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  1. The games not fully launched yet but they've released the new prices. Might struggle to find bargains from the Villa players this season as there's been some decent price rises. https://www.avfc.co.uk/news/2021/june/FPL-price-reveal-for-2021-22-season/?utm_source=premier-league-website&utm_campaign=website&utm_medium=link Whilst it's good to see the players get some respect it's kinda annoying trying to make a team now.
  2. https://premierleague.predictthefootball.com/minileague/overall/13588/2021 Code is 257973 Mods have let me post this here for a little while, but the permanent thread is in the Gaming forum. Let's do this!
  3. @Stevo985 has just reminded me I need to get this set up, so here we go! Looks like VT1 for this season should be the following: @chappy (VT1 Champion!), @HanoiVillan, @LancsVillan, @Rds1983, @Demitri_C (you ok to admin again this year?), @lp_villa830, @Hornso (VT2 Champion!), @AndyM3000 And VT2 will be: @Eak94 (at least you got more than 17 points!), @maqroll, @tomsky_11, @avfcDJ, @villaluke, @dont_do_it_doug., @andykeenan Could you all let me know the following: - Are you in for this season? - What draft dates/times can people make? - Also, do we want to stick with H2H format or switch to the standard overall score? (is there a way to add a poll to this?) We've also got at least one space in VT2 if anyone else would like to join?
  4. Site launched yesterday so we should probably set up the leagues and start to arrange draft dates. Assuming everyone who played last season is in, after promotion/relegation the leagues for this season will be as below: VT League 1 @Demitri_C @Rds1983 @skarroki* @lp_villa830* @HanoiVillan @chappy @Eak94* @LancsVillan VT League 2 @tomsky_11 @Hornso @rhyscartwright_avfc* @avfcDJ* @kurtsimonw* @Dante_Lockhart* @maqroll* @Fowlersrs* @villaluke @AndyM3000 Players marked * are still to confirm for next season I think, so could you please say if you are in for this season. Also need a volunteer to set up the VT1 league as I’m no longer in it! @villaluke do you want to set up VT2 again or shall I? Lastly, everyone happy to continue with head to head League or think we should change to classic?
  5. It's nearly that time again... Can't remember who admins the league. Can someone renew it for this coming season? @BOF it might be you... Anybody care to share their draft teams yet?
  6. Anyone else having go at this? i signed up today. Put £50 down and bought a single share in a lot young players in UK and Europe. Made a little bit money in hour. It's basically cross between stock/shares/fantasy football/knowledge on players. Looks really enjoyable. Wanted to hear people's experience on it. Sorry if this site might been posted i did search and found nothing on the topic https://www.footballindex.co.uk/ My referal if anyone interested in joining ? http://trade.footballindex.co.uk/raf/?tag=294191&name=Christopher G
  7. This appears to have launched about two weeks earlier than expected. So, I've set up the VT Premier League. Eight teams. This should be the top four teams from each of last year's leagues. Which were me, @chappy, @Hornso and @lp_villa830 from VT1 and @Rds1983, @Demitri_C, @skarroki and @Skills from VT2. Could you please all confirm if you are in or out for this season? The remaining seven from last season will go into the VT Championship unless any dropouts from VT Prem. These were (in order of finishing position, then overall score) @HanoiVillan, @omariqy, @sexbelowsound, @rhyscartwright_avfc, @avfcDJ (only just realised this was @Dick), @NurembergVillan and @LancsVillan. Again, could you guys confirm if you're in or out? Once you've all confirmed, I'll sent out league code for VT Prem and we can get VT Championship set up when we know who is in it. Confirmed VT Premier League: @tomsky_11, @Hornso , @Demitri_C, @skarroki , @Rds1983 Confirmed, league undecided: @avfcDJ , @kurtsimonw, @villaluke, @Dante_Lockhart
  8. Code to enter this season's league if you're not already a member is : takes6 Once you've registered and picked your team over at Fantasy Premier League Click on 'Leagues' then 'Create and Join new leagues' then 'Join an existing league' then 'Join Private League' then enter the above code into the box and click 'join league' Voila.
  9. Anyone on here want to enter my league i created! All for fun. Some great prices on Villa Players on there:- https://www.dreamteamfc.com League Pin to join league: SG9XA3YW
  10. So Draft Fantasy Premier League has launched, now with added trading, which I know was an issue for some last season. Anyone up for giving this another go this season?
  11. All new https://fantasy.premierleague.com/a/home
  12. Anyone else playing on the official Fifa site? It is very similar to standard Premier League fantasy. I made a VillaTalk league if people wanna join... https://fantasy.fifa.com/en/leagues?code=436865776965417A6B616C23233834363032232356696C6C6154616C6B23234F52355337465948 Click above or enter League Code: OR5S7FYH Good luck
  13. So it looks like the official premier league fantasy game have added a draft mode for next season. concept is simple. You draft players rather than buying them so a player can only belong to one team. Provisional 16 1. Sbs - Weekday evenings except Thursday unless after 22:30 2. Lancs 3. Chappy 4. Trent 5. Stevo (Possibly) 6. Hanoi - Weekday evenings except Monday. 7. Tomsky - Weekday evenings after 6.30 especially w/c 31/7 and 7/8. 8. NV 9. Hogso 10. Maqroll 11. Stefan 12. RDS 13. Dk 14. Villaluke 15. Rhys 16. LP
  14. Doesn't appear to be a thread for the fantasy football yet (apart from the draft style). If the league admins from last year would like to post the league codes once they have them it would be appreciated.
  15. Does anybody fancy this? It's on the Telegraph website. 50m for your team, 11 players per manager only. I assume I've already set up my max quota (3) of leagues because the option to create one isn't there any more but would join a VT league if somebody created one.
  16. Time to start rounding up some people. League code is: ABD5BTDR275NHY6B I've set the draft for the Monday before the Premier League starts so 08/08/16 @ 21:00pm. Draft time can be changed I believe so i'm happy to adjust to suit the majority. https://www.playtogga.com/ Draft Order. RDS OMAR TOMSKY NV SBS HANOI MAQ ATTACK CHAPPY LANCS STEFAN BRIGGAMAN MASHMORE didn't play last season who is interested feel free to ask questions here......
  17. Are we renewing the league this year? Is @maqroll being in charge again?
  18. I've joined a couple of leagues on Togga this season, using it for the first time, and enjoying it. So I looked around trying to find another one and couldn't, so I've set up my own. Got a few people in already but wondering if anyone on here wanted to join. I know there's already a thread on here for Togga but seeing as this is for a different league, I guessed it would be better to set up a new thread (more exposure too hopefully). Sorry if made wrong decision mods. Ref code is TRPRB8UKWXX9UBJE Link to site Draft currently set for 10am UK time Tuesday morning but can be rearranged to suit.
  19. I've set up a league for anyone who wants to join this at skybet.com 2016-17 Just for a season CODE: 1857YQ
  20. Draft set for Thursday night 8PM GMT https://www.playtogga.com/?REF_CODE=C2ZTK4B332
  21. I've set up a league if anyone wants to join. http://eurofantasy.uefa.com/en League Code:308710DZ
  22. Are we renewing the league this year? Who's in charge?
  23. I've started a sky sports super 6 league if anyone is interested in joining, free to join and a bit of fun, you predict 6 scores that the sky soccer Saturday pundits choose and if your correct you can win £250k there is also the highest score available each week and that is £5k I believe. The league code is 66N1BN just go to www.skysports.com/super6
  24. I've sent out a renewal email to everyone from last season...for anyone who wants to join the league, the code is 9806-3942 http://fantasy.premierleague.com
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