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  1. Gabby is becoming the player we all hoped he would be. I hope he can sustain it. Great finishing!
  2. I voted stay. I want to see what he can do with summer transfers and a complete season.
  3. I think a possible issue here is that MON was very selective in who he signed and bought loyalty through higher than market wages and playing time. When GH came in and tried to establish himself, the senior players, who were spoiled by MON's methods, rebelled. Carew lost any moral standing with me when he talked about the fans singing his name. It obviously went to his head. For now, I'm taking Houllier's side, though he is being passive-aggressive and is not free of blame himself. I think it's a difficult situation for him.
  4. The game was going to be on TV here in the U.S., so I am disappointed.
  5. That second Villa goal build up was a beautiful thing to watch. Heart-breaking ending, though. I like Houllier's style so far.
  6. I didn't think the performance was too bad for the first 75 minutes. After that we couldn't keep the ball. We were much calmer in defence than in attack. NRC panicked and blew a goal that could have sealed it much earlier.
  7. Looking good for the second half. We deserve this one if we keep it up.
  8. I wonder sometimes why female celebrities do Maxim shoots, etc, not that I'm complaining or anything.
  9. I was wondering why that shot glass pic looked like a professional photo. VT has qualilty stalkers. I hope you boys don't run her off.
  10. The two goals came from blatant mistakes. Warnock's challenge obviously, and Ade unmarked+Friedel off his line. However, we are creating more chances than usual and thier goalkeeper looks like he is trying not to wet his pants. It's far from over if we get sorted in defence.
  11. Oh hell yes. Weakness exploited. UTV!!!!!!!!!
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