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Villa vs Barnet


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With the links to Henri Lansbury and his remarkable man-bun, and with Amavi and Bacuna already sporting more tramlines than Snow Hill, are we entering a new golden era of hairstyles at Villa Park?

As a kid, the summers were filled with three moments of excitement - new signing, new kit, Tony Daley's new lid.  So this thread is a chance to post your favourite (or least favourite) Villa barnets, from Andy Lochhead's half-a-combover to Nigel Callaghan's spikes to Kevin Gage's mullet.

Have at it!




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13 minutes ago, NurembergVillan said:

Back in the days before average footballers would swarm to Toni and Guy, some of them still had their hair cut by their parents...


I had the misfortune of being sat behind Ian Ormondroyd in the stands at Barnsley once. I think he was injured at the time and was watching the game fromt he stands and he was that tall I kept having to sway left and right to see the game!

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