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  1. I agree. However the problem with the two together is that too many attacks are breaking down, Ollie in particular is wasted in this formation. We’re losing the ball too easily in the final third.
  2. He hasn’t got Jack to paper over the cracks. His game management is awful at times. We got worse with every sub.
  3. Shocking. The defence is piss poor at times, Mings’ head seemed gone. Deano needs to decide if it’s Ollie or Ings up front because the two together is just not bloody working.
  4. I deleted all social media about two years ago, best decision I’ve ever made. Things aren’t half as bad as they make out, stress goes right down, they’re a poison. Anyway, I’ve had us down for 3-0 on the super six, Martinez being back boosts my confidence no end.
  5. True, I can’t see Bailey being signed as anything but a starter. Nice to have options in the squad though, we’ve not had a plan B for years.
  6. If we’re going to be mainly utilising this 3-5-2 going forward, then I think we’ll need to look at replacing him eventually. I rate him, but he’s not a top 6 fullback imo.
  7. He looks alright, doesn’t he?
  8. Steer not exactly covered himself in glory today.
  9. Ref has been awful. Very encouraging first half though.
  10. I like the line-up. As long as we’re looking to attack and not go backs to the wall for 90 minutes, that formation may negate Chelsea to an extent.
  11. Only just seen this. Heartbreaking. Outstanding work from everybody involved.
  12. Lots of elite teams sounding like they’re skint atm. Surely there’s a bargain to be found.
  13. I know. I didn’t even laugh, I just looked at him then walked away in disbelief.
  14. Lad I work with said they will finish in the playoffs this season
  15. I’ve always said he looks more of a CM rather than a DM. This might be the season we see the best of him depending on how we’re gonna set up.
  16. I’d seen a bit of him before he joined us. He’s a better player than a lot of people think, presses well in midfield and can carry the ball well too.
  17. I agree, sticking 4 passed teams like Walsall does nothing for us bar fitness levels. They need games against competitive teams before the season starts.
  18. I got a signed birthday card from him on my 30th. Not sure it has the same value to me any more.
  19. It’s not the name on the back of the shirt that matters, it’s the badge on the front. There’ll always be a new hero.
  20. Just can’t see Ings joining to be on the bench as cover/rotation. I think it’s Ollie with Ings and Bailey either side, Buendia at 10. We’ve signed Ings for goals, we weren’t clinical enough last season even with Jack.
  21. Spirit of the game is hardly the same as back then though. There’s a lot of people on here who will remember the Villa from long before 1992, so the money spinning circus it is now will seem like madness.
  22. Also takes penalties, a bit of a weakness of ours at the minute imo.
  23. Sounds like we’re getting the gang back together.
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