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How many/what languages do you speak?


How many languages do you speak?  

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  1. 1. How many languages do you speak?

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Just wondering how many of us are multilingual...fluently of course. Not just a few words here or there or how to order a beer. I speak 2 languages, English and Spanish. I learned Spanish when I was 10 years old, lived in Venezuela for 3 years right before Chavez got into office.

I do speak a little French and Portuguese but not anywhere near the skill level as my Spanish. I'd love to learn a third language but I feel I would have to live in the country that it is spoken on a daily basis.

What about you all?

EDIT to mods...can you add the word languages into the poll question? thanks.

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As well as some basic French, I can speak quite a bit of German - more than your typical 'ordering a beer' stuff - and got an A at A-level. Wouldn't say I was 'fluent' at all, though. I'm constantly telling myself I'll try and take it further, but for now I guess it's just the one for me.

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I know the tiniest bits of Arabic and Gujarati, though other than being able to exchange pleasantries with people I would hardly describe myself as a speaker of them. I can count to ten in French, German and Spanish though!

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Obviously I speak Norwegian, and I'd like to think my English is pretty fluent.

Then I speak some very basic French, which was a lot better just a few years ago when I did it in school and travelled quite often to France.

Edit; I could cheat and count Swedish and Danish too, but I won't as they are too similar to Norwegian. I also know a few prases and sentences in Spanish and German too, but I'd in no way be able to have a sensible conversation in either of those languages. Then again, some would argue I'm inable to have a sensible conversation in an language anyway ;)

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I speak Icelandic, English, Danish and Swedish fluently.

My Danish and Swedish are pretty good and I understand them completely. One thing that bothers me when I go to Denmark is that if my accent isn't a 100% correct on some word they pretend not to understand me.

I guess I can probably understand Norwegian and speak a bit but I haven't really tried that out to much.

I also speak a bit of Spanish but it's very, very basic.

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I'm just your average ignorant Brit. One language for me.

I learnt a little in French in school but would struggle to recall much. I'm trying to teach myself Spanish but I'm finding it difficult. I'm using the Michel Thomas method as well as highly recommended books from Amazon. I'm not all to familiar with the structure of language learning , so I'm learning alot about English as I study.

My GF speaks 3 fluently (including English), I feel it is very enriching both personally and professionally.

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One. English.

I was taught French and a bit of German in school but that was typical school standard of 'learn enough to pass the tests'. Remember some of it. I was gonna pick up some Welsh at Aber but there's no point. Picked up some words in passing.

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