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  1. Any fracture and he would have been taken straight to hospital. The fact he was celebrating at the end makes me think it might not be too bad.
  2. Davis really isn’t a finisher. pity as his overall game is ok.
  3. Turning up to a game expecting to win is a dangerous attitude. All wins have to be earned. Need a kick up the arse at half time. Adomah really isn’t good enough.
  4. meregreen

    Alan Hutton

    We don’t have a quality right back at the club. But Elmo has been holding his own during our current run of good form. Hutton to me has looked a player way past his sell by date. No way should he get near this team again.
  5. Just got back from the march. Amazing experience. If everything goes tits up in a few weeks, , I will at least feel I did my best to do something to stop the insanity that is Brexit.
  6. Looks lacklustre to me. Too moody. We need players that can perform to a consistently high standard with plenty of effort when the going is tough. Kodj simply looks like his mind is elsewhere. He’s definitely lost that edge. Pity, as when he first arrived he was a very good player for us.
  7. Parliament will take that from her I think. She’s completely lost any authority she had.
  8. meregreen

    Glenn Whelan

    Not playing McGinn from the start almost cost us. When he came on his influence was immediate. Whelan simply isn’t in Mcginns league.
  9. McGinn has to start. Whelan simply cannot match him for impact on a game.
  10. meregreen

    Alan Hutton

    Thought we looked a damn sight better at the back against Derby without him.
  11. You must be new here. John has been writing his match blog virtually since this site started. His match synopses are much read and very much appreciated.
  12. meregreen

    Alan Hutton

    Oh for a John Gidman.

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