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  1. One thing Boris Johnson is not, and never has been, is clear and consistent. He has always lied through his teeth, and bent with the wind in order to further his own ends. You only have to look at his attitude to Brexit, where he wrote two diametrically opposite statements with regard to the referendum. He’d always been in favour of membership, and only changed when he saw his chance to grab the leadership of the Tory Party. Max Hastings said he was the most untrustworthy, duplicitous charlatan he had ever known when he was writing for the Telegraph. People may vote for him, though God knows w
  2. Well that bubble well and truly burst. Looking good for some laughs next season.
  3. No they’re not as bad as each other. Circumstances, the ones that Blandy highlighted of deliberate underfunding from Central Govt. lead to Labour Authorities agonising over where cuts will be made. My wife worked 26 years in Local Govt. ( housing) some of the stories she told me of the sheer callousness of Tory Ministers were truly awful. As with Health care and Schooling, if a Tory doesn’t use a service, than too many of them don’t give a toss if those services struggle. These things follow Tory administrations as sure as night follows day. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking all Politici
  4. Hourihan scores his fair share of goals though. And is very dangerous with free kicks around the box. I’d say Hourihan is a lower Half Premiership player.
  5. Agree with your assessment of that great team. But have to say, my favourite Saunders team was the team of the late 70s. Gray Little Gidman Mortimer etc. Fantastically entertaining times. Those Saunders teams of 74 to 82 were always worth watching. For such a dour man, and his public persona was always granite faced, he could put together amazingly entertaining teams. What might have been if he had been allowed to build on that success we’ll never know.
  6. Rename the Doug Ellis stand. That would be so sweet to those of us who thought the sycophantic gesture from Steve Stride to his master was never merited. Ron was instrumental in our greatest decade.
  7. Pereira could be a good shout for us close season.
  8. Not sure what Luiz brings to the team. Sloppy in possession. No threat at all..
  9. Our delivery into the box is poor. So many balls don’t beat the first man.
  10. Part of me is actually sorry we didn’t see the back of these self serving morons. I actually think the Super League would have died of its repetitively boring fixture list.
  11. Correct.Hit the bastards hard.
  12. Sourness is right. The managers and players were deliberately kept out of the loop. Plenty have stood up and condemned this. The owners are a different matter.
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