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  1. Apart from the fact I’m 65 and a member of the Labour Party, I fit your description to a tee. The caricature of our generation as Tory supporting boomers is well wide of the mark for many of us.
  2. He’s becoming our opponents greatest motivator. Needs to keep his mouth shut.
  3. Negotiating a deal as a market of one, as opposed to a market of 27, will be negotiating from a significantly weaker position. Would not surprise me if the EU’s deal with Japan is superior. Rather pathetic really that we are desperately trying to jump on the coat tails of the Canadians 7 years in the making deal with the E.U. Is this what they meant by the oven ready deal. ie someone else’s deal.
  4. It’s been instigated by FIFA. UEFA will be the ones who squash it. FIFA is corrupt, Blatter left his mark there.
  5. Many a word said in jest eh. Wouldn’t that be sweet.
  6. Glasgow Rangers at Villa Park. After our “friendly” with them in 1976 . I’ll get my tin hat.
  7. Part of me wants this to happen. So we can get rid of the arrogant b******s.
  8. Fans would quickly grow bored with this European League. It lacks the passion of the domestic game. Supporters of the other clubs in this country, who make up the vast bulk of the nations fans, would simply have no interest in this plastic fan, money driven farce. Like others have said, if they come crawling back, they must start again at the very bottom. Or hopefully simply told to sling their hooks.
  9. They have nothing to lose. They know they’re shit, and simply come up with the usual excuses if they lose. If they win, they become nauseatingly unbearable, and live off their brief moments of glory for years. There is no benefit to us in continually swatting them away like the irritating bugs they are. Yes, it’s nice to beat them, I’ve been watching us do it since the 1960s. But the very act of playing them ultimately gives them a reason to exist, indeed sometimes it seems like their only reason to pollute this City. So no, let them just wallow in their own irrelevance, and enjoy their desper
  10. I’d rather be sick than have those inbreds anywhere near Villa Park.
  11. Best weaved his magic on pitches that were at times little better than ploughed fields. On today’s pitches he would have been virtually unplayable. Seen Pele, Cruyff, Ronald, Messi, Maradona etc etc. Still put George top of them all. The only thing that stopped him in the end, was his self destruct button and booze. Jacks our Best, can’t pay him a bigger compliment.
  12. Only a fully sane electorate can do that. We’re some way from that sadly.
  13. Nope, sorry, don’t see that at all. A real fighter. Loved it when she tore Trumps script up in Congress. She’s been one of the strongest bulwarks against Trumps and the GOPs corruption. Go Nancy.
  14. Speaking as a Brit. I think Pelosi is terrific. Runs rings around Trump. Can’t comment on the other person.
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