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  1. Apparently Southgate is looking at adding him to the next England squad, regardless of it being the truth or not I'd be interested to see how he goes in a formation that suits his style with players far better than we have at Villa, would be another kick in Bruce's tooth if he has a blinder!
  2. What he says in his post match pressers is almost always a biproduct of the pish he serves up on the pitch, so I do care what he says, these little comments about us "thickos" are little nails in his managerial coffin and I pray the owners aren't buying them for one second like his press pack mates are.
  3. I'm starting to wake up with that depressing, eerie feeling I had in our final season in the premiership and it's all down to that melted Santa. word removed!
  4. Bit harsh. I'd suggest a one celled ameloblastoma would be better than Bruce, stop defending his corner, we are way past all that nonsense.
  5. Read the first few pages of this thread, people getting shouted down for saying he was shit lol. Never liked his employment, but have always supported him out of loyalty to the badge, but it's time for sentiment and "nice bloke" reasoning to get kicked out the window, don't care if it's throwing the baby out with the bath water, he needs to go now, Doris the tea lady can take over for all I care, even she can make us a mid-table Tesco's bag full of dog shit to watch.
  6. Jesus! Who had the unenviable task of wiping the cobwebs off this thread?! Wouldn't be adverse to him getting a pay as you play deal, **** all that 2/3 year contract off though. Get us up JC, get a bonus and get on your bike.
  7. Most of us are attacking him because the football offered up is dross and he has no plan A let alone plans B and C in fairness TRO The fact he looks like a melting Santa Claus has nothing to do with it!
  8. It's now officially called the Micro$oft Nikeebokapumadiadoradidas training ground, ffp sorted fella! Edit: Diadora will be supplying really shit tracksuits.
  9. Myself, and I'm assuming a fair few others, are absolutely happy for us to take that risk.
  10. Quick question, is there any way of ignoring/removing a thread from view? Asking for a friend.
  11. Might want to add an "in my opinion" disclaimer to this post fella. You saying he isn't is as absurd as someone saying he is, quite frankly.
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