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  1. I’m happy enough with the side as long as we’re not sloppy when we win back possession. Trez and Traore need to be supplied properly today when we have the ball.
  2. Has it been confirmed that he’s out? The sun doesn’t count btw.
  3. Looks the dogs’ danglies to be fair. Can’t believe he’s 21, he’s built like a brickie
  4. I don’t know a lot about him but I know he’s highly rated. Only 22 as well I believe?
  5. Hey, I’m all for that. I’m confident of our scouting team pulling out a gem eventually, but that would make me very happy.
  6. I agree, although I’d prioritise a LB as well. I like Targett a lot, but we’ll need someone more akin to Cash on that side if we want to push on.
  7. I’m going 2-0, McGinn and Ollie. No silly mistakes today lads.
  8. My issue really is that he’s just so entertaining to watch. We should have enough to be beating Fulham though, with or without Jack. That’s not to be disrespectful to Fulham, just with the remaining games, it’s one we should be picking up 3 points.
  9. I’ve been looking forward to the game just because I don’t watch the internationals, I need my football fix. But I’ve been looking forward to actually watching Grealish play, I’ll be gutted if he really is out.
  10. 100%. I’ve faith in Wesleys’ potential, but he looks way off. I don’t want him replaced, we should look at a loan next season until we know where he’s at. Davis can’t be back up to Ollie next season.
  11. Looking on the city forum. They seem to be under the impression he’s their top target and are actually looking at him to play in the middle, alongside KDB. Who knows how much of that is true though, or if it’s just some itk bullshit on their end.
  12. I wouldn’t want either of them in our squad tbh. No matter the purple patch, let someone else blow their money on them, Lingard will be back to his spectacular levels of average by next season.
  13. My old man has always told me “any more than a handful is a waste”. After watching that video I don’t know what to say.
  14. It says Grealish and McGinn were in that video, I never noticed.
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