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  1. This should now be the way to approach the transfer ?
  2. ''will immediately inject significant investment capital into the Club'', and ''The Club’s management remain focused on strengthening the squad and are fully aligned with the new investors who are supportive of their ambitions.'' Can we try to keep Jack now!
  3. Well said, it seems everytime something good happens to Villa or when we sign a relatively unknown player who turns into gold we lose him and start back at the beginning, that the good it is too good to be true and we ultimately end up losing ?
  4. I don't quite get the workings of FFP, is it a case that if Tony could release his funds from China and lodge them against the losses, the books would balance to FFP and we could, therefore, keep the likes of Jack?...
  5. I'd second that, give Given a run of games. He's still a top class keeper...
  6. Can we get his contract sorted out now, that would great and an even further boost for the side
  7. It's probably a tad wrong I find that exciting, especially the angle of the save(from behind the goal) what a save! (Thanks DDID )
  8. I missed today's game, can anyone describe the save by Shay? - It's great to see he still has it!
  9. He reminds of Olof/Laursen with his towering presence
  10. Yeh. Nobody cares. Nobody might not care, but i'm happy for the lad. €70 on Alcorcon to beat Xerez at 1/4. Exactly go Yillan! Wahey!
  11. You lucky lucky lucky guy (Happy for you)
  12. We all wanted Spurs to win, and it looked like the cretins Wigan had sneaked a win. We could have been only three points ahead with a win against Sunderland but now we could be 5! The ball is still in our court guys! P.S - I missed Spuds 94th minute chance, what happened?
  13. I know the results weren't the best but Wigan had two games in hand over us and they lost both. While many on here were worried their luck would give them a point or even three against City, that didn't happen. Then even more people expected them to beat the bubble people, and that didn't happen. Surely that's a great thing, the two games they had over us are gone and we're still 3 points ahead. Still feeling very positive, then it might be the vodka I've just drank, hmmm ...
  14. Two shots seems very lenient This is what he said about the penalty stroke given to Guan. "Rules are rules." -- Tiger Woods, yesterday (about a one-stroke penalty called on 14-year-old Tianlang Guan)
  15. Two shots would leave him 5 shots from Day at the moment. Paddypower have just increased his odds to 9/2 and still slight favourite
  16. I would think in this situation had it been anyone else, in particular a golfer that wasn't American then he would be gone...
  17. What do you think will happen Snowy? - A minimum of some penalty strokes or? ...
  18. I don't see him being kicked out, I would imagine he would receive a two/three shot penalty?. http://tinyurl.com/cx946fy Can't have one rule for Tiger and one rule for the rest?...
  19. I've done small bets on Watney 70/1 - Stricker 70/1 - Day 66/1 then a bigger bet on Donald 40/1 and my main bet on Dustin Johnson 30/1. Dustin is 1 off the lead after the bogey on the 17th. Please win DJ!
  20. This is a very difficult question but I'd go for McGrath, Laursen and Angel
  21. Has anyone got a link to match of the day highlights from last night? To be honest, QPR playing with 10 men for most of the game I was expecting Wigan to win. So a point keeps them behind us!
  22. Great news! Keep up the good fight Stan
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