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  1. Doesn’t come across as a battler does he. We’re going to need that quality to get out of this. Don’t think he’s got it, bit of a wimp I think.
  2. Prebooked Stanmore for £20 with NCP. Printed off parking voucher. Presumably they will reserve places for those who have prepaid. Normally come in from Ickenham on Metropolitan. Can’t believe some genius decided to close the line after Harrow.
  3. A player who has simply been found wanting at Premiership level. It’s not a crime, he tries his best. It’s just that his best isn’t good enough. There was a reason Wolves got rid of him.
  4. In the Premiership that really isn’t unusual. Do we compete or don’t we?
  5. Nick Bowen from the porn kings at the last minute. Make my day Villa.
  6. It’s self indulgent, and selfish. I’d rather celebrate watching the players.
  7. Either way, the guy trying to build and coach a team should be the major say on any signings.
  8. Very worrying if true. Managers should always have the most input on signings, or am I just showing my age.
  9. Don’t shoot the messenger. Just quoting a link I saw on News Now. Still think we should sign him
  10. Glasgow Rangers say hi.
  11. Big clubs save it for when they actually win something.
  12. Good leverage there then. Sure his old man would be rooting for us.
  13. Fans of a big club should not behave like fans of a small club. It’s the kind of thing you expect from giant killers ala Hereford in 1972.
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