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  1. most definately true, their support was holding up very well, and as things stand they were likely to return a slightly increased majority, a few seats here and there, however the election was called to enable a landslide victory and to create an effective parliamentry dictatorship through a huge majority, i think the tories were in clear danger of losing out on that,
  2. damn lefties storming through social media scoring political points off of dead kids eh
  3. she, don't say that, you'll be accused of accusing the Tory party of using the events for political gain, c'mon we all know they would never do such a thing, we all know tomorrow Thersa May will go on the telly and say, ah yes where were we, ah yes weak and wobby u-turns, lets get talking about that again
  4. katie hopkins proposed a "final solution"
  5. after the initial shock of finding out about the attack last night and thinking about the poor people caught up in it's effects, it didn't take long to see how the Tory party would use the events to their advantage, hell just the break in news focus itself is priceless for them and the breathing space it has given may, It;s stopped the momentum that was building up against May in it's tracks, It will also allow May to return to the highly controlled orchestrated speeches,,the stage managed appearences, All designed to show how she is strong stable and a magnificent leader, basically undoing most if not all of the recent unraveling of this pretense that was showing she is anything but this. wonder how easy she'll find it to hide her pleasure at how events have come to her rescue
  6. things getting really bad for the Torys, even quidco sent me an email to inform me that "May Madness has arrived" personally I think they are more than a few years late with this reveal
  7. of course you can be a snowflake, next time you see utter crap, lies or grossly misleading posts or information, just take the time to point out the errors of whats being said, that seems the usual situation where the term snowflake is used the most
  8. Lynton crosby makes an emergency adjustment to the Tory party election strategy image upload no limit
  9. to follow the assertions about corbyn along logical extensions would mean all those anti war protesters, by being part of the populace that voted for a blair government were central to us going to war in iraq.
  10. Unfortunately neoliberalism was invented and we have been driving determinedly onward to a corporatocracy ever since. new labour was a center right party but unfortunately was still neoliberal, neoliberalism is the problem as its a ideology driven by an economic theory, well that is pure horseshit
  11. you change your position quicker than may does a u-turn, problem is you based your claimed argument on a complete twisting of the facts in an attempt to portray something that wasn't true
  12. it ain't the years since manufacture but the miles on the clock that counts
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