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Found 60 results

  1. Demitri_C

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Well...someone had to start it =( Three decent ish teams down boro. God knows what kind of condition we will be in. But i fear the worst. We have one cb as terry samba and axel eill be gone. We need wingers and younger cm.
  2. Your ratings and reactions please. Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong. The players' names will be added to the poll when a mod gets chance.
  3. Villa v Sheff Wed Please do not mention streams or streaming in this thread. Please note that there is no distinction between legal or illegal, video or audio. If you aren't sure, it doesn't go in this thread. You will receive warning points if you ignore this.
  4. BOF

    Loan watch 2018/19

    With 9 players out on loan at the moment, I figured we could do with an 18/19 version of the loan watch thread to keep a handy eye on them all. Foreign loans Aaron Tshibola - Kilmarnock (SPL) Easah Suliman - FC Emmen (Dutch Eredivisie) Championship Tommy Elphick - Hull City Gary Gardner - small heath alliance League One Andre Green - Portsmouth Jed Steer - Charlton Athletic League Two Mitchell Clark - Port Vale Jordan Lyden - Oldham Athletic Kelsey Mooney - Cheltenham Town
  5. omariqy

    AVTV 2018/9

    https://7500toholte.sbnation.com/2018/8/4/17650894/avtv-guide-faqs-how-to-watch-aston-villa How to watch Aston Villa: AVTV Guide & FAQs Everything you need to know about AVTV By Phil Vogel@PBVogel Aug 4, 2018, 2:08pm BST SHARE Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images AVTV is back and this year it comes with graphics! Let’s start with the basic info. If a game is scheduled for television broadcast AVTV cannot show video. Knowing that off the top will help clarify some of the confusion. No full match replays will be posted (writer’s note: BOOOOOO!). Prices are listed below — do the math to see what is best for you. If you signed up last year there is no automatic renewal. AVTV does not work through any streaming platforms (Chromecast, Apple TV, ect). Must be used through a computer. Season ticket holders no longer get an audio subscription included. Club says that is due to EFL regulations. Everything else is all location based — so I’m going to split this up. UK, Ireland & Channel Isles There are going to be select midweek matches that are made available through AVTV. Once again — these are matches that are not on TV anywhere in the world. Before you complain to the club about the hefty price tag — £10 was set up as the minimum price by the EFL. What games can you expect? “Any games played outside of blocked hours (not between 14:45 – 17:15 on a Saturday) and not shown by Sky Sports will be available to watch for domestic fans. Fixtures taking place on Bank Holidays or Easter will be unavailable for streaming.” International Plus This is a nice list to be on! If you are located (or your computer thinks you are located) in a country on the list — congratulations for an extra price you get to break the one rule of AVTV I listed at the top. Television broadcast does not matter to you — you get to watch all 46 matches live. International Minus The rest of the world — you are did not make the plus list. Don’t take it personally. For a cheaper price you can access to the matches that are not shown on television. Obviously Sky gets to determine that and I’m certain will do everything in their power not to inconvenient you with their decisions (this is not an accurate statement). If you are radio lover — things are easy. Audio is always available to everyone, regardless of location, for every match. Finally troubleshooting — “For any in-game coverage issues this season, viewers can contact @AVFCSupport on Twitter or our stream hosts directly via AVTVsupport@streamamg.com.”
  6. It is that time again people, where we do the Premier League predictions. Only this time we are making it a single thread for the entire season and we are using a third party to make and track the predictions. -- How to Play -- You can join in the prediction league at any point as we will be using the Talksport Predictor which can be found at https://predictor.talksport.com/ You do need to register. but thankfully they only ask for minimal information. Once registered you need to 'Join' the Predictor from your account page. Then you can join the VillaTalk mini league that @imavillan kindly set up by using the code P55NJ on https://predictor.talksport.com/public/#/mini-leagues Be sure to check the 'How to Play Section' Unfortunately the site does ask you to pick a favourite Premier League team. So just go with the one you dislike the most, lol. -- What's the point in this thread? -- Whilst everything is self contained on the predictor website I thought it might be nice to keep the thread active by making the predictions public (button at the bottom of each prediction set). If i get time I will also comment on the state of the table at the end of each gameweek for a bit of bantz. -- Why Premier League? -- We aren't doing the Championship because even with using another site it is a massive pain to do every 5 seconds. -- Anything else? -- Gameweek 1 (remember no new threads will be posted) starts next Friday 10th August. I'll try and post and bump the thread each gameweek with plenty of time for people to get their predictions in. -- Betting? -- I'll likely do some betting each week based on two predictors who will get 10% should we win an accumulator. So if you want in, be sure to make your prediction public for the gameweek. Good Luck!
  7. Aston Villa statistics : 2018/2019 Premier League 2 - Division 2 - Under-23 development league TABLE (as of 18/09/2018) P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Southampton 5 3 2 0 9 3 +6 11 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 5 3 1 1 11 5 +6 10 3 Manchester United 5 2 3 0 8 5 +3 9 4 Aston Villa 5 3 0 2 7 8 -1 9 5 Reading 5 2 2 1 13 9 +4 8 6 Norwich City 5 2 1 2 9 8 +1 7 7 Stoke City 5 2 1 2 7 7 0 7 8 Middlesbrough 5 2 1 2 9 10 -1 7 9 Fulham 5 1 2 2 8 9 -1 5 10 Newcastle United 5 1 1 3 8 8 0 4 11 Sunderland 5 1 1 3 5 13 -8 4 12 West Bromwich Albion 5 0 1 4 5 14 -9 1 PLAYER Nat A(S) H-Nor 2-0 A-MU 1-3 H-Ful 2-1 A-Mid 2-1 H-Sto 0-3 A-Sou A-Sun H-New A-WBA H-Rea A-Wol H-Sou A-Sto H-MU A-Nor A-Ful H-Mid H-Sun A-New H-Wol A-Rea H-WBA Lomax, Sam (GK) 0 (0) u u u u u Šarkić, Matija (GK) 5 (0) S S S S S Bazeley-Graham, Isaiah (RB) 5 (0) S S S S S Bedeau, Jacob (CB) 5 (0) S S S S S Bree, James (RB) 1 (0) S Bridge, Mungo (LB) 0 (1) o u Clark, Mitchell (CB) 1 (0) S Revan, Dominic (CB) 5 (0) S S S S S Walker, Jake (RB) 3 (1) o S S S Blackett-Taylor, Corey (R/LW) 0 (1) o Clarke, Jack (CM) 5 (0) S S S S S Cox, Jordan (RW) 4 (1) S S o S S Doyle-Hayes, Jake (CM) 4 (0) S S S S Lyden, Jordan (DCM) 2 (0) S S Prosser, Alexander (DCM) 3 (2) S o o S S Ramsey, Jacob (ACM) 0 (1) o Rowe, Callum (CM) 1 (2) S o u u o Vassilev, Indiana (LW) 0 (2) o o Hepburn-Murphy, Rushian (F) 1 (0) S Knibbs, Harvey (F) 3 (1) S u S S o McKirdy, Harry (F) 1 (0) S Mooney, Kelsey (F) 3 (0) S S S O'Hare, Callum (F) 3 (1) o S S S Odutayo, Colin (F) 0 (1) o Presley, Aaron (F) 0 (0) u Sea, Dimitri (F) 0 (1) o Name in BOLD played in >= 50% of games = Goal(s) scored = Assist(s) created S = Started o = Came On u = Unused Sub # TOP SCORERS Gls 1 Mooney, Kelsey 3 2 O'Hare, Callum 1 2 Revan, Dominic 1 2 Cox, Jordan 1 2 O.G. 1 # TOP ASSISTS Ast 1 Revan, Dominic 1 1 Lyden, Jordan 1 1 Cox, Jordan 1 FIXTURES/RESULTS 13/08/2018 Bescot Stadium @ 19:00 Aston Villa 2-0 Norwich City Att : 318 36' Mooney, Kelsey (Cox) 70' Mooney, Kelsey(p) 17/08/2018 Leigh Sports Village @ 19:00 Manchester United 3-1 Aston Villa Att : 1,406 10' McIntosh-Buffonge, Darren 11' Mooney, Kelsey 53' Gomes, Angel (p) 78' Burkart, Nishan (Tanner) 27/08/2018 Villa Park @ 13:00 Aston Villa 2-1 Fulham Att : 452 35' O.G. (Lyden) 63' Harris, Jayden (Thompson) 70' Cox, Jordan (Revan) 02/09/2018 Riverside @ 14:00 Middlesbrough 1-2 Aston Villa Att : 128 31' Revan, Dominic 60' Walker, Stephen 85' O'Hare, Callum(p) 14/09/2018 Villa Park @ 19:00 Aston Villa 0-3 Stoke City Att : 307 49' Shenton, Oliver 81' Jennings, James (Souttar) 94' Walker, Jake (og) 21/09/2018 Staplewood Training Ground @ 19:00 Southampton - Aston Villa 01/10/2018 Eppleton Colliery Ground @ 19:00 Sunderland - Aston Villa 22/10/2018 Bescot Stadium @ 19:00 Aston Villa - Newcastle United 29/10/2018 Aggborough @ 19:00 West Bromwich Albion - Aston Villa 05/11/2018 Villa Park @ 19:00 Aston Villa - Reading 26/11/2018 New Bucks Head @ 19:00 Wolverhampton Wanderers - Aston Villa 07/12/2018 Villa Park @ 19:00 Aston Villa - Southampton 17/12/2018 T.B.C. @ 19:00 Stoke City - Aston Villa 07/01/2019 Villa Park @ 19:00 Aston Villa - Manchester United 11/01/2019 Colney Training Centre @ 19:00 Norwich City - Aston Villa 01/02/2019 Motspur Park @ 19:00 Fulham - Aston Villa 18/02/2019 Bescot Stadium @ 19:00 Aston Villa - Middlesbrough 04/03/2019 Bescot Stadium @ 19:00 Aston Villa - Sunderland 11/03/2019 Northumberland FA @ 19:00 Newcastle United - Aston Villa 08/04/2019 Bescot Stadium @ 19:00 Aston Villa - Wolverhampton Wanderers 12/04/2019 T.B.C. @ 19:00 Reading - Aston Villa 29/04/2019 Bescot Stadium @ 19:00 Aston Villa - West Bromwich Albion Aston Villa statistics : 2018/2019 Premier League Cup Premier League Cup : Group F P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Aston Villa 0 0 0 2 Bristol City 0 0 0 3 Derby County 0 0 0 4 Plymouth Argyle 0 0 0 PLAYER Nat A(S) PL CUP FIXTURES/RESULTS 06/10/2018 TBC @ TBC 10/11/2018 TBC @ TBC 01/12/2018 TBC @ TBC 19/01/2019 TBC @ TBC 09/02/2019 TBC @ TBC 23/02/2019 TBC @ TBC 16/03/2019 @ 30/03/2019 @ # PL CUP SCORERS Gls Youngest PLAYER DOB APPS 1 Presley, Aaron (F) 07/11/2001 0 (0-0-1) 2 Ramsey, Jacob (ACM) 28/05/2001 1 (0-1-0) 3 Odutayo, Colin (F) 08/03/2001 1 (0-1-0) 4 Vassilev, Indiana (LW) 16/02/2001 2 (0-2-0) 5 Birch, Jack (CM) 23/11/2000 0 (0-0-0) 6 Patterson, Ethan (CB) 12/11/2000 0 (0-0-0) 7 Ige, Luke (CM) 12/11/2000 0 (0-0-0) 8 Brunt, Lewis (CM) 06/11/2000 0 (0-0-0) 9 Walker, Jake (RB) 03/11/2000 4 (3-1-0) 10 McConnachie, Charlie (RB) 21/10/2000 0 (0-0-0) 11 Revan, Dominic (CB) 19/09/2000 5 (5-0-0) 12 Bridge, Mungo (LB) 12/09/2000 1 (0-1-1) 13 Bazeley-Graham, Isaiah (RB) 03/02/2000 5 (5-0-0) 14 Bedeau, Jacob (CB) 24/12/1999 5 (5-0-0) 15 Williams, Josh (FB) 12/10/1999 0 (0-0-0) 16 Boucher, Kieran (GK) 21/09/1999 0 (0-0-0) 17 Rowe, Callum (CM) 02/09/1999 3 (1-2-2) 18 Coates, Jack (CM) 11/05/1999 0 (0-0-0) 19 Knibbs, Harvey (F) 26/04/1999 4 (3-1-1) 20 Clark, Mitchell (CB) 13/03/1999 1 (1-0-0) 21 Mooney, Kelsey (F) 05/02/1999 3 (3-0-0) 22 Clarke, Jack (CM) 30/01/1999 5 (5-0-0) 23 Doyle-Hayes, Jake (CM) 30/12/1998 4 (4-0-0) 24 Cox, Jordan (RW) 04/11/1998 5 (4-1-0) 25 Humphries, Jake (ACM) 03/11/1998 0 (0-0-0) 26 Prosser, Alexander (DCM) 31/10/1998 5 (3-2-0) 27 Pastorek, Jozef (CM) 26/09/1998 0 (0-0-0) 28 Hepburn-Murphy, Rushian (F) 28/08/1998 1 (1-0-0) 29 Green, Andre (LW) 26/07/1998 0 (0-0-0) 30 O'Hare, Callum (F) 01/05/1998 4 (3-1-0) 31 Davis, Keinan (F) 13/02/1998 0 (0-0-0) 32 Suliman, Easah (CB) 26/01/1998 0 (0-0-0) 33 Bree, James (RB) 11/12/1997 1 (1-0-0) 34 Blackett-Taylor, Corey (R/LW) 23/09/1997 1 (0-1-0) 35 Šarkić, Matija (GK) 23/07/1997 5 (5-0-0) 36 McKirdy, Harry (F) 29/03/1997 1 (1-0-0) 37 Lyden, Jordan (DCM) 30/01/1996 2 (2-0-0)
  8. Your ratings and reactions please. Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong. The players' names will be added to the poll when a mod gets chance.
  9. allani

    Form and Stats

    Bit bored whilst the kids are still asleep so I thought I would do some stats about our form over the past few months. First up - I was told a couple of matches ago to stop being so negative about our form against "poor" opposition this season "Bruce always does better against the top teams" I was told. Well last season we did the double over all three teams that were relegated (this season we have not beaten either of the teams that we have played that are currently in the relegation zone). Our record against the top teams, however, has actually been pretty shocking. I suppose the good news is that combining this season and last we have not lost at home to any team in the Top 10. Which is impressive. However, if you include the play-offs we have played 11 matches against Top 10 teams at home. We have W3 D8 L0. So whilst it is true that we are unbeaten we have still dropped 16 points in 11 matches. However, our away form is shocking (I have included Wembley in the stats as it isn't VP) and reads P13 W4 D0 L9!!!! Against Top 10 teams our records is 29 (17+12) points gained v 35 (8+27) points gained by our opponents - so we have a net loss of points against the top teams. Secondly - we are told that we shouldn't judge the team over the 6 or 7 matches of this season as it is a new team, we are re-building, etc, etc, etc. So I've looked into this too. This season we have P9 (including cup matches) and would have gained 13 points. Multiplied up over a 46 match season - our form this season would have us scoring 66 points which would see us finishing 12th based on the points totals last season. No real surprise given that we are currently 12th and the average position of the teams we have played (exc. lower division teams) is 13th. However, I have extended this back to the middle of March and the Wolves match (mainly because that was when I got a bit excited last season). Over that period we have played 22 matches and would have accumulated 31 points. Multiply that up for a 46 match season and we would finish up with 65 points. Good enough for.... yep 12th place. So our current league position is exactly our form position over the last 6 months. Time is not the issue. Rebuilding is not the issue. PS - Just in case anyone thinks that the stats will be skewed by the 3 extra matches against other promotion rivals last season - the average league position of our opponents over that 22 matches is.... 12th. All of which is "interesting" but really just suggests that our mid-table form is not just based on results at the start of this season but over the final third(ish) of last season too. I then went back to the fact that we scored 18 points against the Bottom 3 last season and yet this season have only gained 2 (from 1/3 of the matches). Several people (myself included) refused to get carried away by our "best start to a season since the 1960s" and highlighted that the fixture list had been incredibly kind to us and given us a string of "easy" early matches. So I have basically taken the current league position of the teams we have played so far this season and compared it directly to the results against the teams who occupied those positions at the end of last season. Obviously for this analysis I have dropped the cup matches. So the stats for this season are: P7 W2 D4 L1 - which gives us 10 points. Project that over the remainder of the season and we would finish up with 66 points and a finishing position of 12th. However, compare those figures with the comparison of the results from last season: P7 W6 D1 L0 - which gave us a total of 19 points. Project that over the remainder of the season and we would have finished up with a rather incredible 125 points. Automatic promotion sealed several months before the end of the season. So we are 9 points worse off this season compared to last in just 7 matches. Obviously there will be other "groups" of matches from last season where our form will have been disaster and so things will even out. But I think this does reinforce the concerns that many of us have been expressing this season. We got off to a seemingly "good" start because we had a string of easy fixtures. However, we have under-performed in those fixtures (and just imagine how much worse it would be if we hadn't grabbed three injury time goals!). What crisis? Well frankly this crisis! We are already in the position where our form in the next 39 matches needs to be better than our form last season. Even if we just match form from now on - those 9 fewer points would have seen us drop out of the play-off positions (74 points = 7th position last season). This is not a knee-jerk reaction of fickle fans who don't understand that a new team needs time to settle (as if we are the only team with new players this season). This is based on pretty much half a season's worth of results and our form / performances over last season and this season. No doubt some will argue that 7th is "there or thereabouts" (well maybe just Steve now) but that assumes that our form from now exactly matches last season.
  10. There's been quite a lot of discussion about our current tactics, especially surrounding the fact that we've just started to trial a 3-5-2 formation. Personally I think it's a terrible idea for our current set of players and I feel we're wasting time trying to use it in pre-season, I can't help but feel within a game or two we will be abandoning it and trying something different. With the current set of players we have, and assuming everyone is fit, what formation would you play? I'd go for a 4-3-3 with the following. Steer Elmo - Sulliman - Chester Hutton Thor Hourihane - Grealish Green Albert Davis When out of possesion i'd keep the formation really rigid like the above, however when it possession I'd give Grealish license to roam forward and get the wingers bombing forward whilst staying close to the touchline to open up space across the pitch. Davis has the ability to bring other into play even though he doesn't score much, I feel it's the most balanced side.
  11. sne

    Football Kits 2018/19

    Since they are starting to drop it might be time for a new thread about next seasons kits Like these 3rd kits from Man U And the Chelsea one
  12. Goals from Tammy Abraham and Yannick Bolasie on their home debuts gave us a much-needed win last night. This was not a scintillating performance from us. Our visitors rarely threatened our brittle defence and we eased to a routine victory without looking particularly good. The win was comfortable enough and it was achieved without us having to hit our stride. We didn’t look fluent last night, and we have a team of individuals that have yet to become a team but when that does happen the rest of the league had better beware because we have some pretty good individuals. Last night’s win gives the team something to build upon and it has lifted us up to sixth in the table. That is not too shabby given our performances to date. Another win on Saturday could give the team an opportunity to put together a string of positive results that could in turn cement our place in the top six and install some much-needed confidence into them. We played 4-2-4 last night which was a good and unexpected decision. The Millers arrived at Villa Park looking to take a point. They didn’t really look like doing so once we went in front but until Bolasie headed home our second there was always a danger that they would steal a point with an equalizer against the run of play as Reading had done before them. One goal is never a comfortable lead and we really need to kick on once we go in front so that our games do not always go down to the wire. Wood was too close for comfort on 77 minutes with a header that went wide of the post, but our second goal thankfully made the game safe just 2 minutes later. This result will temporarily ease some of the pressure at Villa Park. The rare clean sheet will show our defence that it is not impossible to go through a game without conceding as will our two goals demonstrate that if we make the chances we have the players who can take them. We are not yet a well oiled smoothly running promotion machine, but we might yet in the fullness of time become one. My player ratings from a run of the mill win against The Millers are: Orjan Nyland – 6 – A quiet event free evening. Ahmed Elmohamady – 6 – Did well on dropping back to a role that I consider that he is more suited to also chipped in with a pin point cross that resulted in our second. James Chester- 6 – Solid on those occasions that our defence was tested. Headed wide from a McGinn cross on 64 minutes. Mile Jedinak – 6 – A quiet night for our defence but he was commanding in the air and did well in this central defensive role that we insist in playing him in on this occasion. Headed an 81st minute Bolasie corner harmlessly wide. Will Mile be rested for Axel on Saturday if we choose to try a little squad rotation? Alan Hutton – 6 – Another reliable performance on the left. Anwar El Ghazi – 6 – Substituted on 73 minutes having given a decent enough display. Conor Hourihane – 7 – Earned his place with that free-kick at Blackburn and performed well on his merited return to our starting line-up. Hit a 45th minute free-kick wide of the post. Hit a 66th minute shot that Rodak kept out at his near post. Jack Grealish – 7 – Some welcome signs of a return to form last night. Could it be that he had needed some time to become familiar with having other players around him that can make things happen as well as himself? He is also not seeing as much of the ball as he was and may need time to become more accustomed to his current role. Nicely found by Kodjia but his 19th minute shot went past the far post and Abraham was just unable to reach it to turn it in. Curled a 72nd minute shot just wide of the far post. John McGinn – 8 – MOTM – A determined ball winner and he uses it so very well. Had an 87th minute shot from the edge of the box gathered by Rodak. Comfortably our most valuable player last night. Tammy Abraham – 7 – Looked sharp, pacey and keen. Scored our opener on 27 minutes. Grealish found Kodjia on the edge of the box who played a sweet ball past 2 defenders to Tammy who hit the ball past the keeper and into the corner of the net. He did some nice work prior to finding El Ghazi who hit the ball onto the netting on the top of the goal on 15 minutes. He looked very good and will get better. Jonathan Kodjia – 7 – Showed some nice touches and his partnership with Abraham looks to have some potential. Had a decent 1st minute cross pushed away by Rodak who also kept out his attempt to convert McGinn’s cross from close range 3 minutes later. Headed an 18th minute Grealish cross over the bar. Substitutes: Yannick Bolasie – 6 – Came on for El Ghazi on 73 minutes and sealed the win with a determined 82nd minute diving header from a nice Elmo cross. Looks ready for a start on Saturday. Albert Adomah – Replaced Kodjia on 81 minutes. Not on long enough to earn a rating. James Bree - Replaced Abraham on 86 minutes. Not on long enough to gather a rating but it is nice to know he is still in contention for a place. Up the Villa!
  13. Villa v Rotherham Please do not mention streams or streaming in this thread. Please note that there is no distinction between legal or illegal, video or audio. If you aren't sure, it doesn't go in this thread. You will receive warning points if you ignore this.
  14. a m ole

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    These threads are always a bit of fun, I got bored waiting for our game to start. It would be cool to push the boat out next season with something a bit different. With Premier League badges of course.
  15. Your ratings and reactions please. Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong. The players' names will be added to the poll when a mod gets chance.
  16. Blackburn v Villa Please do not mention streams or streaming in this thread. Please note that there is no distinction between legal or illegal, video or audio. If you aren't sure, it doesn't go in this thread. You will receive warning points if you ignore this.
  17. So, the Champions League season 18/19. The teams have been placed, who do you fancy? Can Real make it 4 in a row? Will we see a non Spanish winner for the first time in 5 years? Why is Lokomotiv Moscow top seeded? Grupp A: Atlético Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Monaco, Club Brügge. Grupp B: Barcelona, Tottenham, PSV Eindhoven, Inter. Grupp E; Paris SG, Napoli, Liverpool, Red Star. Grupp D; Lokomotiv Moscow, Porto, Schalke 04, Galatasaray Grupp E: Bayern Münich, Benfica, Ajax, AEK Aten. Grupp F: Manchester City, Sjachtar Donestk, Lyon, Hoffenheim Grupp G: Real Madrid, Roma, CSKA Moscow, Viktoria Plzen. Grupp H: Juventus, Manchester United, Valencia, Young Boys
  18. Your ratings and reactions please. Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong. The players' names will be added to the poll when a mod gets chance.
  19. jackbauer24

    Squad Numbers 18/19

    Villa have released the squad numbers for the upcoming season so we can all try to read far too much in to them and what it means for our transfer dealings No number 1 is a first for me though.
  20. Your ratings and reactions please. Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong. The players' names will be added to the poll when a mod gets chance.
  21. limpid

    September Optimism Gauge

    This poll will be open for the first week of the month.
  22. andykeenan

    UEFA Europa League Draw

    Group A: Bayer Leverkusen, Ludogorets, FC Zurich, AEK Larnaca. Group B: FC Salzburg, Celtic, RB Leipzig, Rosenborg. Group C: Zenit St Petersburg, FC Copenhagen, Bordeaux, Slavia Prague. Group D: Anderlecht, Fenerbahce, Dinamo Zagreb, Spartak Trnava. Group E: Arsenal, Sporting CP, Qarabag, FC Vorskla. Group F: Olympiakos, AC Milan, Real Betis, Dudelange. Group G: Villarreal, Rapid Vienna, Spartak Moscow, Rangers. Group H: Lazio, Marseille, Eintracht Frankfurt, APOE. Group I: Besiktas, Genk, Malmo, Sarpsborg. Group J: Sevilla, Krasnodar, Standard Liege, Akhisarspor. Group K: Dynamo Kiev, Astana, Rennes, Jablonec. Group L: Chelsea, PAOK, BATE, Vidi FC.
  23. Sheff Utd v Villa Please do not mention streams or streaming in this thread. Please note that there is no distinction between legal or illegal, video or audio. If you aren't sure, it doesn't go in this thread. You will receive warning points if you ignore this.
  24. andykeenan

    UEFA Champions League Draw

    Group A: Atletico Madrid, Dortmund, Monaco, Club Brugge Group B: Barcelona, TOTTENHAM, PSV, Inter Milan Group PSG, Napoli, LIVERPOOL, Red Star Belgrade Group Lokomotiv Moscow, Porto, Schalke, Galatasararay Group E: Bayern Munich, Benfica, Ajax, AEK Athens Group F: MAN CITY, Shakhtar, Lyon, Hoffenheim Group G: Real Madrid, Roma, CSKA Moscow, Viktoria Plzen Group H: Juventus, MAN UTD, Valencia, Young Boys
  25. Your ratings and reactions please. Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong. The players' names will be added to the poll when a mod gets chance.