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  1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle last night. Not my cup of tea, didn't find it that funny and was just stupid in parts. Will be giving the 3rd film a swerve.
  2. I watched Shot Caller last night, brilliant film and would highly recommend. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie Lannister from GOT) is brilliant as the lead.
  3. If they held a new referendum tomorrow, leave or remain, what do you think the split would be? Not that it's going to happen, but I would imagine it would be heavily in the remainers favour after the absolute mess parliament have made of Brexit.
  4. Watched Joker last night, what an absolute masterpiece. Probably going to go back and watch it for a second time this weekend. I've never been a fan of Phoenix but he was exceptional.
  5. On the subject of directions, I'm 30 and have never used road maps, sat nav's have always been a thing for me. What annoys me is when you mention to someone that your going somewhere, an airport or an away game. 'Ah are you taking the A46 or the A41?' 'Ooo the A46 is normally busy at that time of day, I would take the A34 and link on to the M4 just off Swindon' 'I took the A34 last week and it was a nightmare' I have no idea what you are talking about. I don't know which road I'm taking, I just follow my satnav to where I'm going or I know the route I'm taking as I've driven there before. Note the roads I have added are probably not even related to each other, they are examples only
  6. Thanks! Will get on and sell my spare Xbox with some games and buy a PS4!
  7. Thanks Forgot about Spiderman and didn't even realise Uncharted 4 was out, loved the first 3!
  8. I've currently got an Xbox One X, but I'm tempted to buy a PS4 to play the exclusives before the next gen consoles come out. Would it be worthwhile, are they really that good? Current list is below, are there anymore to add? God of War Last of Us Days Gone Horizon Zero Dawn
  9. Edit - Beaten to it by @MaVilla
  10. Could you post this in the Vegetarianism/Veganism thread please? Just reading this post made me feel quite faint and physically sick
  11. Probably the proudest I've ever been watching an England game featuring a Villa player last night. His post match interview was top class. Such a shame his debut was tainted in the way it was, but he's come through it with a huge amount of respect from England fans along with a top performance. Looking forward to watching him in the England shirt again next month.
  12. I would rather re-sign Whelan than sign Dier
  13. Realistically we now need to sign at least one player in every single transfer window. Even if by January we are looking good and playing well, quality players in every window will slowly strengthen us. For me January is where we need to invest in a winger/inside forward or a striker.
  14. I watch this show religiously, season after season, yet I hate it more than any show on TV. Why can't they just end it so I can never watch it again? I'm too far in to stop now.
  15. No you are correct, the dark blue is the shrinkage. It's to do with the longitude and latitude. Although neither maps are going to be anywhere near perfectly reliable spec.
  16. I guess the 3D vs 2D is why the Mercator Projection is a thing (whether it's true or not is another debate)
  17. I watched some of the Scotland game, they are absolutely dreadful. McGinn barely got the ball as they knocked it sideways, long or out wide on every occasion. It reminded me of us in our relegation season. Really hope the knock is nothing serious.
  18. Why don't you look for it yourself instead of asking on VT
  19. I still think we should wait for a season or two until we start planning on expanding Villa Park in any way. Attendance rises at Villa are usually temporary, although I think this time it's on a different level. If the attendances remain at capacity for the entire season and into next season then I would then begin putting plans into action. We've seen it in the past where people turn up to Villa Park when the good times are there, but with a string of poor performances the empty seats start creeping back in. I think we now have a competent board who will make decisions based on the best interest of the club in the long term. Imagine we had pulled down the North Stand this Summer and were currently playing games with 3/4 of the stadium whilst the new stand went up; in our first season back this would really change the atmosphere on match day and most likely hinder the performances on the pitch.
  20. The large majority of these protests are held by people who just want to rebel against society. Complete idiots who spend days campaigning, causing congestion thus adding traffic fumes, camping out and leaving litter to be cleared up after them and generally being a nuisance to the public and police. If they were to gather in force as they have done and actually do some good then maybe others would follow. Organise mass litter clearing across the UK, fund raise to make changes that can help their cause; instead they sit around causing chaos for a few days then go home to forget about it for another few months.
  21. Struggling with FUT this year. Division Rivals is so hard online, almost every team I face have a front three containing Sterling, Auba, Mane, Aguero or a TOTW/Icon player. Although I play well in most games I just get hit on the break with their pace and concede, or they completely do me with skill moves for the 90 minutes. I think my choice is either to accept I'm going to break a lot of controllers or finally admit defeat with FIFA now.
  22. wilko154

    The NSWE Board

    I believe the large amount of money you receive after promotion is largely made up of the TV Broadcasting deal the PL clubs receive. We spent a total of £127 million of fixed fees, any more that is spent on these specific players over the next few seasons will be due to bonus clauses in the deals. For example there are rumours that we pay an extra million to Bournemouth if Tyrone Mings plays for England. If we are relegated we will receive the parachute payments as any other club would, our spending may well be limited due to the amount we spent this season; however in all likelihood players like Grealish and McGinn would leave for a hefty profit which we could invest in the team. The future currently looks pretty bright, and as I see it currently relegation isn't something we need to worry ourselves with.
  23. wilko154

    Tom Heaton

    Chances are this is just a rumour, Villa Report are know for spouting a lot of nonsense especially over the Summer transfer window. I wouldn't worry yet.
  24. Question for everyone... If we were in the Championship this season, but with the squad we have now assembled, do you think we would run away with it?
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