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FAC: SF vs Chelsea Match Thread


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Fairly sure we've discussed draws in the main forum before now. Anywho...

Want Pompey.

Suspect we'll get Spurs/Fulham.

Pompey's the dream draw, they could go bust before we played them. (Actually I read elsewhere the other day that theres a rule in the FA Cup that states you can't play if in administration so they shouldn't be in it at all... if that's true). I don't think fate'll be quite so kind on us though.

I certainly don't want Chelsea to get an easy draw as the gods seemed to have smiled them quite regularly with regards cup draws.

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I'm not sure i care who we get now because we know that even if Portsmouth got pulled out of the cup and replaced by the scum or Hednesford we still wouldn't make it easy for ourselves.

I reckon we'll get Chelsea.

Either way i can't wait for another Wembley away day, if we do win i'm going to have to get it into my head that this isn't the final!

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Doesn't really matter who we get I don't think. I reckon we'll be playing Chelsea at some stage, so might as well get them out of the way in the Semis. Pompey would be a good draw. I think I'd prefer Chelsea to Spurs. Losing to Chelsea would be easier to swallow than losing to Spurs, but then again we might get Fulham.

So having said all that, Portsmouth please. And I'll put Chelsea or Spurs on a level footing. Maybe Spurs shading it now, but not by much.

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