Europe so as not to narrow the market. Now, this could be a negotiating ploy to nudge PL clubs we are talking to but I'm of the opinion that the main striker signing will be from abroad after listening to DS. Yes, it would be better to have a 'plug and play' PL striker but the danger with that is that we end up going for 4th or 5th choice just because they have played in PL. We need to get the balance between experience and value for money here; IMO best option is to loan a Glen Murray type and purchase a younger foreign striker who has scored goals abroad and also has good pace. It's gonna be interesting to see how DS and JP solve this conundrum.
  9. We will never know 100% on any of the signings TBH if they are DS or JP initiated signings. For me, this one seems more likely to be a DS one. Irrespective, i'm pretty sure DS would not allow ANY signing if he had not been given the opportunity to check the player out; especially the player's character and attitude etc. He always speaks about how vital this is in regards to the team spirit and dressing room as well as the 'hunger' of the player. Not Wes's biggest fan but again I am very sure that DS saw enough of him both on and off the pitch to be sure he as a suitable signing; the proof in that pudding will have to wait, unfortunately, although no one can question Wes' integration into the squad etc.
  10. This will have been an absolute guarantee....DS sees due diligence on both the player and the character as a fundamental to all of his signings, e.g. MIngs. In fact the similarity to the Mings loan is clear; both PL players, both with lack of recent playing time following successful spells etc. I don't for one moment think that DS has taken this deal because there's no other option - lets trust Dean on this one. He will have done full analysis on the player and the person. Not the exciting player we are all waiting for but an experienced head, bit of physicality and know how could be vital in the run in. Prove the doubters wrong Danny.
  11. Possibly but Giroud lacks pace as well and Wes wasn’t exactly rapid.....
  12. Personally, I would take him. Experienced PL striker, excellent hold up play, physical, good finisher, good in the air. As one of the 2 strikers I think we will sign he is a good option on short term deal.
  13. A must IMO. Giroud is quality but we simply have to get pace out wide if he comes in. We have virtually no pace in the attacking third at all. Must be remedied in Jan for us to stay up.
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