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  1. If we get to the FA cup Final. Not every season ticket holder will get a ticket. Now there’s a thought.
  2. Can’t see anyone wanting the job to be honest. Bunch of slimey backstabbers require a new manager. Anyone with any sense will avoid them like the plague.
  3. Perhaps I’m getting old, but the FA Cup is the greatest cup competition in the World, and it’s the fact that anyone can win it that makes it so. I’d take Silverware and glory over 4th any day.
  4. If we ever win the Premiership I will be over the Moon. But honestly, I couldn’t give a **** about the so called Champions League. A plastic manufactured contrived so called Championship that is competed for and sometimes won by clubs who aren’t even domestic Champions, for the sole purpose of making money. That’s about as far from the ethos of the beautiful game as you can get.
  5. Their fan base is huge. They are a truly global club. The reason they can’t compete, is there simply isn’t the massive TV revenues in Scottish football that there are in the PL. If they ever moved into The PL, something mooted for years, they would be right up there with the biggest.
  6. Sounds like we’ve got our own version of Trump. God help us all.
  7. The 24th foot were actually part of the Warwickshire regiment. After the Zulu wars they moved their headquarters to the Brecon area and were transferred to the South Wales Borderer Regiment. If you visit the Warwickshire’s museum in Warwick, you will see quite a collection of Asegai spears and other artefacts. Stanley Baker helped propagate the myth of Rorkes Drift being a Welsh battle when he co produced the film Zulu. There were Welsh men there because the Warwickshire’s recruited from Wales, but most of the Regiment were English. Good film though. My own best would be The Cruel Sea.
  8. Bowen would be an exciting signing. I think he is genuine quality.
  9. Any player scoring 20 goals a season in the Premiership will cost a lot more than 20 million. Like I say you have to decide if Maupay is worth a punt. Given that Deano worked with Maupay at Brentford, I would have to trust his judgement on this one if he thought it was worth it. It’s still a punt though. Aren’t they all.
  10. 20 goal a season players will always come with a price tag to reflect that. You pay your money and take your chances.
  11. Super John McGinn was only linked to us and Celtic. There isn’t always a queue of clubs for even the best of players.
  12. If I’m honest, I would prefer Lolley and Bowen. But hey, let’s get them as well
  13. Really like the look of Bowen at Hull. 22 goals from the wing is impressive. Spurs are apparently monitoring him. Remember him in the game at VP, he was good on the ball, always busy. Think he’s only 22 yrs old too.
  14. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a player to ensure he’s contactable, especially as he said the news did not come as a surprise. Total non story this though. Thanks Glenn, and good luck.

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