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Not convinced that either Albrighton or Bannan will start as they're both starting for the reserves tonight, which could worryingly lead to us starting with an unchanged team.

My hope would be that Ireland comes in for Sidwell.

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Looks like Carew will get a start but which Carew will turn up ??

One match a world beater, next he can't be arsed !!

And if he gets on the team sheet, will he actually get on the pitch before being taken ill? If I were Daniel Johnson, I would be hanging around the Fulham club shop on Saturday - could be his big chance!

I have been well ratted off about this match as Fulham is my local club and I always attend. But not this season - I was so certain that Villa would be in the Europa league, and that this game would be rearranged for Sunday, that I fixed up to do something else on Saturday.

Mind you the way things are going on the injury front, this may be a match best watched as a replay from behind the sofa with the finger firmly on the fast forward button.

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Young Cuellar Collins Warnock

Clark NRC

Downing Ireland Young


But we will see Dunne instead of Cuellar I think. I would bring on Albrighton with fresh legs after 60 mins for whoever out of Downing and Irealnd is playing worse. Backing Carew to step up on saturday and get a goal or two.

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Backing Carew to step up on saturday and get a goal or two.
And people thought I was crazy when I always used to back Stan for a goal. :lol:


He's got to regain his form at some point (you would hope) and I think saturday is the day to do it.

I will add that I'm glad I've got no money left in my Ladbrokes account so won't be able to piss it all away on a Carew hat trick...

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---------------- Friedel ------------------

Young --- Collins --- Cuellar --- Warnock

----------------- NRC -------------------

Albie ----------------- Bannan ------- DJ

------------ Ash ------------------------

----------------- Fonz ------------------

for me.

Carew is easy meet for Hangelaand - JC has never bettered him in games I have seen as his key strength - height and physique - is more than matched by his country colleague.

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Houllier seems to hate Delfouneso so I seriously doubt he'll play.

He doesn't even trust Delfouneso when there is no strikers available apart from him, for a Caling Cup home tie against lower league opposition and would rather play 6 midfielders than a striker. Do you really think he'll play Delfouneso away from home against a very decent Fulham side?

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Carew has just got to be up for this match. It is his chance to prove himself to Houllier. If his attritude isn't right I can see the Villa fans finallyy running out of patience and turning on him - particularly as Heskey has been generally playing decent and, as always, puts a shift in.

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