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  1. Chewie

    AVTV 2018/9

    Can't even get the match centre to load in the app
  2. Same, but for my Mrs. Worst part is I ordered at Xmas, waited three weeks only to have the order cancelled and then out of stock again. Say what you will about Adidas or Nike kits, but at least you can ACTUALLY order them and have them shipped anywhere in the world. Kitbag/Fanatics don't deliver to the Philippines, but do to Syria, a literal war zone
  3. Anyone else with no with the video?
  4. I'm here buddy, just don't have much motivation whilst we are in the fizzy pop league. 720p & 1080p below https://zkfootballmatches.blogspot.com/2019/03/efl-championship-1819-birmingham-city.html?m=1
  5. Fair enough. But the more time he has at VP in this terrible season that was left to him, then the more chance he has of sacking off the utter shite and getting it right in the next.
  6. Its been like 3 months. It is literally impossible to change the culture of "pull your socks up lads and get out there and do your best" in that time. You can see there are players who just cannot be coached into a modern style that Smith wants to play. You can't teach old dogs new tricks. Or you can, and then they quickly forget those tricks and revert to type. Smith isn't a miracle worker and considering the gulf in tactical nous between Deano and old skool Bruce, with 90% of the team being players the latter signed to "do a job", then there is little surprise we are struggling.
  7. Chewie

    Dean Smith

    Of course. As long as it is reasonable and the length of time afforded to Bruce is given to Smith too. Which by recollection is about two years of "it's not his squad".
  8. Chewie

    Dean Smith

    Almost every decent football pundit is saying Emery at Arsenal needs a whole season and it's crazy for people to be judging him on just six months. That's Arsenal! With billion pound sterling of squad depth. I think Smith can be forgiven for a little wobble after just 3 months with a completely unbalanced squad of loanees.
  9. All these "terrible" players just showing how absolutely shocking Bruce was
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