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  1. When we moved back to the UK from Canada our daughter had a Canadian passport as it was quicker to apply for one of those over there. We had all the documentation to show she was ours but they still only admitted her on a tourist visa and gave us 6 months to get a UK passport or she would be deported. Fun!
  2. We had this thing built for us though. I presume we can't just port it across and it'd need a whole website redesign?
  3. Back to this topic! We're still paying £45 to host this site, which is built on WordPress - Spark Is that the going rate, or should I be looking elsewhere. If so, where? Ta muchly!
  4. Joking aside (unless you want to use that speech!) I wanted to come back to this. We've not met but, for what it's worth, I like you. To be an active member on a football fans forum and be so honest, and vulnerable, and interactive with (albeit fairly anonymous) strangers - that's the sort of qualities I think mark out a good bloke. From the number of responses your posts are getting, I'm not the only to think like this. You've got a good group of mates on here. We've got your back.
  5. Here's your speech then - "Hello everyone, thanks so much for being here today. On behalf of the bride and groom I'd like to raise a glass to all of you. Cheers! Now is the part where it's traditional for me to roast the groom and make the bride blush. To be perfectly honest, I could count on my thumbs the number of times I've met her, and whilst the groom and I have been "friends" [do the air speech mark thing here] for a couple of years now, I barely know the word removed. In my limited experience I can definitely say he's a selfish bastard, though. Anyway, nobody likes a long speech. Here's to the bride and groom - cheers!" You're welcome.
  6. That was the sequel, and sadly she wasn't in it. I shit you not... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piranha_3DD
  7. That gaff is horrible. And I bet it stinks of hate and fishy fannies.
  8. By pushing you to the point of not wanting to be his best man he's letting himself down, not the other way around. And even then, not being his best man isn't a wedding letdown like cancelling the venue or the catering. If he's that popular he'll have a ready-made replacement anyway. If you think bailing on the duties is a bit too nuclear, at least tell him what you've told us and how it's made you feel - including that you're questioning taking on that role. He then has 3 options - buck his ideas up; take the role from you; carry on the same and you'll quit the role. Either of the latter two mark him out as someone who doesn't deserve you as a best man anyway. That his behaviour affects says what a good guy you are, empathetic and understanding, and what a helmet he's being. You do you.
  9. I'd move back to Germany in a heartbeat. It's the pride of Europe as far as I'm concerned. The standard of living and the standard of community. They show us up for the selfish embarrassment we are. Can't have been that big of a night if you can remember where you bought the kebabs from!
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