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Value of players?


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Guzan - £7m


Bacuna - £3m

Okore - £5m

Clark - £5m

Luna - £3m


El Ahmadi - £4m

Westwood - £5m

Delph - £7m


Weimann - £6m

Benteke - £30m

Agbonlahor - £8m



Steer - £1m

Given - £1m

Baker - £4m

Bennett - £2m

Lowton - £5m

Herd - £1m

Sylla - £2m

Tonev - £2m

Albrighton - £1m

N'Zogbia - £3m

Gardner - £2m

Kozak - £5m

Helenius - £2m

Bowery - £800k

Bent - £3m

Ireland - £1m

Hutton - £500k

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It's weird valuing Guzan at £7m, there is no way we would sell him for that little. Shame Okore got injured as I'm sure he would have turned out to be worth at least double what we paid by the end of the season. I don't think any of Lambert's signings are worth less than we paid and probably would bring in a profit of over £40m between them. Makes a pleasant change for the club.

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Far too high for bennet. He's proven he's not good enough that this level. No way his value increases.

I also think some optimistic values for Westwood. I doubt many teams would pay millions for him at this point.

I think if Okore hadn't got injured we'd probably be talking big bucks for him by the end of the year.

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Maybe it would be even more credible, if even one player was worth less now than at the time of purchase?

My suggestion: Tonev 1 mill. He was better when we only watched YouTube clips and no-one could actually see him play.

I think the Tonev value is fair to be honest.

I'd rate Ireland at £8m / £0m but he is no longer with us.

I guess I can put Given in, I forgot about him - £5m / £0m

Other than that our team's value is moving in the right direction.

What about Bent? £24m to approx £2m :P

and its that kind of issue that has us on an austerity programme and is pissing us all off.

......we have simply bought too many duffers.

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My tuppence. I've put a remark next to those who are actually worth something!


Guzan - £9m - I wouldn't be surprised if the big boys come sniffing soon.


Bacuna - £3m

Vlaar - £4m

Clark - £3m

Luna - £3m


El Ahmadi - £3m

Westwood - £3m

Delph - £6m


Weimann - £4m

Benteke - £30m+ - He's currently one of the hottest properties in the league right now. I think we will be able to name our price.

Agbonlahor - £7m



Steer - £1m

Given - Nothing

Baker - £2m

Okore - £4m

Bennett - £1.5m

Lowton - £3m

Herd - £500k

Sylla - £3m

Tonev - £2m

Albrighton - Nothing

N'Zogbia - Nothing

Gardner - £1m

Kozak - £4m

Helenius - £2m

Bowery - Nothing

Bent - £2m

Ireland - Nothing

Hutton - Nothing


We still have a lot of deadwood and even some of Lambert's cheapo options haven't looked the part.


A lot of players worth nothing that we will have to give away.


I look at the squad and its just so poor. There is no quality at all outside the first XI, it wouldnt look out of place in the championship.

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Guzan 8m

Steer 1m

Given Free (Hopefully someone will take him off the wage bill!)

Baker 1m

Vlaar 4m

Okore 2m

Clark 2.5m

Stevens 500k

Bennett 1.5m

Luna 2m

Hutton Free

Lowton 1.5m

Westwood 4m

Herd 500k

Sylla 2.5m

Bacuna 3m

El Ahmadi 1.5m

Delph 6m

Gardner 1m

Allbrighton 2m

Nzogbia 2m

Tonev 1m

Agbonlahor 8m

Wiemann 6m

Helenius 2m

Benteke 18m

Bowery 300k

Kozak 5.5m

Ireland 1m (Hoping Stoke will buy in Jan)

Bent 3m

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LMAO at the original posters values.


Guzan £6m

Lowton £1.5m

Bacuna £1m

Bennett £0.5m

Luna £0.25m

Vlaar £5m

Clark £2.5m

Baker £0.5m

Okore £4m

Albrighton £0.75m

Sylla £0.25m

Tonev £0.5m

Delph £6m

El Ahamadi £0.5m

Westwood £2m

Agbonlahor £5.5m

Weimann £4.5m

Kozak £3.5m

Helenius £0.5m

Bowery £0.1m

Herd £0.25m

Benteke £25m


Total value about £71m

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Guzan 10m

Steer 1m

Given 0

Baker 2m

Vlaar 5m

Okore 4m

Clark 4m

Stevens 0

Bennett 1m

Luna 2m

Hutton 0

Lowton 2m

Westwood 4m

Herd 0

Sylla 2m

Bacuna 3m

El Ahmadi 2m

Delph 5m

Gardner 1m

Allbrighton 1m

Nzogbia 1.5m

Tonev 20p

Agbonlahor 6m

Wiemann 5m

Helenius 2m

Benteke 15m

Bowery 0

Kozak 4m

Ireland 1m 

Bent 3m


More realistic I think

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