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part-ex car - whose tax disc?


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so i found a car i wanted to buy at an independant dealer.

we agreed a price for the car, and a price to part-ex my car.

we shook hands on the price.

as we were walking out of the building, he asked how long left on the tax disc of the part-ex car, and said i would have to give him the tax disc.

i think it was cheeky of him to ask for the tax disc after we had negotiated the price, so i kept the tax disc when i part-exchanged the car. It worth about £100 as a refund.

the dealer has now rang me a few days later asking for the tax disc.

so my question is:

- it it accepted that the tax disc is part of the part-ex car when we negotiated the price?

in which case, i should give him the tax disc/refund.

- or is he being cheeky by asking for the tax disc after we shook on the price?

in which case, i should just tell him to politely go away.

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I'd take the view that if he had to ask how much tax was left on the car, then he didn't know and couldn't have factored in any value for the tax in any part ex price, Hence the price was just for the car, sounds very much like an afterthought by him to me, something he forgot about during negotiations and tried to recover, you should have dealt with this at the time to be fair, but I'd be in the 'tell him to drop it politely camp' unless he has something in writing and signed to say the tax disc was included in your trade of course.

The few times I have traded a car in if the tax disc was part of the trade in then I was asked about it before a deal was struck. Usually it's been mine to keep and refund.

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I've done the same thing as you before and had the dealer call me later. In fact he called to tell me that he'd broken down in 'my car' and noticed it had no disk. I replied that he couldn't be in my car because I can see it in the car park from here. He says I mean your Sierra. Ah, that would be your Sierra, you bought it from me yesterday.

On a separate note, I thought you couldn't cash in tax disks and more?

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I recently part ex'd my car and it had 9mths left on the tax disc, the dealer was pretty open with me and basically told me to take the tax disc. I got my refund off the dvla and everyone was happy.

As previously mentioned, tell him to **** off

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Your supposed to legally keep the tax disk anyway as they are supposed to register the car. P


They need to register car and get a tax disc if they need/want one. If he's a dealer then he will be fully aware of this. He was probably wanting to claim the refund for himself. The couple of times I've bought cars through dealers they have never had a tax disc on and I've had to get one or negotiate for them to do it.

Tell him to 'do one'.

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so i told the dealer that the tax disc is mine, and he's spent 10 mins ranting and raving at me, calling me a cheat, and saying that his part-ex price includes the tax disc, and he wouldn't have offered me so much for the car if the tax disc wasn't included.

in the end, i said i'll call him tomorrow, as i had to get back to work.

i don't want to leave a sour taste just in case, though i guess he wouldn't honour my warranty on my new car now anyway.

i'm in 2 minds again as what to do...

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^^ If you haven't already bought the car, walk away.

Tell him his attitude stinks and he's lost the sale.

If you have already paid for the car, get the warranty information in writing and if something does go wrong, persue it through Small Claims Court if he fails to pay for repairs.

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FROM Direct.gov.uk - Motoring

Selling to a motor trader

If you transfer your vehicle to a motor trader and you have a registration certificate you should tell DVLA immediately using the V5C/3 section and pass the rest to the trader.

When DVLA has been told, you should receive an acknowledgement letter within four weeks confirming that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.

Remove your tax disc from the vehicle and you can also apply for a refund of vehicle tax for any complete calendar months remaining on the tax disc.

DVLA cannot pay your refund until we receive notification that you have sold/transferred your vehicle.

How to notify DVLA if you sell your vehicle Applying for a refund of vehicle tax For this purpose motor trader means:

motor dealer

motor vehicle auctioneer

motor vehicle insurer with whom you have settled a claim for total loss

motor vehicle dismantler (scrap yard)

finance company with a financial interest in the vehicle

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