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  1. I said I had questions over his attitude when he signed. I’ll eat the largest slice of humble pie if he averages even 75% of that performance this season. Great debut, gave the opposition someone to worry about besides Jack.
  2. I’m blessed with a Villa household, I’m the one marrying the outsider
  3. It always is for me, my Mrs is a Liverpool supporter. Household bragging rights, them winning the league wasn’t great.
  4. A solid keeper is worth an extra 10 points a season. We’ve suffered for a long time with weak keepers.
  5. Mystery event indeed. Do we know if he was actually driving yet? Also, do you need me to remind you? Because I think you’ve got it
  6. Loan to buy is a decent shout, but as I’ve mentioned where would we play him? I just can’t see us being in for him.
  7. Sort of, we all do it. But also I know it seems that he’s matured as a person over the last couple of years. I don’t know that about Barkley.
  8. Physically he does seem fine, but his fitness has been mentioned a few times in the past. Several disciplinary issues over the years, including a few well publicised ones. I know that could be said about Jack too, but as a Villa fan I know better. Maybe it is all in the past, I don’t know. He only made 13 starts last season, the money he’d cost and the wages he’d want would be too much for a club in our position.
  9. The was a few years back I believe, I can’t imagine he still does that sort of stuff too often lol But yes I agree, definitely an improvement. But like I said, where would we play him?
  10. It can’t be SGC, there’s a few players he doesn’t rate
  11. A bit like Cash maybe then? I’m not sure as I didn’t watch much of Forrest over the last few seasons so I don’t know much about him.
  12. It’s being reported Spurs are close to signing a new LB? If true, anyone fancy Sessegnon on loan with an option to buy? I really think there’s a player in there. Challenging with Targett could bring out the best in him.
  13. Don’t forget Gardnered lol I have heard good things mind, a work colleague follows all our youth players (not literally) and he really rates him.
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