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  1. How about this time we appoint someone who isn't useless as a manager, and actually manages the players? Most of our players have played successfully under many managers, you know.
  2. But our form over the last few games has been top 6 form. GH is beginning to turn it around. One win in five? Have you ever considered a career on stage? You made me laugh... We won the 2 games previous to those 5 and we were very unlucky not to win today. We've just put together 2 of our best performance of the season back to back...if we'd have won today, which we would have done 8/10 with the chances we had, then we'd be 9th...2 points off 8th. Would people be moaning then??? They would wouldn't they Well yeah, I don't think everyone would be worshiping H
  3. Harry Redknapp had to go to Spain to get mugged, Kenny Dalglish just sat at home and phoned Mike Ashley
  4. Liverpool is going to be better off selling him for that money in the long term, I have a feeling Torres' health is just going to get worse. In fact if it doesn't go through now it'd be a bit of a disaster for Liverpool, they'd miss out on a lot of money, fans have turned on the player, and they have an unhappy player who probably isn't going to perform near his best and might lose a lot of value if he keeps getting injured.
  5. When? I think his best football was played when Kenwyne Jones was up there doing the donkey work for him, holding the ball and running the channels so Bent could just concentrate on the one thing he's good at.
  6. Still don't like him but at least he seems to have realized our defenders can be brilliant when he lets them defend properly (ie fall back and have the midfielders support in a line front of them) instead of trying to win the possession competition with his high line shit. Who cares if City had 70% possession, I'd rather have the 3 points thanks. Now if he manages to figure out his set piece set up is shit and do something about that too it would be swell. I think Bent needs a striker partner as well to get the best out of him but we'll see.
  7. And since its the topic at hand: Bent started 32 games for Spurs and scored 11 goals in those.
  8. And on the other hand, more goals are scored in the last 15 minutes of matches than any other 15 minute period. And you are fresh vs. possibly tired defenders.
  9. Minutes per goal is nowhere near as bad as goals per start. Harewood scored 5 goals per start for us. Says it all about that stat if used on anyone with substantial amount of sub appearances. In fact, I don't see what's bad with minutes per goals. So Harewood scored a lot of goals when he was on the pitch, well done to him.
  10. Bent has missed at least 3 since Barry left, from what I remember.. He's decent at pens but not excellent.
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