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  1. I reckon a 7m take it or leave it offer tomorrow should do it. Thats if we are intrested.
  2. 'Stretford end' the cucking funt.
  3. Went to Cov v Leeds the other season and he looked a class above the rest.
  4. My mate was chatting to a Villa player the weekend up town anyway it sounded as if McCleish had lost the dressing room but all the players are looking forward to working with Lambert.
  5. Agree. It makes things very hard when trying to approach candidate 2/3/4 - doesn't say much to them. Exactly, 'yes great interview Ole, but we got steve mclaren coming in tomorrow so we'll let you know'
  6. I cant stand all this interview bollocks, decide who you want and get him. This is the 3rd appointment in the row that is fast turning farcical, I never remember Doug doing interviews.
  7. My choices 1) Lambert 2) Di Matteo 3) Di Canio 4) Brendan Rogers Think it will be Lambert all the signs are there.
  8. Why they sell chips & burgers in Lesuire centres in B'ham, and then the goverment complains about Fat kids.
  9. I think that combo of having players called up to play regularly for England and then wanting to leave has to stop somewhere, hopefully with Gabby. I know what your saying but i will be very smug if Gabby starts and Young / Downing / Milner dont.
  10. Went to see Contagian last night, it was the worst film i have seen in years.
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