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  1. My birthday & 1st day of 2021 - therefore 1-2 Villa!
  2. You setting something up before tomorrow, @imavillan?
  3. I appreciate you "checking in" with me mate, but I won't have time to do this. Please go ahead with your plan, I'll happily play along if you could tag me when you get it setup? Cheers
  4. Here ya go lads, a preview of what's to come on Sunday My mate is working on the in stadium media and thought this would go down nicely
  5. Mentality of Targett has infuriated me the most there. Just at least try and get up and you may just put Deeney off. Sums up the desire of our players. Every other team when the opposition goes down to 10 men = Villa when opposition goes down to 10 men =
  6. Yet there is only one game on Sunday. Madness!
  7. Thanks mate, had a little hiatus but nice to see the familiar friendly faces. UTV!
  8. Last 10-15 minutes have been much better. We've been unlucky and it might be "one of those days", but we've settled and there are very positive signs for the rest of the season as we grow as a team. Edit: Mings a very lucky boy
  9. Appreciate it, but why not upload them to Imgur.com full size and then link here?
  10. I had to Russian to this thread with the post count so high, but it's all just Myanmar'd with terrible country puns I've been racking my Bahrain trying to work out how the mods allow this? I ain't Ghana hang about since I need Togo and it's about time Iran off to the shop. Who Nauru it would get like this? Such a bad Oman for future discussions. I'm absolutely Napal'd with you VT'ers, Jamaican me crazy!
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