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  1. That deal with Bolton was truly insane. We got Zat Knight as a replacement . Everyone knew Cahill was class. Worst piece of business O’Neill ever did in my opinion.
  2. Keegan, Ronaldo, Bale, Gascogne, Stapleton, Rush, Coutinho, Ball, etc. All sold by so called top teams. It’s a myth that only lower teams get to lose their top talent. It’s what you do with the cash which defines whether it was a successful trade. Liverpool replaced Keegan with Dalglish, best bit of business they ever did. Even our own club has history doing this. I was truly gutted when Gidman and Gray left. Wasn’t that impressed when Withe and Swain were brought in as replacements, hey ho, what do I know. After that, I’ve always been an optimist.
  3. Watkins played on the wing at Brentford. There’s no reason we can’t play him alongside Ings. Have to say the thought of those two being supplied by Bailey sounds pretty exciting.
  4. The current transfer market is crazy. To be honest 40 mill is not that unusual these days. If we want him, and I’m pretty enthusiastic about signing him, then like all the top clubs, we should not be afraid of punching our weight.
  5. Use the money well, and this might not be the disaster some consider it to be.
  6. Great signing. Think there’ll be a couple more to come. We might be losing Jack, but the squad could well be a lot more potent this season.
  7. They have an option for a second year.
  8. He’s actually a very good player. Would be happy if we signed him.
  9. Really. I think he’s incredibly lucky to still be here.
  10. He really was made of granite was George. He’ll be remembered mainly for his time at Coventry, but in his time at VP he gave us everything he’d got at a difficult time for the club. A gentleman off the pitch, but a real hard man on it. Not many like him these days. RIP George.
  11. The Tory MP Natalie Elphicke has stated she thinks Marcus Rashford should have spent more time practicing penalties instead of getting involved in politics. Leaving aside its rather a crass thing to say, it says everything about her that she thinks campaigning to ensure poor kids have enough to eat, is “politics”. It isn’t, it’s having the desire to use his position to help others less fortunate. Something many Tories would do well to mirror. This coming from an MP who replaced her husband as an MP in his constituency of Dover after he was convicted of three sexual offences. Perhaps she could have devoted less time on politics , and more time monitoring her husbands extra curricular activities. They really are, as Teresa May once said, the “ nasty party”.
  12. Too defensive a manager. Our centre forward didn’t have a single touch in Italy’s penalty area, mind boggling that he didn’t change things second half. Even when Jack came on, why didn’t he give him the full 30 minutes of extra time, what’s the point of delaying for 10 minutes. A limited manager who’s luck ran out, and didn’t have the nous to adapt.
  13. His instincts are to stick with the last team to get him a result. So we ended up with a defensive set up. A lot of attacking talent was wasted in this tournament.Top managers adjust their teams according to the opposition. Have to say his in game management is uninspiring, thought Mancini was brilliant. Saw where his team could be improved second half, and totally outthought Southgate.
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