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    Wesley Moraes

    If we go back into the Championship and start spending 20 million pound on players like Benrahma, which is likely the fee Brentford will be looking for, then we can safely say the club has not learnt from any of its previous mistakes. If we stay up I would hope we go for him.
  2. 21 Bridges tonight, was better than I was expecting. Another one ticked off the lockdown list.
  3. Assassin's Creed Origins was brilliant, yet to play Odyssey. Far Cry 4 is one of my favourite games, Far Cry 5 was good but it wasn't as good as it could have been. For me Watch Dogs and The Division are games I just couldn't get into.
  4. Take a look at the posts he has recently liked. Probably best to do this away from the wife...
  5. Finished Uncharted 3, it was brilliant. Now onto Uncharted 4 which looks like a step up with it being PS3 to PS4. So far so good!
  6. Best PS3 games I recall are: Grand Theft Auto V The Last of Us Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Batman: Arkham City Elders Scroll V: Skyrim Burnout Paradise
  7. Downloaded Farm Simulator last night and played for a few hours. Started it on the hardest setting which was probably not the best idea. Finding it quite boring tbh, although it's strangely rewarding at the same time. House Flipper has been one I've had my eye on for a while.
  8. Does anyone know where PPG would put us if we had won our game in hand against Sheff Utd? Would it make difference? Sorry if this has already been covered.
  9. Starts off really good, then the story and gameplay seem to slow down. Don't give up on it, the end of the game is fantastic.
  10. https://www.itv.com/news/2020-05-10/boris-johnson-s-speech-in-full-as-lockdown-restrictions-are-updated-in-england/ This was the part of his speech many are missing. Last night was an outline of the plan, hopefully tonight we will get some answers ahead of the changes being implemented on Wednesday. Obviously there is a chance they balls that up and it does become confusing, I wouldn't put it past our government.
  11. Agree on that, they should outlaid the plan and then gone into specifics all in an evening. Leaving 24 hours between doing both was always going to leave some people unhappy. On the family subject I think they are worried that people will take the piss. I know they will around my area, they already are in some cases. However they need to outline this tonight.
  12. I'm probably in the minority here but I think last night's announcement was pretty clear. If you haven't been working and can't work from home you can return from Wednesday. He then outlined the businesses that would be unable to resume. Exercise is now unlimited from Wednesday onwards. Right now that's all the information we have been given. He then made clear that on Monday night he would go into further details of the phase and subsequent phases. Why is there such a backlash? The changes don't apply until Wednesday, tonight he will clarify information and answer questions.
  13. No I’m saying the neighbourhoods that haven’t socially distanced are going to prolong the spread. If you look on any social media right now there are countless examples. Not sure why you feel personally victimised by my post there.
  14. Quite ironic that people celebrating VE Day, and the end of WW2 where people made huge sacrifices for years, will most probably prolong this pandemic in the UK. People in WW2 made sacrifices for year upon year, people nowadays have been unable to stay in their houses for 8 weeks.
  15. Honestly think we will see a second wave in 2-3 weeks, the death toll will start going back up and the rest of the world will look at us and continue shaking their heads. Street parties, bbq's, garden parties, neighbours chatting to each other at the front door; all witnessed over the last 24 hours. Facebook full of people showing photo's of their 'socially distanced' parties when in the background you can see people chatting from different households and with no distance between.
  16. I don’t think anyone’s under any illusion that McGinn will single handedly keep us up. What McGinn will do is allow the players around him to concentrate primarily on their own games and perform better doing them. McGinn has energy, he’s a box to box midfielder capable of doing the gritty work whilst also able to cross, pass and shoot well. He’s a thorn in an oppositions side. Having him back and working in the midfield allows Nakamba to sit in front of the defence more, he won’t get drawn into being the midfield legs. Having him back takes the pressure off Grealish and creates space for him whilst the opposition have something else to think about. If Grealish is marked out of the game by two or three players McGinn is capable of finding a route to goal by himself. Having him back means Luiz or Hourihane can sit next to him in the midfield and play the attacking role they are made for. With McGinn and Nakamba allowing them space and freedom they can concentrate on the parts of their game that benefit us going forward. He’s not a magic wand but at this stage of the season he’s the closest we are going to get to one.
  17. I actually think we will stay up this season, regardless of behind closed doors and neutral venues. I think the team possibly needed a break, needed to full themselves together and hear some home truths. John McGinn coming back fully fit along with the rest of the squad will be massive for us. The problem is the integrity of the league playing games behind closed doors and especially with neutral venues is an unknown, unfair variable at this point of the season. When you look at the 6 home games we have to play, and then look at the away fixtures against them this season you can see how much the home advantage could have potentially played. Cheslea - Lost 2-1 Sheffield U - Lost 2-0 Arsenal - Lost 3-2 Crystal Palace - Lost 1-0 Man U - Drew 2-2 Wolves - Lost 2-1 Apart from the Sheffield United game we were within one goal of drawing away from home. And against Man United one goal within winning. We now play the return fixtures without an advantage that the home teams received earlier in the season. Unfortunately I think the season will continue next month, behind closed doors, in neutral venues and with relegation still a danger. We just have to hope that our team have enough about them to fight for some points and keep us in this division. This summer has the potential to change the fortunes of our club for a long time to come.
  18. Thought Full 90 Friday was on at 3pm as with recent weeks, sadly I missed it and Villa TV (the worst website on the internet) doesn't have it available to watch again. Why can't we use our Youtube channel as every other club does. We really do work hard on alienating fans at every opportunity.
  19. I think Uncharted 2 has been the best of them so far. The storyline in The Last of Us was different class though. Day's Gone is actually next on my list after Uncharted 4. Was tempted to remove it as I've heard some bad reviews, but may keep it on there now. Something a bit different to try I guess.
  20. Yeh was tempted with that but would have had to get PSN Plus. I use Boomerang Rentals for my games, £3.99 a month and send it back when it's completed. Works nicely for me
  21. Halfway through Uncharted 3 and it's brilliant, can't believe I missed out on it on PS3. Certainly stands up on PS4. Uncharted 4 arriving in the post later this week.
  22. wilko154

    Dean Smith

    Smith never mentioned the words 'top player' so the above points about top players are irrelevant.
  23. I normally quite like Bellew, but I've noticed he's come close to losing his temper on A League of Their Own when he's been a guest a few times. Didn't quite realise the level of his anger though, he's got a few issues and takes things way too far. Fashanu is an idiot. The way he strangled that guy was crazy.
  24. I wore a mask to Tesco today as suggested by @maqroll and I got so many funny looks, people tutting at me etc. I won't be wearing it again.
  25. Extraction last night, good film and an easy watch. Nothing overly special though.
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