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  2. Week 3 - Wembley

    Deflected TD, lucky ****
  3. Jack Grealish

    If we don't go up we may well find out next season.
  4. Agreed but his stance is softening in line with public opinion swinging from leave to remain in the polls. He’s playing a more astute game than previously, he’s started to avoid answering questions that will create headlines in the probrexit shitrags
  5. Week 3 - Wembley

    FFS, gamepass is a shambles at the moment.
  6. U.S. Politics

    Calculation? Methinks you doth give him too much credit
  7. What's your tipple this evening then?

    Well despite being petrified of needles I've been a brave boy and had the snip yesterday, so today I've treated to what was my favourite whisky from last weeks whisky festival. Bunnahabhain 12. Its such a lovely dram.
  8. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    John Stones has the same PR company as Gary Cahill apparently. This is from his Instagram account. Someone made a boo boo Was supposed to be on the Cahill account...
  9. Pre-match thread

    Why so?
  10. James Chester

    Made an error for the goal but other than that I thought he was fantastic yesterday. One particular tackle in the first half, where he came away with the ball, was brilliantly timed.
  11. Week 3 - Wembley

    Defensive struggle. Bills are solid on D
  12. Pre-match thread

    Personally I feel this will be the tougher game out of the three (Forest, BURTON and Bolton). Burton are a tough nut to crack at home and they'll be up for this one. They're solid at the back and have a fair bit of pace up top. I'm sure Bruce will make changes but hope it's not to radical. We need our best 11 on the pitch to get something out of this one and we need to perform better than we did against Forest. We play to our full potential and we should take all 3 points. Got feelin it will fin 1-1
  13. Steve Bruce

    I'd say it hasn't changed at all since Bruce's last promotion 15 months ago.
  14. Steve Bruce

    It's probably not best to tell someone their sons sounds like dicks. But I agree that's it pretty s**t that not even one of them can take @villabromsgrove to the game regardless of how they feel about it. No offence @villabromsgrove but I don't think you can really blame Bruce for that one.
  15. U.S. Politics

    Not that I think Trump actually calculates things, but going head on against some of the biggest athletic stars in the US could prove a huge miscalculation from him.
  16. Uber

    And if you really want to see what the drivers think (some of their logic is often quite bonkers) pop on over to The Uber People forum. Thats what the drivers really think. A whole independent forum of drivers whinging about Uber
  17. They can always vote on it at conference ... oh wait
  18. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Up to 9th following the Sheffield Wednesday result. The charge continues even when we’re not playing! UTV.
  19. James Chester

    I just think he is slow, not commanding and makes sloppy passes at times. Partnership with Elphick was dire and his one game with samba was just as bad We have been blessed with top defenders in the past that maybe i expect similar
  20. Week 3 - Wembley

    Miller time
  21. U.S. Politics

    Steelers saying they're not coming out for the anthem at all.
  22. Uber

    @Stevo985 i cant answer your question because there is obviously no single answer. But in th3 course of scouring 5he news I came across the following blog Uber Driver in London This piece is entitled Is I.T worth driving for Uber in London I read most of the blog tbh, especially his brutally honest financial posts where he details what he earns per week. I really wanted to scream... but you haven’t even earned that because you’ll have to pay tax on the earnings as it's a second income, you haven't depreciated your car, you haven’t allowed for any upcoming repairs etc. The money he thinks he's earning is much less than he himself has even worked out. His calculation above is based on a 60 hour week but I’d note that this guy specialises in late night early morning weekend work when Uber will be surging and he never actually works a 60 hour week, his estimation will be higher than the reality. But even with his flawed logic he's got a 60hr week coming out as a take home of £5.77 an hour. That’s a guy putting himself at risk, amongst drunk people in situations where just obeying the law can get you attacked during unsociable hours. Why do they stay there? The real answer of course is that eventually the penny drops with these people and they leave. I reckon that happened in March of this year for that guy, his site hasn’t been updated since then
  23. Steve Bruce

    It really hasn't changed that much, yes there are slight changes in tactics, but nothing op much. Which manager currently has his joint third, equal points with the top 2? He's the epitome of an old style manager.
  24. Week 3 - Wembley

    Jags and London eh
  25. U.S. Politics

    Almost every Broncos and Bills players taking a knee. Barbara Streisand effect in full force.
  26. U.S. Politics

    David Frum truly is no good figure in American politics, but nevertheless this did make me chuckle:
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