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PL: Liverpool h Match Thread 2009/12/29 19:45


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I honestly dont know how this will go. I just hope the lads come out wanting revenge after losing vs Arsenal, it would be great if we can win tonight.

Team for me:







Collins in for Cuellar simply to give the boy a rest & I feel he will be more active VS Torres/Kuyt than Cuellar.

NRC on to man mark Gerrard throughout, take Gerrard out of the game Liverpool are not much.

Petrov and Delph to get the ball quickly up field.

Milner & Downing to push up more in support of Gabby.

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Aaaanyway, I think if we lose this one we're still in the thick of the battle for fourth and if we win it, Liverpool might just fall to bits.

It's important for us because it's an opportunity to really show that we're in there fighting for fourth and that we're capable of competing.

It's vital for them, because if they lose it they are a long way behind three teams all capable of putting a run together and they are in financial trouble and they have an unpredictable manager and the fanbase is edging towards the panic button and their owners aren't working out.

Opportunity taken or missed for us would be important.

A defeat for Liverpool could help their season fall apart, and if it does, with City in the money and both us and Spurs looking stable, they could be in the wilderness for years.

It's the most important league game for a few years at Villa Park, but it's more important for them than for us.

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This game is far more important for Liverpool than it is for us. The pressure is very much on them. Our players should take heart from this and put as much pressure on them as possible. Close them down all over the pitch and show them that we mean business.

I'd play NRC personally, because I think he would be well up for it. He'll be fresh and raring to show what he can do either for Villa or other potential suitors. He seems to play well against Liverpool as well.

I'll be happy if we draw this game.

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Masch is a big miss for them. Also famous last words but Torres doesn't look fit to me.

My team would be


Young Collins Dunne Warnock

Milner Stan NRC Downing

Carew Gab

Not convinced by Delph starting this one - he looked like a little boy lost against Arsenal

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