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PL: Liverpool h Match Thread 2009/12/29 19:45


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He refereed us against Sunderland at home last season

Wasn't good at all

I remember we had a blatent corner and even the Sunderland players ran back into their own box and he gave a goal kick. The holte end were booing.

Anyone else remember that or just me?

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Would love us to win and we can, because we've got real heart, will be buoyed on by the crowd and liverpool are short of confidence.

However, some people seem very short-sighted on here. I'm suprised I'm one of very few people to notice that:

Glen Johnson

Fernando Torres

Steven Gerrard

Alberto Aquilani

Jamie Carragher


are STILL, despite poor form of their team, some of the best players in their positions in WORLD FOOTBALL.

It'll be a tremendously difficult game, and anyone that thinks otherwise because of some overdone alan-green criticism needs their head checked.

Don't believe the hype, we've still got massive reason to be seen as underdogs tonight.

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True say Pete, Gerrard can turn a game in an instant! Just hope Torres is on the same form as Saturday unfit!

The point I'm making is that we can paly with real gusto for an hour, Carragher can have an 'on' day and defend brilliantly, then we could give away one sloppy challenge due to too much aggression and Gerrard could punish us. In the same way, the excellent Dunne is due a mistake (isn't everyone) and Torres could be clinical.

Let's hope Liverpool don't turn up and that we play well, but we HAVE to play well to win this, make no bones about it. Some people have been referring to Liverpool like they're some sort of mid-table side waiting to just roll over to us as home.

We are NOT that good yet. And they are a LOT better than they've shown in recent weeks.

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