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12 Worst Chairman in Football History


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Venkys could very well move up if Rovers finances are really as bad as some claim.

How bad are they reportedly? All things have gone quite on Blackburn recently.

Managing director Derek shaw confirmed that if the club don't gain promotion this year then Rivers will be placed under a transfer embargo for not complying with financial fair play. It's not surprising but it shows that the wage bill is still far out of control.

Last year the club lost at least 20 millions pounds which is massive as they aren't in the prem to get tv money to pay off debt like villa are. If the Venkys decided to not put money into the club administration would be almost assured with those losses eventually.

Also, if there's a transfer embargo you gotta think it'll be hard to avoid relegation next year, and them rovers could have like a £20m pound wage bill in league one, which would be financial Armageddon.

So really bad.

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