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Rank your top 5 forums on VT


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The forums on this site that I enjoy and visit most:

1. Off Topic

2. Other Football

3. VillaTalk

4. Games and Gaming

5. Travel

* 2 and 3 are interchangeable, but at the moment Villa are depressing, and it's more interesting to read about Liverplop and 'Arry.

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1. OT. By far the best and funniest forum. And the people seem like complete piss taking words removed...sympathy, what the **** is that!?!?

A tad more accurate. :winkold:

True but you all are 'my kind of people'....no Barrymore intended!

Yeah, i know what you mean mate. People who i would happily sit down and have a few scoops with.

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1-off topic


3-other football

4-matchday (very rarely)

I barely ever go into the villa forum at all and only every now and again I venture into anything other than off topic

I feel you, been quite disillusioned with and disinterested in football these days hence I rarely venture into the football forums these days.

So for me:

1 Offtopic

2 Gaming

Big gap

3 Other football

4 Villatalk main

5 Matchday

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90% of my posts are in off topic, which is weird when this is a Villa fansite. It's as if me being a villa fan is pretence; an excuse to come on here and feel less lonely whilst I'm at work. :D


For me it's about talking with a group of people in the OT forum that I feel more comfortable talking with than most of the people I meet at work and on the streets. Odd considering I've been living here (Singapore) for all of my life so far, and that I've only ever been to Britain once.

So, in a way I'm very similar to you, I come on here every night to feel less lonely because the people I meet every day just don't offer the same amount of fun and intellectual stimulation for someone with a personality profile like mine.

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