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  1. Dier isn’t good enough for Spurs. There’s a reason for that. He really isn’t that good.
  2. I’m 64. Voted remain, have never voted Tory in my life.Don’t pigeon hole people by age.Like I say, look at the motivation for this. There is NO voter fraud problem in this country. It’s cynical at best. Gerrymandering copied straight from the Trump guide to winning elections. We don’t need or want it.
  3. What is the motivation for this unnecessary act though. They’ve simply taken their cue from that great defender of democracy Trump. It’s a blatant attempt to suppress voter turnout. There is no problem at the ballot box that requires this sledgehammer solution. Other countries require citizens to have national identity cards, we do not. This requirement to have photo ID will impact most on those who have no such item. The old, sick, vulnerable etc. We don’t have a problem of fraud at our elections, only with some of the bastards we elect.
  4. I worked 40 years in the car business. Currently 60% of our car production is exported to Europe. Nissans closing of its night shift at Sunderland and its statement that it will “review” its business model, is just the tip of the iceberg. JLR has the capacity in Europe to build 400,000 vehicles if necessary. Toyota and Honda also need European sales without tariffs, Vauxhall are owned by the PSG group. Their commitment to Britain is entirely dependant on performance, as Ryton found to their cost. Other industries which rely on fast moving parts will find trade barriers a great disincentive to staying here. Trust me the economy will tank.
  5. Anyone think that the Irish border problem is the only thing wrong with leaving the EU........me neither. Our economy will tank. The pound will go even lower. Solving Ireland’s border problem is just one of many problems.
  6. It’s only works because El Ghazi lags behind though. Guilbert finds himself facing two players.
  7. We are far too loose in our marking. Need to watch for the runners, and don’t give too much space to players on the edge of our box. Better teams than Norwich won’t miss all of those shooting chances we give. El Ghazi still looks a little lazy tracking back for me.
  8. As the article is in the Daily Heil, perhaps if Corbyn wore a black shirt, he might get a more sympathetic hearing.
  9. Plenty of people who have interacted with Johnson since his days at Eton have said pretty damning things about him. Max Hastings was pretty scathing at the Telegraph. Claimed Boris was not to be trusted and was one of the most self centred individuals he had ever known.
  10. Just wondering if Boris thinks the law states he must send the letter, but doesn’t require him to act upon any offer to delay Brexit by the EU ?
  11. Must be lying to himself now. If I was him I wouldn’t trust a word that he says to himself.
  12. You see I’ve always had a bee in my bonnet over these analogies. As far as I’m concerned the very concept of the middle class is a term designed to divide working people into sub divisions , that can then be turned against each other. Divide and rule has always been the method used by the Tories . The great question for the ruling elite was always “how do we get those with the least, to vote for those with the most”. Splitting better paid “workers” from the lower paid, is simply a tool used by the 1%. As far as I’m concerned anyone who has to work to live, is by definition from the working class. Rant over.
  13. The idea that the Irish backstop is the only problem that Johnson needs a solution for is ludicrous. The whole Brexit concept is disastrous in its entirety. We’re still going to see our economy struggle to cope with unnecessary trade barriers. An open border in Ireland and 10 hour delays at Dover is no solution.
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