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  1. Tbh I don’t see Mounts workrate, not saying he’s lazy but Ollie workrate is Ji Sung Park level , you need a mix of both in a successful team, Brett Holman and Weimann worked hard would you have them in the side?
  2. You make him sound like 35 year old clogger Allan Shearer living off penalties and headers
  3. It’s a tough run but all the games are winnable, West Ham were better than Man Utd yesterday imo, keeping individual errors to a Minimum is key for us against the them.
  4. No just other things in general, yes I heard something was about to come out on Taker , is it something along the lines of being homophobic?
  5. HBK is next apparently, despite how awful the things Flair, Rhodes and Hall did on that plane , the story’s about HBK and Jannetty are even worse
  6. Oh yawn Im bored of talking about him now
  7. Anybody watched Dark side of the ring regarding the “plane ride from hell” ?
  8. you could see flashes his assist to Traore vs Bristol the way he manoeuvred in tight and his close control and the fact he had no errors leading to goals a stat every midfielder and defender at the club has, add growing up a bit and gaining confidence and good coaching it was only a matter of time, now his next step get that first goal!
  9. gwi1890

    Matty Cash

    Yes and soon why turn the chance to play with Lewandowski down
  10. Me to apparently he was definitely out on loan this season and Chuckwemeka was going to get a chance , Chuckwemka gets his full debut and they are like “ needs a loan”
  11. Tbh a few of us were impressed with him last season and had to constantly jump to his thread to defend him
  12. Most definitely, despite how good we were last season our style of play this season is unrecognisable from last, he didn’t outgrow us we outgrew him, and once again I post in this stupid thread
  13. I thought it worked well yes it was tight but I don’t remember Martinez being worked much, and it’s always difficult to break down a Benitez team once Cash scored it was only a matter of time before the game opened up, but agreed I think we’ll go 4-3-3 next weekend, given the personnel we have we don’t need to limit our selfs to one formation
  14. He’s fantastic, but compare that to Leon Bailey’s 3 goal involvements in 81minutes , but no in all seriousness he’s been phenomenal I didn’t know there was so much to his game prior to him coming here
  15. Has even more options to pass to in a 3-5-2 and it really benefits him
  16. I think Axel has to play in the middle simply because of his ability on the ball notice how he “get’s out” when we are playing out of the back and Konsa is fantastic at pressing high and provides width when needed
  17. The people who think we changed formation just because Leon Bailey came on probably were watching Puss in boots with the chuckle brothers
  18. Yes we did! Even Smith said so after the game
  19. Apparently 3-5-2 / 5-3-2 isn’t working yet BOTH our wingbacks scored tonight
  20. Might struggle to win his place back now great to have competition for places now
  21. Gutted he didn’t score, he should have slipped Ings in but love his confidence
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