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  1. 100%. You really would have thought the players would be a little better prepared. We all expected a tough start but this is ridiculous.
  2. This is the kind of bad luck early on in the year that can derail a whole season. We need to show what we’re made of today and fight back.
  3. I’m feeling confident with this one. I’ve picked us this week in my locals last man standing competition.
  4. 7392craig

    Dean Smith

    Yeah I got a bit excited while I was out, then got a bit upset by the final whistle, decided to make the most of the night. Slightly regretting it this morning lol
  5. 7392craig

    Dean Smith

    Got to apologise guys. Was out last night and had an absolute shit load to drink. Anything I posted on here please ignore.
  6. 7392craig

    Dean Smith

    Got it wrong yesterday . Hourihane is dreadful as a DM. Guilbert and Targett should have started, God knows why we’d spend all that money on two new full backs just to play the old ones. Elmo wasn’t too bad, but Taylor embarrassed himself imo, his positioning is comical at best. Need better going forward.
  7. Absolutely abysmal as a dm, players just walk past him. He should be there to compete with McGinn and nothing else, can pass and has a great final ball but truly dreadful at covering the defence. Smith made a mistake playing him and also not playing our best fullbacks.
  8. A lot of these teams fans have a superiority complex, every year is their year. Even so, it’ll be great on the occasions that we turn these teams over. I’m just glad seeing our name amongst theirs again. Also been desperate to have a pre-match thread to look forward to all summer.
  9. Last year I went with Reus Krispies. Don’t think I’m going to hit that standard again.
  10. I’m in. Thought I was being clever using Obi Wan - Kenobi Nil, then realised I’d already been beaten to it
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