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  1. Ifs and Buts (updated) Easter Monday and a chance to cement the playoff place. West Brom to beat Reading Boro to draw to Forest Bristol to lose to Sheff W Derby to beat QPR Villa to beat Millwall 4 - West Brom - 79 points 5 - Villa - 75 points 6 - Boro - 68 point 7 - Derby - 67 points 8 - Bristol - 66 points  Games in hand - Derby x 1 & Bristol x 1
  2. Ifs and Buts (updated) And we keep winning... West Brom to draw to Hull - West Brom Win Bristol to beat Reading - Draw Boro to draw to Stoke - Boro Win Derby to draw to Blues - Draw Villa to beat Bolton - Villa Win 4 - West Brom - 76 points 5 - Villa - 72 points 6 - Boro - 67 point 7 - Bristol - 66 points 8 - Derby - 64 points  Games in hand - Derby x 1 & Bristol x 1
  3. Not yet confirmed but Laurence Bassini has now taken over Bolton with just the EFL approval to come. All debts are to be repaid. I would imagine the game will be confirmed tomorrow.
  4. I wouldn't want this, he would have been a gamble this season let alone in the Premiership a year later. We need to be buying players for the future with resale value and stop buying players coming to the end of their careers.
  5. Or someone had a good Christmas...
  6. I'm pretty sure that 99 percent of us are in better shape than Ross McCormack...
  7. We have wealthy owners after they bought us on the cheap because our owner who had passed the EFL Fit and Proper Owners Test nearly put the football club out of business the previous season. We have essentially got very lucky with our owners, in the summer we didn't have a pot to p*ss in.
  8. Looking back the Under Armour kits were awful. The colours were completely wrong, it annoys me everytime I see one at Villa Park.
  9. I would argue that Maupay is as unproven as Tammy in the Premier League (even more so as Tammy has at least had one season). Grabban has been there and failed. Tammy is a young English player, he would cost more but if you get him firing his value will skyrocket. It's not even a question for me.
  10. It's also worth pointing out that should we beat Bolton on Friday they will be relegated to League One.
  11. Steer Elmo Tuanzebe Mings Taylor Whelan Grealish Hourihane Adomah Abraham El Ghazi Everyone's going to have different opinions on how to handle the McGinn situation, for me I would rest him for the two games this weekend so that he can play against Leeds should be require the points. Two yellows would see him out of the playoffs. However if Grealish is not back then I would take the risk on McGinn.
  12. Absolutely Keep Whelan for one more year, sell Jedinak. Bring in a DM to start games with Whelan as his backup. Let Adomah go and bring in two wingers to compete with El Ghazi and Green. Sell Kodjia & Hogan. Sign a second striker to compete with Abraham and Davis.
  13. Maupay and Grabban? Maupay has no Premier League experience and Grabban isn't good enough for the Premier League. We've tried the route of buying experienced, proven strikers and we ended up with McCormack and Hogan (Kodjia to a lesser extent). Abraham has been absolutely fantastic this season for us, if there's any chance at all we can sign him then we should be doing so. Granted he misses a few chances, but he's scored 24 goals breaking records on the way. He's 21 years old, he's only going to improve from what he currently is. We would be signing an English striker with 52 senior goals to his name at the age of 21.
  14. If we were to go up the priorities should be signing the below players to the club if at all possible. We could potentially do this for £50 million. Mings Hause Tuanzebe El Ghazi Abraham Whatever money is then left over, as @dont_do_it_doug. mentioned could be spent on genuine quality players to push for a first team position. In this case we should only be looking to sign 3 - 4 of these as to not unbalance the squad, we then build on the foundations at every transfer window.
  15. Agreed, it was a soft decision that shouldn't have really stood but how many times this season have decisions gone against us. Part of the game.
  16. I read the below article from 2015 when Boro were looking at something similar going into the playoffs, however their players were near the 10 card mark. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/championship-play-offs-boro-players-not-9245979
  17. Would he not miss 4 games then?
  18. No I've checked this tonight, they continue into the playoffs. It's a tough one now, chances are he will pickup two bookings by the end of the season. Bolton Millwall Leeds - 2nd booking here he misses Norwich and both Semi's. Norwich - 2nd booking here he misses all of the playoffs. Playoff Semi Playoff Semi Playoff Final We would be better off letting him pick up two against Bolton and Millwall and going one Semi Final without him... a massive gamble though.
  19. I can't stop now just in case... I'll still be going in 2021 after going 120 games unbeaten and lifting the Champions League.
  20. Ifs and Buts Onto Good Friday we go with a chance to make it 9 wins on the bounce. Some tough games for the teams below us. West Brom to draw to Hull Bristol to beat Reading Boro to draw to Stoke Derby to draw to Blues Villa to beat Bolton 4 - West Brom - 74 points 5 - Villa - 72 points 6 - Bristol - 68 points 7 - Boro - 65 point 8 - Derby - 64 points  Games in hand - Derby x 1 & Bristol x 1
  21. Ifs and Buts 8 out of 8, solid week for the Villa! West Brom to draw to Preston - WBA Win Boro to draw to Hull - Boro Win Derby to beat Bolton - Derby Win Sheff W to lose to Leeds - Leeds Win Villa to beat Bristol - Villa Win 4 - West Brom - 73 points 5 - Villa - 69 points 6 - Bristol - 65 points 7 - Boro - 64 point 8 - Derby - 63 points Games in hand - Derby x 1 & Bristol x 1
  22. Every month I try to cancel and they just suck me back in...
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