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EL: Rapid Vienna a 2009/08/20 Match Thread


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Well, we need to get back to winning ways, so I'm looking forward to this match hoping it will kick-start our season.

I'd like to see Clark in place of Davies.

I'd like us to try 4-2-3-1, call it "practice" against a lesser team.

I'd like to see NRC in the middle of the park.

Ideally I'd like to see Beye given another run in the right back position, but as I've pretty much given up on Shorey (even though he'd do a decent job in a match like this I just don't see the point), I'd shift Beye to the left to make room for Lichaj.

Assuming Carew is out, Delfouneso too lightweight, I'm going to have to go for Heskey up front, at least he was one of a few players that gave it an effort vs Wigan.

Therefore I'd like to see this team:




Albrighton--------Sidwell or Milner--------------Young (get his confidence back)


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That's my first ever attempt at a lineup, so be kind. :)

Everyone on the team needs work right now. I want to see how Guzan works with the same back line Freidel had v. Wigan.

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I don't see the need for the kids - we need to progress and get into the group stage proper. However I echo the posts that suggest a 4-5-1 approach.

I'd go with:


Beye.Cueller.Davies.Lowry (definately NOT Shorey)




Subs: Friedel.Clark.Shorey.Delph.Gardner.Agbonlahor.Albrighton

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I'd go with




-----Reo Coker-----Delph--------



Try and win this leg well, then play the nippers in the return.

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I don't see the need for the kids

My team selection was pretty much what i viewed as being our strongest available team .....

PB that line wasn't in response to yourself! It was more in response of some of the earlier posts esp Tomaszk bizarre post inferring he wants us to fail in getting to the group stage!

Getting to the group stage is very important IMO and I don't want us to take the competition lightly (cue retorts re Moscow!!!)

I'd actually pick Lowry over Shorey at the moment but hope Young is back to fill in there instead!

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I would play one goal-keeper and 10 defenders,

but since we don't have that many,

it's going to have to be this:-






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I think this game is absolutely a blessing in disguise. If we didn't have it we'd be trying to correct all our myriad flaws in a mid-week premier league game. A loss there and suddenly the league is looking very ropey.

In this game, on the other hand, the opposition won't be as good, and if we lose we can always turn it around at Villa Park. If we do go out of the Europa League, it doesn't mean our season's over, it may actually be another blessing in disguise. So MON can use this game to get his s--t together without the same pressure as a league match, and if we win we'll build confidence for Liverpool and begin the process of righting the ship. (I'd say the weekend is a lost cause already but my god Liverpool were also awful this weekend.)

As for the team, there's just no reason to start Shorey. No reason at all. A youth team player couldn't be worse, and at least we'd get to see what he's about, give someone like Clark some experience. NRC must play, I'd love to see a 4-5-1, but if we play two up front I'd also love to see Fonz at some point. That said a game like this is one where Gabby could get a scrappy goal and gain some confidence as well, so I hope he starts.

Looking forward to this game. Every team falls down, it's the getting up that shows you what they're made of.

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I think we will see Milner start on the left and Albrighton on the right, with AY either floating in midfield or on the bench. I think Gardner, Gabby and Milner will all start because they are underdone and need to get match fit.

Defence is a worry (duh) and I would think there is a chance that MON will chooses Clark and Cuellar as he did for the Fiorentina match.

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