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Premier League Predictions 15/16 GW30


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:excl: Not familiar with the Pastebin format? Read these instructions before you post :excl:

The Pastebin solution seems to be working great, despite it being a slightly longer way for you guys to paste them in. We'll be sticking with this until further notice.

-- How to post a prediction --

  1. Copy my prediction from below (including my name).
  2. Only copy from my post, DO NOT COPY FROM OTHER POSTERS.
  3. :excl: Open Pastebin.com, and paste my prediction into the text box. :excl:
    1. Edit the scores + your name (don't close the Pastebin page yet, you'll need to submit it).
    2. DO NOT post my prediction straight into VT and edit the scores. Make sure you use Pastebin.com
    3. You DO NOT need to signup or change any of the dropdown boxes on the Pastebin page.
  4. Change my name (Chewie) into your name EXACTLY as it appears in VT. It is CaSeSeNsItIvE!
  5. Delete ONLY the numerical scores and then replace them with your own.
  6. DO NOT...
    1. DO NOT change the team names.
    2. DO NOT add any other text into the prediction itself.
    3. DO NOT replace the hyphen with your own weird version.
    4. DO NOT add or remove spacing.
  7. The format should be TeamA 0-0 TeamB - that's TeamA[Space]Score[Hyphen]Score[Space]TeamB
  8. :excl: Now that your prediction is edited (in Pastebin), you need to hit [Submit] and paste your prediction from there into the VT editor. :excl:
    1. Make sure that you post the prediction AND the Pastebin URL (e.g http://pastebin.com/J14enjq4).
    2. :excl: People are STILL messing up the format and then not pasting the Pastebin URL. Follow this step, it is not difficult! :excl:
    3. See my example below as to how your post should look.

-- Here is my prediction, copy and paste the below (minus the URL), then edit your name and the scores only --

Norwich 0-4 ManCity
Bournemouth 1-1 Swansea
Stoke 1-1 Southampton
Villa 0-5 Spurs
Leicester 3-1 Newcastle


-- This ends the instructions for posting a prediction, you can skip the below if you don't care about the leader board --


I think someone needs to launch an enquiry into match fixing cuz old Chewie's only gone and got the top spot again for the second week running :DVillaphan04 wasn't far off though, and both CardiffGreens and StanBalaban post respectable double figure scores.


Villaphan04 stretches his legs at the top of the table with a 7 point lead. andykeenan shot himself in the foot by missing out the Watford v Leicester prediction entirely last week. There is a bit of movement from BOF downwards but nothing enough to matter at this stage... or is it?

Bets were posted in last weeks thread, both lost. I'll make the usual £2.00 bets using two predictions of my choosing before the matches start (the predictor will take 20% if they come out a winner), prediction entries close at kick off of the first game on Saturday.

And since gameweek 30 has such a small number of fixtures, I wanna see some perfect predictions posted up this week lads ;)

Good Luck!

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51 minutes ago, andykeenan said:

I missed it but realised before cut off then did it but 0 points by looks of it hey ho

Yes, right i see what has happened now. It wasn't in your pastebin but was in the edited forum post. I'll try and remember to add that point on for you when i do the leaderboard for this week.

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