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  1. It was vacated for a season before reentering usage I believe.
  2. I wouldn’t turn anyone down, provided them financial side of the deal reflected the potential worth or weaknesses of the player. Tuanzebe is a good example here - I’m not convinced that another centre back is a high priority for us in this window, and I’m not sure that given the fitness issues he’d be first choice on the list. But if he were available for £5-8m or something like that then I feel like it’d be a good deal for us. Likewise, an experienced keeper like Hart wouldn’t be dreadful, if he was free and on deal that paid him on performances rather than a high basic sal
  3. Genuinely don’t mind so long as they are working under a suitable director of football who will ensure the club has a defined philosophy on the pitch and rigorous development of players off it. Gun to my head and I’ll choose Henry, but I can’t not vote for the cabbage.
  4. I should perhaps have said - managers that solely "motivate". There's far more to the game than that in this day and age. Bruce seems to be just a motivator, but he needs to be a motivator, a tactician, a PR manager, an accountant, a fitness instructor, a counsellor, a diplomat... the list goes on.
  5. I haven't, but I'd actually argue that 99% of punditry fails to make it complicated enough... whilst the game itself is undoubtedly simple (as in, kick that in there), the nuances of the modern game (balancing a squad, getting them fit, playing to a strategy, financial responsibility, media management, etc etc) are becoming increasingly beyond the "clogger" style of management.
  6. The game has moved on since the "hairdrier treatment" school of management and we need to move on with it, but also be patient as it will surely take a long time to turn this sinking ship around.
  7. Perhaps the problem with he ruthless criticism of Bruce is the lack of 'green shoots' - there just doesn't seem to be anything to praise at the moment, sadly.
  8. This is it. Absolutely, from top to bottom, the footballing culture of the club needs life support and no amount of hoofball or physical play is going to do it. We need smart players, playing smart - arguably we've got the squad so... now the rest has to fall into place from the first team down through the reserves and into the youth setup. I don't want the next youth team starlets strangled by the club's footballing ineptitude, led by Bruceosaurus' style of play from the dark ages. The game has gone far and away past that now.
  9. Anyone with a bit of knowledge of how to train and set up a team. So nobody british, basically. Have Klopp and Wagner got a friend out of work? We could do worse.
  10. This lad remains Steve Bruce's most baffling decision. I miss Gollini.
  11. Ulloa would be my priority if the other deals are as good as done. He wants game time, LCFC don't want to sell to a PL team, we need strikers, he's a very talented forward... What could possibly go wrong
  12. The problem with this is that Bunn is 32, Gollini is not.
  13. I'd argue that the majority of this is down to the abysmal fitness and conditioning regime that's become the norm at BMH these past few years. They're just not consistently fit enough- they weren't last year and they didn't use pre season properly to fix it.
  14. I think that our shopping list should entirely depend on what sort of system Bruce wants to work with for the rest of the season. If he's after a 433-come-451 type affair, with two forwards dropping back to support the midfield, then I think we need two new midfielders (a thug, like a Cattermole, to hold, alongside metronome like Drinkwater to recycle the ball and distribute across the front three and retain possession, with someone like Grealish to drift about and find space as the third. This would leave Jedinak and Westwood/Gardner benched...). However if it is more of a 442 approach t
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