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2005/2006 season


Where do you think We will finish this coming season????  

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  1. 1. Where do you think We will finish this coming season????

    • 1st
    • 2nd
    • 3rd
    • 4th
    • 5th
    • 6th
    • 7th
    • 8th
    • 9th
    • 10th or lower..

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Good question.

Probably a bit early to answer, but our history recently, plus additional factors, suggests around 10th-17th.

No investment, no plans, no vision.....

I might be jumping the gun, but I've thought and occasionally said, for a long time that the end of the Ellis era will mean a deal of turbulence for Villa.

And turbulence means poor on the pitch performance.

Bluntly Ellis has shown himself as totally incapable of taking any forward steps, it's all "catch up"

Given thr current uncertainty - Langham going, Ellis in a hospital bed, and fecking useless anyway, I wouldn't expect any great steps forward, just a bit of regression -there's certainly no dynamism.

But in the longer term there's hope, though only slim, of major improvement.

S'pose it depends on how far you consider the negative affect of Ellis goes, how deep.

Me, I think it goes very deep.

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Sir, it is a tribute to your optimism that you waste 5 poll options on 5 unobtainable placings yet only give lip-service to the bottom half of the league :D I hope you are right, bad sadly you may not be !!

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Well, the top 3 is out of the way. Next, the 4th will be contested by Everton, Liverpool and Newcastle. 7-8th is battle between Tottenham and Middlesboro. So the 9th is either us, Man City or Big-spending Wigan.

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