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  1. I hope Emi gives Jed a few pointers on how to get the upper hand in a penalty situation.
  2. Concentrate on the league time, I think.
  3. Great win. Possibly flattering score, but evens out last week. Still would prefer 433 and get Bailey and Buendia on, with ings and Watkins having to take turns.
  4. That's who I'd start. Ings looked a bit lost yesterday, but is a great option to bring on if we are chasing. Bailey had a good cameo and I'm looking forward to seeing him properly terrorise a defence.
  5. Pretty sure Tuchel thinks he's shit, so only keeping a seat warm. No way he'll get game time.
  6. But, but I thought Watkins couldn't get injured and had never ever missed a game so we didn't need another striker?
  7. It feels quite different to last season. We didn't know what to expect and the first few wins were such a delight. Now, these are the games we expect to win and even against the top 4, now expect to give them a good game with a decent chance of a result. Winning mindset but heavier weight of expectation. Make it so, lads.
  8. Fair point - maybe that's why he said 18 months. Anyway - we'll never really know. I still expect we'll see another couple of bodies in - with the ambition of our owners, they won't want to miss the chance of getting ahead of plan by sitting on £100m with a negative net spend.
  9. Assuming that Jack might have stayed if we had European football, and Dean said we are 18 months behind where we could have maybe kept him, my detective work surmises that this year we'd like an improvement (obvs), but next year is the target for hitting Europe.
  10. Until they misplace a pass, after which they are shit.
  11. If Emi2 is fit, I'm looking forward to an 'Ings Binge' headline as he puts 4 past them. In reality, would be happy with 0-1, first clean sheet and 3 point on the board.
  12. Could be anything really, but 8-10 would be good.
  13. Straw clutching - All is pretty much done as reported, but Wes is flying in to have a final go at persuading in person so there's a hold up.
  14. Sure - be wary of it. But you can't sign a load of new players, or not do the photo shoots 'just in case' a bid comes in - what if it hadn't? I'm sure they have reacted as fast as they have been able to SINCE an official bid came in. But I kind of agree about the training thing - I'd have had him off doing gym work or something for a few days as soon as it was a serious possibility.
  15. Puts a bit of a Debbie Downer on my 4 days camping with 2 City supporting families...
  16. £10m richer today. Agents really are the scum.
  17. Yeah - that last fixture is going to be extra salt, lemon and vinegar in the wound (probably).
  18. Massively disappointed, but objectively we are 2-3 years behind the trajectory we'd need to have been to keep him. With maybe 4 years peak, possibly less with his injuries, for his career he needs to be playing at the top now. After 20 years at the club and sticking around through relegation, while I hate him going, I don't begrudge it. He's still awesome to watch play and I'm excited to see how he does (though not against us). It's still pretty amazing to me that a totally home grown Villa lad is the most expensive domestic footballer and one of the top 10 ever. Can't wait to see how we move on now - another new era and I'm confident we'll still be challenging the top end of the PL in the next couple of years with our investment in youth.
  19. I admit it, I've cracked. Was doing well following the thread from Friday, feeling strong, but this morning I'm a broken man and just checked it wasn't in other football and clicked straight to the last page. 40 odd pages missed. I feel I've let not just myself, but everyone down.
  20. Highly likely. City have probably structured deals for Jack and Kane to try to get both, but neither us nor Spurs are happy with the how the deals are laid out so it's stalled while they try to meet our requirements. <- Pessimistic hat. Or the lawyers are just re-writing Jack's new contract which has been upped since the bid and everything has to be signed off by Nas and Wes in different time zones before he signs. <- Optimistic hat.
  21. ITSOTP (whichever one) or GTFO.
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