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  1. On the contrary... They TRIED to be classified as not a crisp, but the High Court wouldn't let them. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8060204.stm
  2. Johnson staring into that pint thinking how much he fancies a line.
  3. At least we're not playing Man City at Wembley live on TV next. That'd be embarrassing.
  4. THINGS THAT ARE MORE FUN THAN WATCHING VILLA... I'll start - having such bad diarrhoea you have to sit on the toilet until you get pins and needles in your legs. Next!
  5. We were, but we were good as a team BECAUSE of Jack. We looked nothing like getting promoted until he was fit.
  6. Jack Grealish was for Dean Smith getting Villa promoted what John Terry was for Di Matteo winning Chelsea the Champions League. Discuss...
  7. I **** love VillaTalk, and I love each and every person that has posted in here. To share strength, vulnerability, advice, consolation - it's amazing. I can understand the feeling of having "no friends". I've used inverted commas because I believe the definition of friends has changed. Relationships and social interaction have changed. I've lived in so many cities and countries that it's been hard to have long-lasting friendships in the traditional manner - Sundays down the pub watching football, hanging out, popping round for a brew. But I know I have a network of people that care about me. And a real core of that is right here. I've had ups and downs with mental health, and some real dark downs lately. I've not posted about it in this thread recently, but it's been a comfort to know I could. @kurtsimonw @Jimzk5 @Stevo985 @KentVillan and many others - to come in here and talk so openly about perceived weakness takes a huge amount of courage. Even if we're virtual strangers, we're all virtual community. Virtual family. I feel a deep level of care and kinship for so many people on VT, and particularly in this thread. For me, that makes us friends.
  8. Any evidence that this will make him particularly more or less equipped for the role? If not I couldn't give a shit, ta.
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