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  1. Here ya go lads, a preview of what's to come on Sunday My mate is working on the in stadium media and thought this would go down nicely
  2. Mentality of Targett has infuriated me the most there. Just at least try and get up and you may just put Deeney off. Sums up the desire of our players. Every other team when the opposition goes down to 10 men = Villa when opposition goes down to 10 men =
  3. Yet there is only one game on Sunday. Madness!
  4. Thanks mate, had a little hiatus but nice to see the familiar friendly faces. UTV!
  5. Last 10-15 minutes have been much better. We've been unlucky and it might be "one of those days", but we've settled and there are very positive signs for the rest of the season as we grow as a team. Edit: Mings a very lucky boy
  6. Appreciate it, but why not upload them to Imgur.com full size and then link here?
  7. I had to Russian to this thread with the post count so high, but it's all just Myanmar'd with terrible country puns I've been racking my Bahrain trying to work out how the mods allow this? I ain't Ghana hang about since I need Togo and it's about time Iran off to the shop. Who Nauru it would get like this? Such a bad Oman for future discussions. I'm absolutely Napal'd with you VT'ers, Jamaican me crazy!
  8. Got ya, cheers. I doubt it's a Philippines company FWIW, but I'll do some digging at a gaming event i'm attending in a couple of weeks
  9. Where did you read that mate? They perhaps have a gaming licence issued by the Philippines, but most gaming operators who operate in Asia do. https://w88.co.uk/pages.company-details.aqp
  10. Basketball for guys and volleyball for girls, usually. Soccer (sorry) started to pickup nicely about 8 years ago when the national team started making some strides with the Younghusband's. That's died down a bit now, but having players like Etheridge helps immensely of course. Interesting the South of the country is much more into soccer with local teams and such than the North, but literally the entire population lives in the the capital, Manila.
  11. Yeah, Chelsea have a small academy here too. I'd love for us to sign him tbh.
  12. If they get him on local TV singing or doing some stupid stuff in a Villa shirt then maybe 4 or 5 people might take notice Not that it matters, Fanatics don't ship kits here anyway. I'm 100% behind the signing though, will save me loads of time explaining who Villa are when I can just say "Our keeper is Filipino and our owner own's the bucks" ('dem Filipino's love basketball). Might also stop the Mrs being a secret Manc
  13. Can someone represent the little guys and ask them to look into the global shipping of kits, please? I can't purchase a kit in the Philippines because they decided about 5 years ago not to ship here. How does the club expect to grow internationally when we can't even have merchandise delivered. It's so incredibly small time. Follow Up question. Plans to expand in Asia in general? Tours in SE Asia? Academies? Thanks
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