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  1. even the overwhelming majority of other are islamic related and the vast majority of unknown is muslim majority countries
  2. I said all this terror which can be construed multiple ways.
  3. Go anywhere online and look at acts of terrorism comitted. Nothing made up its not even debatable. Terrorism is extremely one sided towards Islam and that is for a reason. https://storymaps.esri.com/stories/terrorist-attacks/?year=2016
  4. That is clearly what his post implies. No concern for the victims just muslims from a backlash which is usually described as 'islamophobia'. A ridiculous term created by the muslim brotherhood
  5. Well done. 95% plus probably around 99% of terrorism is committed by jihadists. But never mind we'll ignore the statistics and just pull up this. Brilliant
  6. Right so all these idiots just happen to join islam. All this terror just happens to come from certain religion. What is it extreme to you or Me is not considered extreme by islamic doctrine or the actions of Mohammed.
  7. Of course, the real victims of these attacks are muslims due to 'islamophobioa'. Come on now
  8. Keep telling yourself that. A book they've never read, the isis leader has a degree in islamic studies from a top islamic university. Their actions are justified by the actions of their Prophet, the perfect example for all Muslims according to the doctrine and all Islamic scholars
  9. Pictures have emerged of the perpetrator, a brown guy with a beard. Those damn radical Sikhs
  10. Go nuts aka take part in jihad by the sword
  11. This has got absolutely nothing to do with the religion of peace, stop being racist
  12. Arj Guy

    U.S. Politics

    Muhammad had sex with a 9 year old. Fact
  13. Arj Guy

    U.S. Politics

    Neither or I Ruge are racist. Just because we have different opinions to you that are based on facts and aren't naive or 'morally superior'. Enjoy your liberal bubble of self righteousness.Peace
  14. Arj Guy

    U.S. Politics

    Are you insane? Common sense? It didn't work it so well in Europe did it. Islam doesn't want western ideals.
  15. Arj Guy

    U.S. Politics

    So many blatant lies in one post
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