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The Greatest ever Michael?


The greatest Michael?  

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  1. 1. The greatest Michael?

    • Fish
    • Knight
    • Jackson
    • Jordan
    • Parkinson
    • Schumacher
    • Angelo

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St. Michael

Ahem. See page one, Mike. (Albeit without the picture of pants). :D

Well excuse ME. I assumed that was referring to THIS bloke:


Whereas I was talking pants. :)

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Which one shall we say is best? :-)


You have made an error there Rob. There appears to be hair on the testicles.

And why is Michael Flatley not on the list?

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Michael Jagger, George Michael, M J K Smith, taking the Michael, Michael Boulding (yes I say old bean, I think we've seen this somewhere before!), oh the list is endless

I voted for Michael Fish. Not for the same reason as mrbojangles gave though.

Just for the way he always held one hand at chest height. He just needed to put the other hand on his hip. To misquote The Kinks' (hey Michael Avory, my favourite 60s Britpop drummer) Lola "Well he's not the world's most athletic man".

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Just remembered what Fish reminds me of. A Betterware salesman. When I lived in Hall Green the doorbell would suddenly ring and there was a skinny man who looked as if he'd disintegrate if you gave him a push, probably wore a toupee, always had on a brown raincoat and a hat, even in the heat of summer, a moustache like a lavatory brush, and a glass eye.

Betterware always employed poor sods like him and the idea was that housewives were supposed to feel sorry for them and buy something otherwise they'd have it on their conscience all day and God would strike them down.

My dippy old aunt in Castle Bromwich once bought something from her Betterware salesman which she herself called a 'rutherer' - this was about 5 years before she was taken away to Highcroft Hall for her own and everyone else's safety.

It was a plastic cube with a brush on a roller poking out. You were supposed to get on your knees and use it to brush your carpet.

Just that somehow it seems kind of gratifying that such a funny little wimp as Michael Fish should rise to such heights as to be able to send a large part of England to bed safe in the knowledge that... well, that. Oh the laughing little cavalier.

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He is called Mickey. This thread is about people called Michael.

I voted for Michaelangelo by the way. He is my favourite ninja turtle.

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