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Aston Villa players in Birmingham nightclub brawl


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Birmingham Mail

THREE Aston Villa stars were involved in a 2.45am Birmingham nightclub brawl just days before the club’s biggest game of the season.

Chris Herd, James Collins and Fabian Delph were threatened with the police when trouble flared outside Broad Street’s Gatecrasher venue early on Tuesday.

All three have apologised to the fans for their behaviour and the club have fined them with the proceeds going to charity.

Exclusive video footage of the bust-up, given to the Birmingham Mail, shows Herd – his shirt open down to his chest to reveal a distinctive tattoo near his neck – kicking the club’s glass doors in a confrontation with staff. He is joined by Collins and Delph in the expletive-laden melee.

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And a fourth unidentified man, dressed in a smart suit and tie, restrains the three footballers towards the end of the 52-second clip, which ends with the stars walking off into the night.

The trouble flared only hours after Villa’s player of the year awards, held at Villa Park’s Holte Suite on Monday.

None of the players at the awards bash were believed to have been drinking alcohol during the ceremony.

An Aston Villa statement said: "The Club dealt with this matter internally on Tuesday and the players in question have been disciplined, with the fines being split between two charities the club are promoting at the game against Spurs on Sunday - Cure Leukaemia and Anthony Nolan.

"Our players attended the club’s end-of-season dinner on Monday night and training on Tuesday was limited to players who did not start in Saturday’s Premier League game against West Bromwich Albion and those not carrying injuries.

"As a club, players, management and fans are completely focused on Sunday’s game against Spurs at Villa Park."

Oh dear, not good at all.

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Not this shit again. Does this ever **** end?

Wonder if the owner and CEO will start looking at the players rather than the manager for our shortcomings this season
I would like to think he'll look at both.
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The whole **** lot of them are useless bastards. The fact that the players cant behave does not gloss over the fact that McLeish is a terrible manager, but stuff like this only strengthens the argument that he hasnt got much to work with. The entire playing staff should hang their heads in shame this season. Oh, and Fabian Delph is up there with Bosko and Sasa Curcic as one of our biggest wastes of money ever, isnt he?

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Can't say I give that much of a shit to be honest. Premier League footballers in acting like kids shocker! Hardly unheard of is it? I'll not lose any sleep over it anyway. People act like dicks, up and down the country, on nights out all the time. I think it looks worse than it is. Been on many a work nights out, where something has kicked off. Difference is, no one could be arsed to get their camera phones out and film us, cus we're not Premier League footballers.

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Anyone still want to solely blame the manager when it seems some players dont care about the club


Footballers are pricks. We've had worse pricks than these in our teams in the past and not had such a terrible season.

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That black guy was not Delph.

I only saw Herd and Collins.

Tbf Collins didn't do anything.

It was basically just Herd trying to kick down the doors.

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Looks like mainly Herd, not a big problem tho, young 20 year old out on the piss gonna end up in trouble from time to time. Obviously a guy in his position SHOULD know better but it really isnt that terrible.

As someone said before its probably happened loads of times in the past and with different players just that nobody filmed it.

None of them are fit to play so there is no problem with them being out on the lash either

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Aston Villa midfielder Chris Herd was seen kicking doors and lunging at security staff in the brawl outside Birmingham nightclub Gatecrasher.

The 23-year-old Australian, who is a graduate of the Villa Academy, said: "I would like to apologise for what happened on Monday night and I apologise for being out at that time.

"We had gone to a club after the end-of-season dinner with girlfriends and wives accompanying us.

"It was no one’s intention to get involved in any trouble but I realise that my actions on the night were not acceptable.

"Even if I felt at the time that the prior situation inside the nightclub had not been dealt with properly, I still should not have acted in the manner in which I did.

"I’m sorry to the fans and I’ll do everything I can to make it up to them as they have been fantastic since I’ve come into the team.

"I would also like to apologise to the club and my immediate aim is to help the team to finish the season strongly and to secure our position in the Premier League."

The midfielder also added: "That's just how every party ends in Australia! Ain't you Poms ever seen Neighbours After Dark?"

I may have added an extra bit in there at some point...

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