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  1. This is so yesterday’s news. The world has moved on to far more important matters. A dickhead made a fool of himself. Can’t we just leave it at that.
  2. Anybody else finding this to be a little bit tiresome now. He’s a pillock, he’s sorry, time to move on. The world will not come to an end because of Jack Grealish.
  3. Apart from banging the au pairs brains out you mean. Nobody is perfect.
  4. Jacks a bit of a twit. But looking at all the news in the world today. I’d put this pretty low down on what I’d consider worth spending any time on. The tabloids will jump on it, but they’re just a bunch of hypocritical mongrels anyway.
  5. If playing just one game of football, increases the risk of someone contracting or spreading this disease, even by a small percentage. Then that game of bloody football is simply not played. That’s it, debate over.
  6. meregreen

    U.S. Politics

    Comparing Trump to Chimps.That’s actually an insult to Chimpanzees.
  7. With our owners there will be no problems with debt. They have literally billions. Only problems with accounting regards FFP.
  8. A lot of people, myself included, fell out of love with the modern game, with all its mendacity and self serving money orientation many years ago, I still go, as much out of the habit of following Villa for more than 50 years as anything else. But I have to say this current bout of hand wringing reluctance to do what everybody knows to be the correct course of action, is really making me revisit my loyalty to the game. Public health has to be compromised by ANY resumption of football or any sporting or recreational activity while this bloody virus is still active. Simply do the right thing and void this season. It might upset a few fans of clubs such as Liverpool or Leeds etc. But those considerations simply cannot override the safety of people. Dragging this out simply serves to show where the priorities of so many in the game lie.
  9. I think we doubled it just to be on the safe side. Self isolation has been a tactic our defence have been refining all season.
  10. Welcome to the world the rest of us live in then. They have plenty of opportunities to prepare for life outside their mollycoddled existence in the game. I’ll save my concern for those of us who don’t enjoy the advantages they enjoy.
  11. My criticism of the Government is more about what was done over the last 10 years, rather than what they are doing now. They are desperately shoring up a sinking ship that they punched holes in.
  12. Yes they do. Work outside of football isn’t denied to them.
  13. A lot of people who have never been in need of DWP benefits before, many of whom have Daily Mail cultured views on scroungers and free loaders living the high life at the tax payers expense, are about to receive a harsh lesson about the realities of living under such conditions.
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