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  1. Just heard this sad news. He gave me and so many other Villa fans the best years of our lives when he managed our club. Thanks Ron RIP.
  2. History will I think be a lot kinder to Gordon Brown than the Tory press were during the global economic crisis. Listening to him now I would take him back in an instant.
  3. Sadly, many who send their kids to private schools, have no vested interest in improving state schools. Be interesting to see what percentage of those in government, be it state or local, educate their kids outside the state system. Real improvements will, I think, come only when all our children benefit.
  4. High long term investment in automation and hitec leads to better productivity. Germany’s economy is perhaps the best example. The other route is low wage, low regulation . Guess which route Boris is steering to.
  5. We are a team with some very poor players. Need some better signings in January. Whoever chose some of these jokers needs to be kept well away from any future business.
  6. No quality up front for us. Trezeguet And El Ghazi are bloody awful.
  7. Taylor.FFS. We really are gonna get tanked now.
  8. Been noticing for a while we never defend the edge of our box at corners and free kicks. Finally got punished for it.
  9. We are a poor team without Jack. Some of our players are simply not Premiership standard.
  10. Some of our pre season signings looking like a waste of money here.
  11. High taxes are not the overriding problem in this country, it’s low basic incomes that impact people’s lives far more.
  12. Depends how it’s used. If I pay more tax in order that the rich can pay less, I’ll agree. I will gladly pay more tax to help create a better more equitable society though.
  13. I think it was Keith Waterhouse who said “I could vote Tory......but it would be for all the wrong reasons”. Pretty good way of putting it.
  14. That would make them a Braineless Party then.......I’ll get me coat.
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