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  1. Thats where that statistic isn't the best. He had a 100% passing completion, but at times his passes are played to players at the wrong time when they are under pressure or are in poor positions. Saying all that he had a good game yesterday, and grew into it as he usually does.
  2. Nothing wrong with him today, but he's not a complete wing back. Targett is a full back or a wing back when a winger is playing in front of him; his link up play allows him to get around the opposition full back. Today he wasn't able to do that and it left him exposed. In a 4-3-3 this season he will be fine.
  3. Personally think he looks better as a 6. I like it when he drops into the back 4 or 5 and takes the ball off the centre backs. Unfortunately without wingers he struggled to find players in space to distribute the ball to in the first half. Second half he did a good job; but Nakamba wasn't able to distribute as well as Luiz.
  4. Don't really get the comments about Buendia and Argentina; we allowed him to go. He hasn't done anything wrong. He'll be back in the team soon. The great thing is we can leave out players like Buendia and still win games.
  5. Strange absence from Sanson today; I felt as though we didn't really need 4 wingers on the bench and one of them could have been left out for him. Personally would have liked to see him come on for McGinn when he went off; Luiz always looks better in the deep role and Nakamba isn't as good with his distribution. It would have been the perfect game to give Sanson a go with Ramsey next to him. However we got the 3 points and Nakamba did well so I can't complain.
  6. Brilliant again today, it's nice to have a midfielder who isn't afraid to drive forward with the ball. If a club were to come in for him in January for £15 million I wouldn't even consider it at this stage, which pretty much sums up the level he is now at. One of the first names on the team sheet going forward, great stuff!
  7. There was almost no chance that these players were going to go out on these clubs and hit the ground running in mens football from the off. I've said it in Louie Barry's thread, it's a long season and these lads need to be working hard, proving themselves and battling their ways into the first team. It's all part of their progression. The players will be developing in training alone competing against seasoned professionals who are battling to retain their places week in week out. That's exactly why we have sent them out on loan. Some of these lads will be back out on loan next season before being integrated into Villa's team, so their aims should be to prove themselves and earn a spot before the end of the season this year. The unfortunate truth is some of them just won't be good enough full stop and will never make it to the PL. I personally have some faith that Raikhy, Kesler & Young will soon be regulars. Barry will be a good impact sub this season and a goal will get him going; but he needs to fill out as we've seen with Jacob Ramsey before he really shows what he can do.
  8. wilko154

    Louie Barry

    Not developing there? He's only been there 6 weeks. He has to prove himself there at Ipswich that's part and parcel of a loan spell. He may be the brightest prospect in the country, or the brightest prospect in the world but at some stage you have to prove yourself in the real football world. Really don't understand this perception that our youngsters on loan should be starting every game with a team built around them. This is exactly what some of them need, they need to be working hard and earning a place in the first team.
  9. wilko154

    Ezri Konsa

    I was going to say the same thing; think he is going to be the next player we are tested with bids for. The good news is that for a £12 million player he's now easily worth £30-40 million and that will only increase when the inevitable England call up comes.
  10. Disagree completely. Tuanzebe was very good yesterday and handled Lukaku well. Lukaku was barely in the game apart from the goals he scored, but that's what a 95 million pound striker brings you. Unfortunately Chelseas quality told and they scored 2 goals; the Kovacic pass was something else and completely split us open. Worth remembering that Tuanzebe has barely played any football since he was with us in 2019/20. He's going to take a while to get up to full speed especially when we are changing formations.
  11. Strange opinions here. Ings didn't have his best games, he didn't really get any chances and thats all he needs. Looking at it realistically though he was playing with a new striker, in a team with a changed formation from usual, against the European Champions. He's done great in the last 3 games and he will be a huge asset to us this season alongside Watkins. I actually think first half Watkins and Ings linked up very well at times.
  12. You to me are everything The best winger I've ever seen Oh Bailey Oh Bailey He only cost us 30 mil Our 31, he's f'in brill Oh Bailey Oh Bailey
  13. If we had spent £15 million for Ramsey this Summer I would now be thinking it's money well spent with his performances and potential. That just shows the level he is now at. Really good yesterday, finding space in the midfield and not afraid to drive forward with the balls. It's an area we have lacked in for years so looking forward to seeing more of it this season. He now needs a goal or assist to set him on his way for the season.
  14. You to me are everything the best winger I've ever seen OH BAILEY OH BAILEY
  15. It just shows even if a Villa team lose, if they put in 100% and show what they can do the supporters will back them.
  16. Echo that, superb in that away end last night. Can't get the Bailey song out of my head.
  17. Call me bitter but I despise watching Grealish play football now.
  18. Nothing to do with Villa; we shouldn't have needed to look into it at all. Our side of the deal was looking at getting the players back to the UK after tonights game. This is soley on Argentina.
  19. I actually quite enjoyed some of the race; some good battles amongst the midfield teams. Would have loved it if Bottas' fastest lap had stood and Hamilton hadn't been able to beat it. Would have made for some very interesting post race interviews. Red Bull really need a driver to help Verstappen out. Norris would be the perfect driver for them.
  20. Pure speculation here… But I’m beginning to wonder if last seasons injury was actually an injury at all. Did we receive notification of a bid from City and leave him out of the team to safeguard the deal? Maybe a slight knock meant he missed a game or two and then we didn’t want to take any risks with the knowledge of the transfer? It’s starting to seem strange that he came back prior to the Euros to build up his fitness, managed a last game at Villa Park and then has gone on to be available for every game since.
  21. Are we saying Chukwemeka is worth £160M after one premier league start or have we all just lost our minds in here?
  22. Probably one for documentary thread but technically classed as a series on Netlix... Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror is fantastic.
  23. Watched Untold: Caitlyn Jenner on Netflix last night. Not a program I thought would interest me in any way; but it was actually very good and only very loosely based on the whole Kardashian stuff. It's mostly to do with how Bruce Jenner became Olympic champion and the story is seriously impressive.
  24. Buendia will miss Chelsea, Everton & Chelsea in the cup.
  25. Jed Steer in goal for me for the forseeable future ; Martinez can try and win his place back as number 2. Aston Villa are paying his wages; it's not our fault that a global pandemic and FIFA's fixtures have ruined the international break for Argentina.
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