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PL: Everton a Ratings and Reactions 2009/10/31


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Friedel - Possibly could of done better with the goal, didn't make a save apart from that - 6.

Cuellar - Harsh red card when he got the ball, defensively some good things, did okay overall - 6.5.

Collins - Excellent as usual - 8

Dunne - Excellent - 8.

Warnock - MOTM - Some great over-lapping crosses and some excellent defensive headers/blocks - 9.

Sidwell - Worked hard and took up some good positions in the box, just couldn't get that touch, I'm sure it'll come - 7.

Petrov - I thought he started slowly but grew into the game and controlled the middle for a good proportion of the game - 7.5.

Young - Actually went past some players, some good deliveries and some decent balls, not back to his best but definately a Plus - 7

Milner - Didn't really get too much into the game, injured - 6.

Heskey - Held the ball up well and linked the play well at times, although not enough as the game went on, in terms of keeping the ball, he's better than Carew for us, but in terms of a goalthreat and winning games, He still just hasn't got "it". - 6.5

Agbonlahor - Worked hard, worked the channels, played better I thought when he moved onto the right - 7.

Carew - Hardly got involved but always a goal threat and hopefully being on the bench will now kick him into form! - 7.5!

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On my way back from the match and not sure how to feel. Drawing at Goodison is no bad thing. However the way we played just wasn't good enough for the most part. We really do lack a creative CM and another goalscorer.

Heskey just isn't good enough. The back four were solid again for the most part and I don't think it should have been a sending off from the angle I saw. Anyway, I thought our crossing was poor for the most part. So many opportunities were wasted to put in a good ball.

Overall I'm happy with a point. However I feel it could have been so much more had we performed....

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Well, we were probably slightly the better side based on our second half effort but I think a draw was a pretty decent result for us. We had a few more chances in open play and I thought worked the ball far deeper towards the byline than we have previously. Seeing Warnock and Young start to develop a bit of a partnership was probably the highlight for me.

The ref was just shocking. Giving Warnock a yellow card for just bystanding was ridiculous! I thought the red on Cuellar was dead harsh and it was a clumsy tackle & foul at worst. Although he was already on a yellow I am certain the dickhead ref showed him a straight red. The Everton red looked harsh at first, but on replay it was a two-footed tackle, studs out - straight red.


Friedel 7 - not much chance with the goal and didn't really have much else to do. His kicking was good.

Cuellar 5.5 - a bit wooden today, didn't really give us enough going forward

Warnock 8 - MOTM - was outstanding today in defence and attack and kept Cahill quiet

Dunne 7.5 - his best match for a few weeks.

Collins 7 - superb in the air and competent on the ground.

Petrov 6.5 - a decent performance, worked hard and almost scored a ripping goal

Sidwell 5 - back to Sidwho? today - numerous opportunities to make something happen and fluffed 'em

Milner 5 - before he got injured he did very little. Hard worker but his use of the ball is terrible ATM

Young 7 - struggled in the first half with being double teamed but really started to show some of his old spark in the second. I see light at the end of the tunnel for Ashley.

Heskey 6 - while still frustrating I thought this was the best I have seen Heskey play for us. Went AWOL in the second half when Carew came on

Gabby 7 - had his pace negated by Distin but showed some intelligence & confidence with the ball. The way he controlled the ball onto an angle to allow him to shoot led indirectly to Carew's goal.


Carew 7 - took his goal well and led the line well too. Hopefully that goal will be the shot in the arm he needs.

NRC n/r - not enough time on ground.

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We were terrible in the first half, but much better after the break. I'd say a draw was a fair result.

Again, Collins and Dunne were huge. I still can't believe how good Collins is. If he can avoid serious injury then I suspect he'll go on to become a Villa legend.

I was also very impressed with Agbonlahor, he's improving every game and had a hand in the goal today. He is really learning how to use his pace effectively and he works really hard to turn the ball over. In fact, the entire team work very hard to close down the opposition and show alot of spirit, if not a great deal of quality.

Looking forward to Downing...

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I suppose the ref knew he wasn't going to have a good game after Warnock explained to him that he'd given the yellow card to the wrong player, so he just went for broke.

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Decent point that. Warnock MOTM today, he was unlucky to get Petrov's yellow and it must have affected him but he was still fantastic.

Young was much improved, didn't lose the ball easily and all his crosses were into dangerous areas. Put Warnock in good positions with good passes many times.

Heskey was bit better today, he actually kept getting the ball to his teammates. Milner was horrible, I don't think he did anything good with the ball once in the game, just kept overhitting it and losing it.

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Decent game in the end...second half was much, much better. Collins once again excellent(actually got very good attacking instincts), Warnock was a beast. Gabby Agbonlahor has got to be the most improved striker in the league, developing brilliantly as a player. Defensive line on a whole was good. In the second half it was good to see signs of the old Ashley Young emerging, being tricky, witty and beating a man. Midfield was nothing special, i still feel we need a creative midfielder.

decent point in the end, frustrating not to be able to get three and close gaps though.

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only listened on radio, we sounded poor first half but better in the second. good to see carew score against everton again! he sounded involved today. defence seemed good again as well, every time you hear collins name it is followed by "great tackle/header/block". unfortunatly every time you hear heskeys name it is followed by "ends up on the floor".

a point at everton is always good, they are going to be up there at the end of the season. still disappointed with our style of play though. it sounds as though the goal came from us keeping the ball and passing it pretty well, yet we then just revert back to hoof. i heard too much "chips it up the line and looks long for carew" going on

ref sounded rubbish

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The ref was terrible. He booked Warnock instead of Petrov, he sent Cuellar off when he got the ball, he yellow carded Carew after he was clearly impeded...

And those are just the glaring, stand out decisions. Just about the only decision he got right was the the sending off of Billi-watshisname. It was an aggressive two footed that didn't win the ball.

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