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  1. I understand what you’re saying, but to regain full match fitness he needs games. He won’t get match sharp just training.
  2. I do think his lack of pace has been more prominent in the PL. But I think he was getting better at using his body better. The playing through injury and subsequent broken ankle stopped any progress he might have been making. Let’s see how he gets on as he’s reaching full fitness.
  3. I have to disagree, I think when he’s fit and in form there’s not many teams outside the top 4 he’d struggle to get in. Although he does seem to struggle if he’s not at full fitness. Maybe it’s just due to the way he plays, his game has him doing a lot of running and shielding.
  4. Apologies for the long post, I haven’t posted in a match thread for a while now, so I’ve a lot to say lol This has the feeling of a must win game, at the very least must not lose. I disagree with Dean that we played well against Chelsea, we were better defensively for the most part, but we were beaten by our inability to get the ball out of our third for more than a couple of passes. You can’t win football matches whilst sustaining that kind of pressure. Also, as a lot of posters have said since the restart, it’s still evident that we’re heavily over reliant on Jack. Teams cut Jack out, and we have no other creative outlet, every good bit of play seems to come through him at some point. Teams are resorting to openly fouling him when he attempts to attack now as well. These fouls are cynical and are clear attempts at stopping play unfairly, more needs to be done about it, but that’s nothing new to any of us. The wingers are still obsolete. We’re not playing a 4-3-3, the wingers are that far back that it’s a 4-5-1. Davis, to his credit has done a great job at attempting to hold up the balls that we’ve largely hoofed his way, but he’s not the answer. I like Davis but I’m not confident in the remaining games that he’ll finish the limited chances we’ll create. That’s not me being negative, even when we’ve played well we haven’t created too many chances. Maybe try him with a partner, Samatta could do with somebody with him, as he looks like he knows where the net is but gets pushed out when he’s isolated. I have no idea as to what formation or line up changes should be made, but something does need to change. Whatever we do, the striker is isolated and the wingers are creating next to nothing. We’ve missed a specialised RB, Konsa is a decent defender but plays like a CB. We need somebody supporting and if Freddy isn’t ready Elmo needs to play to sort that out. That, and Hause needs out. He’s great in the air but seems unable to read the game and his negatives for me, outweigh the positives. On a positive note, Douglas looks to have come back a different player. I think he’s been great the last two games, he looks like he’s showing some of talent we’ve seen but with the confidence he’s been missing. But with him maybe being the answer to our current DM problem? This new Douglas won’t be up creating any chances which is what is sorely needed, which is another headache. We have arguably 5,6 maybe 7 premier league level players, we shouldn’t be conceding the shots/chances/possession that we have been. I knew anything other than a relegation battle our first season up would be anything other than difficult. It was always going to be tough but we’re just too easy to play against, I like what Dean’s trying to do but it’s not working at the minute. On tonight’s game, I’ll admit to having not watched much of Bruce’s Newcastle so I’m not sure what to expect. I know Joelinton managed to finally get a goal the other day so I imagine he’s going to be up for it. I’m hanging my hopes on Smith’s form over Bruce in the past. That away performance to Brentford in particular sticks in my mind. I want to think positive so I’m going for Smith to make an actual formation/player change that isn’t just a variation of what we’ve been doing already, and a 2-1 win with Mings and Samatta scoring. We have some talented individuals but they need to start playing as a team, some in particular need to start fighting more for the team and their place in it. Here’s to tonight being the night. UTV!
  5. The addition of Konsa if he is at RB is strange, but otherwise that team is a bit more exciting. It may not work but it’s interesting, at the very least it’s something different. Chuffed for Davis, I hope he bags a hat-trick.
  6. 100%. You really would have thought the players would be a little better prepared. We all expected a tough start but this is ridiculous.
  7. This is the kind of bad luck early on in the year that can derail a whole season. We need to show what we’re made of today and fight back.
  8. I’m feeling confident with this one. I’ve picked us this week in my locals last man standing competition.
  9. 7392craig

    Dean Smith

    Yeah I got a bit excited while I was out, then got a bit upset by the final whistle, decided to make the most of the night. Slightly regretting it this morning lol
  10. 7392craig

    Dean Smith

    Got to apologise guys. Was out last night and had an absolute shit load to drink. Anything I posted on here please ignore.
  11. 7392craig

    Dean Smith

    Got it wrong yesterday . Hourihane is dreadful as a DM. Guilbert and Targett should have started, God knows why we’d spend all that money on two new full backs just to play the old ones. Elmo wasn’t too bad, but Taylor embarrassed himself imo, his positioning is comical at best. Need better going forward.
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