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Pixel Replay : The Villa Collection


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Hi All


My name is Jon and I run a new website called www.PixelReplay.com which recreates classic and current goals using sensible soccer graphics. The website launched on Friday and the feedback so far has been fantastic.




The number of goals/teams currently covered is pretty small but we are looking to build up a library of goals very quickly. Rather than just selecting goals that we think fans want to see we would like to open it up to each club and get their fans to choose. This is where we need your help!


With the permission of your admins we would like to hear which goals you would like to be made into Pixel Replays. Once we have a good variety of goals we will run a poll and make the top 5 suggestions. You can request any goal from any game but we must be able to find a video of it on Youtube.


So over to you and thanks in advance for your help









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(though how you'll recreate a bicycle kick in Sensi I don't know)



off topic but I've thought this every time I've watched that Nilis goal on youtube, surely there must be a better quality version of it somewhere?!

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