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  1. I'm not saying he's a good player - I just don't think he deserves ALL the stick he gets. Agree with this, Hutton did ok against Spurs towards the end of last season and think he gets too much stick. But nonetheless I'd like him gone which is looking likely now.
  2. I'd be more worried about the seasons of disappointment on the pitch tbh Well yes, of course! But thats also a convo for a different thread!
  3. I get what you're trying to say Ollie although your letter is quite hard to read. I want to get my 9 yr old nephew the shirt but as it doesnt have the sponsor on the front he won't be all that happy with it as it's not wha the players are wearing!! The last top I got him was the FXpro one, maybe they should consider putting the acorns logo on all the kids tops? Also Genting were the shirt sponsosr last season and I think it\s a 3 yr deal so you've got another season of disappointment when it comes to the kits!!! Anyway mate, hope they get back to you with a decent response...
  4. Still very bitter I see, you'd have thought that after sleeping on it a grown man would have got his head round it, seems not in some cases.... That is if you're a grown man and not a spotty little kid?
  5. Well if West Ham have offered silly money for him then he's not a player I'd like us to pursue, as he'd only be a backup to what we already have...
  6. I wouldnt pay more than 2. If it's 6 then they can jog on
  7. Well it's either that or lose him for nothing in July? As I understand thats when his 3 yr deal ends...
  8. As Norton said, if it wasn't for Robbie Keane we'd have gone down, his two goals against Wolves was imo what saved our season. I'd sign him in a blink of an eye, he's a top player who still has lots to offer. Holt I'm not fussed about, if his wages are cheap then I dont see a problem with a 2 year deal providing Norwich are willing to accept 1 - 2 million for him.... Surely has to be a better option off the bench than what Heskey used to offer?
  9. And if QIA were investing then this figure of 30mill would be to little!?!
  10. I've seen posters on here saying he'll have 30mill to spend plus wehatever from player sales, could someone point me in the direction of this link?
  11. Really don't understand your thinking on your second paragraph at all. Very bizarre. Reckon his job was to use all the squad and get rid of the over paid players we had or utilise them where possible, get the kids some experience of playing and above all keep us in the prem, think he was to do this for 2 years so three more players could be gone so lowering the wages, he showed it was a dangerous idea and only just made it forcing Randy to act quicker than he wanted too, May be I am totally wrong and talking out my ass, it is just something someone associated with the club told me ages ago
  12. Really don't understand your thinking on your second paragraph at all. Very bizarre.
  13. Give it a rest! He'll be great for us, exactly what we need at this moment in time, just get behind the man and he will prove you wrong I'm sure of it....
  14. I understand why you'd be bitter, we ourselves have been in the situation countless times where our best players have moved onto bigger clubs and just because you finished above us last season by no mean means you're bigger than us. Not that there aren't plenty of Villa fans with ideas above their stations either. However, not that I expect you to be happy, but Lambert took you from a nothing club and got you back-to-back promotions and back into the Premier League in three seasons. You owe him more than you could know, and yet you don't wish him well? How ungrateful people can be. When
  15. "Oportunity is a fine thing" Would you? Yes. Repeatedly. Nobody cooks like Delia. Very true, the promise of a good curry afterwards would make it worthwile!
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