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Match Thread: Villa v Norwich


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2 minutes ago, Robtaylor200 said:

I will always love Alan Hutton. for his passion. We all know he is not a great defender. But he has given all he has to give 


I'd give it all I have as well, can I be paid millions to be a footballer clearly out of my depth? :) 

I don't dislike him as a person, and he does seem to love it here, but his contract should have ended many years ago. 

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Just now, Demitri_C said:

Bloody hell is going to be us and Leeds next week sint it 

I **** hope so. 

I reckon we can beat Baggies over 1 leg or 2. I'd feel much better about having 2 games against Leeds though.

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On sky sports soccer sunday........clinton morrison reporting on the boggies game........why does he persist on speaking with that gangsta/street yoof accent at his age ?

He reminds me of a poor man's Ali G when he opens his gob 🙄

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