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  1. Best Villa kit in years, and we’ve finally got the proper shade of claret. I love it!
  2. The Luke thing will be announced today.
  3. Well you’re gonna be disappointed then because the Luke thing is very true.
  4. And excellent again last night.
  5. I must be on my own here but I thought Whelan played really well the other night.
  6. Jesus wept, we’re trying to get back to the PL not qualify for the CL. Let’s walk before we can run, eh. This club was sabotaged beyond belief by Lerner and we’re taking small steps to get back to where we belong. Bruce is the man to get us back, but will he be there in the long term? Probably not, but let him get on with the job in the mean time.
  7. Let’s face it they’re going down. The only games they can get themselves up for are games against the Villa. They’re doomed.
  8. You could say that about any of our players on Saturday.
  9. Does anyone know why when I click on any page on Villatalk a message pops up say that Villatalk would like to know your current location? It's quite annoying.
  10. How on earth can you claim he's always been poor when he's scored more than 80 goals for the club? tell me the last Villa player to score that many in a claret and blue shirt?
  11. I guarantee Small Heath will be sniffing around him what with their obsession with our players.
  12. A few poor performances from Green and some fans will be saying the same of him.
  13. 80+ goals isn't to be sniffed at no matter how many games played. Also Gabby's never been an out and out striker and has played many games out wide. Besides, his decline started with the sabotage of Aston Villa by Randy Lerner. Gabby thrived on quality crosses, and the club sold every decent winger we had and replaced them with total crap.
  14. Remind me of the last player to score more than 80 goals for this club?
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