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  1. What we think of Dean, and whether or not his time is up, is irrelevant. It’s our owners who will decide. I have a feeling they will be beginning to look at all possibilities now. It may come down to who’s available out there. Footballs a pretty ruthless business.
  2. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Those substitutions disrupted the team. Pretty confident without the tinkering we would have won.
  3. Fenway Park home of the Boston Red Sox, is still recognisable as the same stadium from photos taken of it from 1912, when it was built. As you say, it’s unusual for any stadium in the USA not to have been flattened and rebuilt at least once in a timescale like that. Visited it and took a tour in 2007. Was shown around by a pretty old guy who’d been a fan since boyhood. He had some great tales of the old ground.
  4. That shadow stretches a lot further than the sty.
  5. Build it back..so I could do it again.
  6. I’d buy the Blues. …….then invite every Villa fan round to the sty, for a demolition party.
  7. Barry Ryan gone. Up there with his brother Paul now. Identical singing twins from the sixties.
  8. They won’t want to admit they were wrong. They will, I think, grasp the fact that they were lied to. That will enable them to absolve themselves of blame, and turn their ire on to Farage, Boris, Mogg etc.
  9. Plus, not enough was made that we had the power, as do all members of the EU, to veto any new proposed laws we did not like. Control from Brussels was a myth, that should have been confronted more vigorously.
  10. The vote was close.l believe a soft Brexit, keeping us in the single market, would have moved some of the less committed Brexiters to accept it. The Norwegians have always shied away from full membership, but have accepted that accommodating free movement in order to be in the single market, is a compromise worth making. It would not have been a difficult case to make, given most Tory MPs actually voted remain. This was all about stopping the Tory Party splitting.
  11. Correct. But the point is,there was no need to put those red lines in place. It was a self inflicted shackling of the country, to accommodate the head bangers in the Tory Party.
  12. Except the referendum was not a binding one. It was advisory with regards to ascertaining the will of the electorate. Cameron could have taken on board the closeness of the vote and acted accordingly, ie, soft Brexit. But then that would have led to civil war in the Tory Party. We walked the hard Brexit route to accommodate one party’s internal splits. Now we’re all paying the price.
  13. The Crown Prince who heads this group is heavily implicated in the murder and dismemberment of the Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi. Fit and proper my arse.
  14. Not really good enough this fella. His heading is okay, but with the ball at his feet he is a misplaced pass waiting to happen.
  15. Currently getting spanked by Forest . Happy days.
  16. Advocating a return to Europe might not be a bad move. The shit storm that is Brexit is gathering momentum. A majority of the electorate consider brexit is going badly according to the latest polls. Politics in this country is in flux at the moment. Anyone but the Tories could well be coming into play. I’ve always been a glass half full guy, I’m optimistic about the next election. Plus I think Johnson is a walking disaster as PM.
  17. Greatest goal scorer I ever saw. RIP Jimmy.
  18. The Tories would love that. The Left, and I include the Liberal Democrat’s in that group, have split their vote over many years, thus allowing the Tories to rule with a minority of the vote. Splitting it more would simply enable Bunters mob to rule forever. The splintering of the National vote in Britain should be addressed by the introduction of PR. Hopefully it will happen.
  19. I tend not to measure human suffering from a fiscal point of view. Yes all those lives lost were a terrible price to pay. War is ghastly, there is no argument. And as I have said, those sacrifices do now look wasted.
  20. If you listen to many of the veterans being interviewed, many of them horribly injured. It’s not going in that they regret, they are quite proud of what they did to help ordinary Afghans. It is the way that they feel their sacrifices have been thrown away by this unseemly scramble to exit this tragic country. I think the word you’re looking for isn’t useless, but wasted.
  21. When people say what did we achieve after 20 years in Afghanistan. Well, if you were to ask any woman in Afghanistan, then quite a lot actually. Also the infrastructure of places like Kabul were immeasurably improved. Afghanistan had begun to function in many ways as a viable state. Unfortunately, the endemic corruption that has plagued that poor country was allowed to flourish. Also the Afghan interior forces, in a country where tribalism is very prevalent, was disproportionately made up of non Pashtuns, the largest of Afghanistans numerous tribes. It meant that although Afghanistan had made strides, it was a house of cards. Tragic really. A whole generation of young Afghanistanis have been thrown back to the Middle Ages.
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